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Earthquake: Causes and Effects

Good morning! Respected Principal, teachers and my dear companions, I stand before you to speak on the topic of an earthquake. The quaking and trembling of the earth’s surface due to the movement of plates is known as an earthquake. An earthquake is a natural disaster. It is strange but true that most of the earthquakes seem to occur in the winter season. According to scientists, it may be caused by volcanoes and rocks that move within the earth’s surface.

An earthquake can be a terrible experience. It comes all of sudden and does not last for too long. It lasts only for a few seconds but that few seconds are enough to terrify anyone mentally, physically as well as socially. It not only causes fear in people but also causes great damage. If the earthquake is intense, trees get uprooted, there is loss of life, buildings such as houses, schools, and offices can get collapsed. Such disasters create panic among the people because sometimes alive people get buried under the collapsed buildings.

This natural calamity leaves many people homeless within seconds.

Some areas of the world are earthquake-prone, regions such as Italy and Japan. It is so because they are situated on the weaker side. These areas have experienced an earthquake many times. One of the main causes of an earthquake is deforestation. We live in a country where our government has stood by its citizens during any problem. Welfare organizations, the army, government officers always worked for the welfare of victims by reaching such a place on time.

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The victims are provided with food and shelter.

Even doctors and nurses help people who get injured during such calamities. We should be thankful to such a government who has always been with us and helped the victims to stand again on their feet after losing everything. May we always be able to get over earthquakes in future too with the help and support of the people. Thank you.

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