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* The shaking starts from the focus and spreads out. You can get an idea of how this happens by throwing a pebble into a pond. See the ripples that move out in circles? The vibrations from the focus are something like that. * The vibrations are more properly called seismic waves. As seismic waves travel through the body of the Earth, they behave in different ways, depending on what they encounter ...

The Effects of the 2010 Haiti Earthquake

Through twitter the public fulfilled its public relations activities and surprising millions on how influential social media is on public relations. Organizations were able to set up charities online and through telecommunications, the public responded quickly by donating money, food, clothes and other basic necessities. As the world becomes more technologically advanced the easier it becomes to c...

Christchurch Earthquake

http://www.ipenz.org.nz/IPENZ/forms/pdfs/ChChFactSheets-Answers-critical-questions-buildings.pdf http://keithwoodford.wordpress.com/2011/02/27/understanding-the-christchurch-earthquake-building-damage/ http://scienceblogs.com/startswithabang/2013/05/10/where-does-an-earthquakes-energy-come-from/ www.scoop.co.nz/stories/SC1103/S00054/the-canterbury-earthquakes-scientific-answers.htm http://www.mona...

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Natural Hazards and Disasters

Risk and vulnerability can sometimes be reduced if there is an adequate means of predicting a hazardous event.  Volcanic eruptions are usually preceded by a sudden increase in the number of earthquakes immediately below the volcano and changes in the chemical composition of the gases emitted from a volcanic vent. If these are closely monitored, volcanic eruptions can be often be predicted with re...

Earthquake in Japan

The tsunami waves overtopped seawalls and destroyed diesel backup power systems, leading to severe problems such as large explosions and radioactive leakage. It has been almost a year since the devastating 9.0 earthquake and tsunami destroyed coastal communities in northern Japan killing more than 15,000 people. What struck me the most about this tragedy is the reaction of the Japanese community a...

Causes and Effects of Earthquakes

Earthquakes can mainly have two dreadful effects. First, one direct effect of earthquakes is ground shaking and landslides. The earthquake’s waves make the ground move, shaking buildings and causing weaker structures to collapse. The damage of properties can lead to secondary effects such as fire, which is produced because of the rupture of natural gas mains and water lines. Second, other post-e...

The effect of earthquake

Apart from psychological disorders, damaging to buildings can certainly result from the earthquakes. Non-durable buildings may be destroyed because of concussion of the earthquake. Thus, most of the people can lose their own homeland when they are facing the earthquake. As it is very clear seen, damaging to buildings is directly proportional with earthquakes. At last, it is an obviou...

The tourism impact of volcanic eruption

Mt. Ontake, Nagano, Japan ,Nagano Pretecture official Tourism guide, viewed 21/10/2014 http://www.go-nagano.net/blog_p/?p=1053Santana, G.(2001). Global safety and national security. In S. Wahab, & C.Coop (Eds.), Tourism in the age of globalization (pp.213-241). London: Routledge. Sankei News, 2014, 御嶽山に一番乗りしたが…。空腹と重責、寒さ…。「読者にありのまま...

The Impact of Earthquake Hazards

It is difficult to argue convincingly that the impact of human hazards depends primarily on human factors as in every case there are always numerous factors that contribute to the extent of the earthquake. The easy route would be to argue that less developed countries are impacted more seriously by earthquakes due to human factors such as poorly built infrastructure and high population densities h...

Plate Tectonics

Scientists presume this is the fault that most likely ruptured because it is closest to the epicenter of the rupture. Although this was a big catastrophe for human life on the island of Haiti, it was not really unusual given the plate tectonic activity in that area. Unfortunately for Haiti, it is one of the most poorest and underdeveloped countries in the world. Its government was not really in th...

Informative speech about earthquake

Look at this chart, here are five columns, they are magnitudes, frequency, description, example and energy release. In fact, from earthquake magnitude 2 to 6, the energy release and damage is not huge. The classes of seismic measure for the modern buildings are 5 to 6. However, if the earthquake magnitude is bigger than 6, the energy release can be destructive even billions dollar loss of life. Le...

Haiti Earthquake

As a result, buildings collapsed, killing thousands and injuring even more. No warning signs or evacuations preceded the earthquake; it was equally immediate and unexpected. People felt the land shaking and rumbling beneath their feet, with a cloud of smoke and dust rising above the capital. A series of aftershocks that followed did not cause much additional damage but became the source of serious...

San Francisco 1906 Earthquake

Another factor would be a situation regarding hospitals and transportation of patients to different hospitals due to overcrowding. This would make the economy of the Bay Area fall into a deep recession, far wore than what it is now. The value of the property would depreciate along with any investments that are in the city. Overall, the city of San Francisco, and surrounding cities, would all suffe...

