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Impact of Earthquake on People`s Life
Words • 893
Pages • 4
There are many earthquakes in the world, and there are twice as many reports on what people felt when in an earthquake. People report what they felt during an earthquake some people also report what they smelt. There are different magnitudes of earthquakes the lowest that is felt is a 2.5 ranging all the way up to a 9.5. The only earthquake with a 9.5 magnitude recorded in history happened in Chile. The longest recorded earthquake lasted ten minutes which…...
EarthquakeEffects Of Earthquake
Natural Disasters in History: The Earthquake
Words • 912
Pages • 4
After a comet hits the earth, massive disaster arises like in the Great Earthquake of 1755; consequently, millions are killed and left homeless, billions are hungry and government has collapsed. So what next? Where does civilization go from here? After reading the novel Candide, by Voltaire, the world today has evolved and would manage a disaster much differently than in 1755. Rather than becoming extinct, mankind would rise to the occasion and not only survive, but prosper. The earthquake of…...
EarthquakeEffects Of Earthquake
Cause, Damage, and Aftermath of the Natural Disasters
Words • 1515
Pages • 6
Natural disasters have always been having a huge impact on our current society with a huger impact developing countries in Asia, South America, and Africa. With the huge expansion of mass media and internet, in covering the occurrence of such events, technical communications have become the major tool for such purpose; thus, technical communications are crucial to expressing such events. In this case study, five cases on the topic of natural disaster will be presented in the form of technical…...
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Effects of Disasters to Various Sectors
Words • 2038
Pages • 8
Business and Economy Society is a complex and interactive community that is built on creating, trading, producing, and selling. The reason for this is that society wants to evolve in order to create a better and more advanced world. A major key to this goal is business. Businesses are the foundation of local, regional, and national economies, and they take a great responsibility in sustaining the livelihood of individuals, the state of the environment, and the quality of life in…...
DisasterEarthquakeEffects Of EarthquakeNatural Disaster
Earthquake: Causes and Effects
Words • 329
Pages • 2
Good morning! Respected Principal, teachers and my dear companions, I stand before you to speak on the topic of an earthquake. The quaking and trembling of the earth's surface due to the movement of plates is known as an earthquake. An earthquake is a natural disaster. It is strange but true that most of the earthquakes seem to occur in the winter season. According to scientists, it may be caused by volcanoes and rocks that move within the earth's surface.…...
EarthquakeEffects Of EarthquakeNatural Disaster
The effect of earthquake
Words • 323
Pages • 2
What is earthquake? Earthquake is just a sudden movement of the earth’s crust caused by the release stress accumulated along geologic faults by volcanic activity but just because of this sudden movement, it can destroy a city in a few minutes. As far as the environmental problems which are widely prevalent in the twenty-first century are concerned, earthquakes definitely stand out as the most widespread one. Even though most of the government takes measures to rout out earthquakes, they are disappointed. There are three main effect of earthquake is damaging to buildings, loss of human life and psychological effects to survivors. First,…...
EarthquakeEffects Of EarthquakePsychology
The Effects of the 2010 Haiti Earthquake
Words • 2726
Pages • 10
On January 12, 2010, Haiti was hit by a magnitude 7.0 earthquake (Richter scale), which caused devastating damage to its capital, Port-Au-Prince. There is still no consensual official data available, but the International Red Cross estimated that the earthquake affected about 3 million people. The Haitian government reports that an estimated 316,000 had died 300,000 had been injured and more than 1 million residents were left homeless . As a direct consequence of the disaster the social, economical, political, environmental…...
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