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Plato’s 4 Virtues
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In the Republic, Plato sets up a framework to help us establish what the four virtues are, and their relationship between them to both the city and the soul. According to Plato, the four virtues are wisdom, courage, moderation, and justice. There are three classes within the city: guardians, auxiliaries, and artisans; and three parts within the soul include intellect, high-spirited, and appetitive. By understanding the different classes of the city or parts of the soul, one will be able…...
MetaphysicsPhilosophical TheoriesPhilosophyPlatoRing of GygesSoul
“The Ring of Gyges”- Plato
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Explain one point Glaucon is making about human nature and why we act justly with the Shepard and ring story. Glaucon argues that all persons are egoistic and selfish. He states that the only reason people do not always do the unjust thing is because of the fear of being caught and harmed. If we look at what people really are, then we will see that they believe to do wrong is desirable and to suffer wrong is undesirable. Since…...
EthicsJusticePlatoRing of Gyges
Plato Republic the Noble Lie
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As with all other topics discussed in "The Republic of Plato," the section in which he discusses the myths of the metals or the "noble lie" is layered with questioning and potential symbolism, possible contradiction, and a significant measure of allusion. In Chapter X of "The Republic," Plato presents "The Selection of Rulers: The Guardians' Manner of Living. " In it, he discusses the necessities of education as they apply to the appropriate selection of and reparation for the community's…...
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Plato “Crito” Analysis
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Rhetorical Concern: "However my dear Crito, why should we pay a lot attention to what 'the majority of people' believe? The reasonable individuals, who have more claim to be considered, will believe that the facts are precisely as they are" (906 ). Personification: "' Think about then, Socrates,' the Laws would most likely continue, 'whether it is likewise real for us to state that what you are trying to do to us is not ideal ...'" (913 ). Plato's "Crito"…...
PhilosophyPlatoRing of GygesSocrates
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