Tectonic Hazard Profiles and Natural Disasters

Countries such as Japan who have both of these have to be well educated in responding to hazards and are lucky enough to have the technology in order to predict. It could also depend on whether the location is mountainous or flat as far as volcanoes are concerned. Hazards in mountainous areas are likely to be easier to respond to quicker than in flat areas as you can see what’s happening from af...

Dynamics San Andreas Reflection

As the movie goes, it never failed to entertain us. Also the stories of the characters featured in the movie were really interesting. If I were to put myself in the situation they were in, I might have a very low chance of surviving the disaster. I wouldn’t want to experience the type of catastrophe shown in the movie as well. Maybe the least thing I can do is to be prepared because I know we ca...

Natural Disasters

Fire: A rapid, persistent chemical change that releases heat and light and is accompanied by flame, especially the exothermic oxidation of a combustible substance. Drought:A drought is a long period of very dry weather. It is a long time with little or no rain. Not all natural disasters can be prevented. Each natural disaster has its own factors and complications. Understanding the basic principle...

Convection Currents and Earthquakes

The earth's crust I s made up of sections called plates. These sections 'float' on the liquid mantle and slowly move around. The movement of the plates is caused by convection currents. A convection current is how a liquid moves when it is heated. Hot liquid rises up and pushes the cooler liquid out of the way. In the mantle, this is happening all the time. As the liquid rock moves, it can push th...

Geologic Hazards And Disasters

Most people are also caught up in the debris and so they suffocate due to lack of oxygen. Earth quakes also set up faults and weak points that can act as future sources of geological hazards like volcanoes and land slides. SOURCES Hough, Susan Elizabeth. Earth quakes elastic rebound. New York: Oxford University Press, 2006. Seller, John. Terrible earth-quakes, dreadful sights in the air London: Gw...

Endogenetic Process

Volcanic eruptions are closely associated with several interconnected processes such as: The gradual increase in temperature with increasing depth at a rate of 1°c per 32m due to heat generated by degeneration of radioactive elements inside the earth. Origin of magma because of lowering of melting point caused by reduction in pressure of overlying rocks due to fractures caused by splitting of pla...

Student and Social Service

Students can co-operate with people on matters of public interest such as education, sanitation, trade and commerce. Students can participate in cleaning drains, ponds during the leisure hours. They can help people during natural calamities such as earth quake, flood, drought, cyclone by collecting funds from different sources. Students have a spirit to work but the guardians and, teacher should g...

The Causes For Tsunami

Upon organizing amongst themselves, these nations should also seek help from richer countries, such as the United States and the United Kingdom, just in case all of them become affected by tsunamis that reverberate through the oceans that they are connected to. The alliance could also deposit their funds in an international bank, to ensure the safety of their accounts, as well as for its fast retr...

Earthquakes in GCC countries

Tsunami Hawaii-Based researcher George Pararas studied the Makran quake and tsunami,which caused 13metre waves of the Markan coast and 11 metre waves on the Gujrat India Coast killing 4000 people off the Makran coast. Fowler concluded by saying earthquake activity is not frequent in the country and it would definately take much longer to identify the trends on the Seismic activity in the region as...

Earthquake Diary Entry

By the time we got there the tremors had stopped. A few weeks later I lie awake in my hospital bed reading a newspaper the headlines stated, "Massive earthquake shakes Charleston- 96 people die and many more injured ". In two weeks I will be released from the hospital in a wheel chair but every night I will pray that we never have a earthquake again. I mourn with the families that lost their loved...

Disadvantages of Dams

For example, the building of the Aswan Dam in Egypt has altered the level of the water table. This is slowly leading to damage of many of its ancient monuments as salts and destructive minerals are deposited in the stone work from 'rising damp' caused by the changing water table level Hydropower dams can damage the surrounding environment and alter the quality of the water by creating low dissolve...

An Overview of Soil Liquefactionеј е'‰иЅ© 018010210013IntroductionSoil liquefaction also called earthquake liquefaction ground

An Overview of Soil Liquefactionј ‰Ѕ© 018010210013IntroductionSoil liquefaction, also called earthquake liquefaction, ground failure or loss of strength that causes solid soil to behave temporarily as a viscous liquid. The phenomenon occurs in water-saturated unconsolidated soils affected by seismic S waves (secondary waves), which cause ground vibrations during earthquakes. Although earthqua...

Disasters can take many different forms and the duration can

According to Wills, (2009) generally, in some respects natural disasters may have a greater impact on more economically developed countries. For example, higher levels of infrastructure can be found in more economically developed countries, which is costly to mend if damage occurs. It may also be that although more economically developed counties are more able to cope with natural disasters than l...

