Critical Issues of Earthquakes

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Over the last few years, earthquake have damaged many buildings ; now it is a critical issue to build while taking in consideration the seismic risk. Scholars study earthquake and the behaviour of buildings during an earthquake. Numerical simulation has made significent progress in seismic research. Refined finite element structure give better results with a good calculation time, so this is a widely approved method by searchers. Now, searchers can create an environment similar to reality to have better result.

The three main test in seismic research are :

quasi-static, shaking table and pseudo-dynamic.

In the paper untitled В”” Real-time hybrid testing on a girder bridge model by using shaking-table and actuator В”” searchers have tried a new real-time hybrid test method. During the test, they used both an experimental substructure for testing and a numerical substructure for simulation. The experimental substructure was used in case of non linear response and the numerical simulation for linear response. Then an algorithm compiles these data and solve it.

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Searcher have conducted 3 test with an actuator and/or a shaking table. The substructure was a single span girder bridge and was located at Tongji University in ShanghaГЇ because they possess one of the biggest shaking table testing of the world. Each table is connected to computers with SCRAMet. Data acquisition was done by these software : OpenSEES, OpenFresco and Simulink. To facilitate the test, earthquake was only loaded on lateral direction.
On the result, we can observe for the third test that target and measured displacemement are similar. Only 1% relative error was observed between target and measured displacement.

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A frequency analysis, one can observe four main frequency peak :

  • The first and the second peak correspond to the natural frequency of the specimen
  • The third one is the frequency of ground motion
  • The fourth one is the frequency of the oil-column resonance
  • Despite the relative energy is negative ( there are not enough compensation ) it does not disturb the system.

Finally, the system is able to applying hybrid simulation, but more research have to be conducted to reduce errors and perfect the system.
To conclude, on this paper, I observe that searchers combined two seismic test to create their own seismic test. I think it is a good way to conduct research and have significant result. However this paper is 4 years old and was surely ever used by other searchers to create other seismic test or to improve it or to well understand the behaviour of an earthquake. By reading many literature and practice the main seismic test, I would have such a good knowledge to make some reasearch on seismic.

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Critical Issues of Earthquakes

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