Environmental Engineering - Increasing Earthquakes

Furthermore, it is difficult to foresee where these extra shakes will occur - notwithstanding the way that Bilham said they found that a huge part of the exceptional tremors that responded to changes in day length seemed to happen near the equator. Around one billion people live in the Earth's tropical territories. While these expectation has been made, and since the vast majority of these forecas...

Plan of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation???118010910037My

4. Protect our environment. Some disasters are due to human activities. It is time we stop over-exploration and protect the environment. Geological disasters caused by man-made activities are mainly caused by the destruction of the original geological and natural forms by a large number of construction, exploitation and mining activities during the development of human society. So to prevent these...

Earthquakes National Geographic

A 9.0 magnitude underwater earthquake occurred on the evening of 11th March 2011 at a distance of 32 km off the East coast of Japan. At a depth of 70 km. The island of Honshu, Japan’s largest island moved 2.4 meters to the east. A 65-foot portion of the seafood was elevated by 5 to 8 meters as a consequence of the earthquake. A major tsunami hit heights over 40 meters exacerbated by the subseque...

Earthquake: Causes and Effects

Some areas of the world are earthquake-prone, regions such as Italy and Japan. It is so because they are situated on the weaker side. These areas have experienced an earthquake many times. One of the main causes of an earthquake is deforestation. We live in a country where our government has stood by its citizens during any problem. Welfare organizations, the army, government officers always worke...

Earthquake Zones of Bharat

The obtained results from the analysis ar conferred within the fourth chapter entitled Results and Discussions. The chapter presents the ends up in the shape of graphs and tables for the instance buildings thought-about and it additionally provides a discussion on the results obtained. v The last chapter entitled Conclusion provides the conclusions which will be drawn supported the study conducted...

Earthquakes: Natural Disasters

Simple water tank model with mat foundation is then employed in MIDAS GTX NX to convey the effect of SSI on the global respond of actual structures. This paper justifies the effects of soil structure interaction on natural period and displacements of water tank subjected to seismic ground motions. Results show soil structure interaction effect increases the natural period and reduces the deformati...

Inca Achievements: Fortifications and Buildings

Religion an mixture of ceremonies, practices, beliefs, varied forms of belief in objects having magical powers, and nature worship The Inca believed that their gods had three different realms. The sky (Hanan Pacha), the inner earth (Uku Pacha), and the outer earth (Cay pacha). Inti was the most important of the gods to the Inca. He was the god of the sun. The emperor Inca Sapa, was said to be a de...

Earthquake Statistics and Prediction

Earthquake prediction is an immature science it has not yet led to a successful prediction of an earthquake from first physical principles. Research into methods of prediction, therefore, focus on empirical analysis, with two general approaches: either identifying distinctive precursors to earthquakes or identifying some kind of geophysical trend or pattern in seismicity that might precede a large...

Critical Issues of Earthquakes

Finally, the system is able to applying hybrid simulation, but more research have to be conducted to reduce errors and perfect the system.To conclude, on this paper, I observe that searchers combined two seismic test to create their own seismic test. I think it is a good way to conduct research and have significant result. However this paper is 4 years old and was surely ever used by other sea...

Analysis of the Earthquakes

About Quake peril unsurprising, the true article was distributed in 2007, prevalently known as Observation of pre-seismic flag through Geochemical Monitoring by the senior Researcher and research researcher of Branch of Science and Innovation and Division of Nuclear Vitality, Hirok Chaudhuri, Nisits K. Das, Rakesh K. Bhandari, Debasis Ghose, Prasanta Sen and Bikash Sinha. Other surely understood b...

FAQ about Earthquake

Why Was the Haiti Earthquake so Deadly?

...In conclusion, Haiti’s death toll was so overwhelmingly high because of the money/economy/leadership, not being able to fund any sort of repairs for Port-au-Prince, leaving many to die. The geography of Haiti contributed to the death toll as Haiti ...

Why did so many people die in the 1995 Kobe Earthquake?

...The two different types of factors link with each other in a way. When the buildings collapsed which is a primary, human factor, later on this meant that emergency vehicles could not reach some areas therefore a secondary, human factor. The secondary ...

Explain why the Philippines and California are affected by disasters in different ways

...Overall, the Philippines and California are affected by disasters in different ways because of the economic resources of the country, the country’s development and because of its physical geography. California has more money to invest in things lik ...

What is Earthquakes?

...In its most general sense, the word earthquake is used to describe any seismic eventwhether natural or caused by humansthat generates seismic waves. Earthquakes are caused mostly by rupture of geological faults, but also by other events such as volca ...

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