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Donald Trump

Dummy Corporation
Words • 3185
Pages • 12
An informal guide for a person wanting to open a dummy corporation, all the tricks of the trade.Setting up a Dummy Corporation... How to get anything you ever wanted for free... The "system" is a series of checks and balances. It's an insiders club and unless you know the rules or are willing to break them, you'll probably never have a pot to piss in. Not.... Where does it say, we have to put up with, read about or watch…...
Development and success of Donald Trump
Words • 1650
Pages • 6
An entrepreneur is one who creates a new business in the face of risk and uncertainty for the purpose of achieving profit and growth by identifying significant opportunities and assembling the necessary resources to capitalize on them. (zimmerer, 2008) The underlying concept of motivation is some driving force within individuals by which they attempt to achieve some goal in order to fulfill some need or expectation. People's behaviour is determined by what motivates them. Their performance is a product of…...
Choosing a Great Leader: Ungku Abdul Aziz
Words • 737
Pages • 3
It was not a quick decision for us to choose the right personality to be discussed in the Leadership Analysis. There are a whole lot of lists that we could choose for in the World’s greatest leader. The list ranging from Mahatma Gandhi, Malcolm X, Donald Trump, Hosni Mubarak, and maybe from a different point of view, Adolph Hitler. From local point of view there is also Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad whom is considered as a world greatest leader as…...
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Trump Administration and the Media
Words • 2519
Pages • 10
Fake News It is almost impossible to watch television, listen to the radio, or scroll through social media without being subject to the mounting tension between the Trump Administration and the media. Trump insistently refers to media as "fake news" and "enemy of the people" (Wise). The media consistently criticizes Trump's and his administration's actions and policies. This research paper will review the impact that the animosity between the Trump administration and the U.S. press has had on recent national…...
The Ugly Truth: Body Image and the Media
Words • 1896
Pages • 7
Body image, is very subjective and a perception one has in regards to appearance. Many people regard body image differently, and is something most people have dealt with one way or another. We all hold a mental image in our minds of how we should look. It is an idea that can take hold of a person and control their lives. The media uses body image to sell products, gain subscribers, and get one to read an article. Even though…...
Task 1 off of is a transcript of Donald Trump’s speech
Words • 1112
Pages • 5
Rationale: The text type I based this written task 1 off of is a transcript of Donald Trump's speech on Wednesday 29th March 2017 that he gave as a representative on the Women Empowerment Panel with his daughter Ivanka. The course outcome this written task aims to meet is to 'Analyse how audience and purpose affect the structure and content of texts.' I will by showing this through the creative form of an opinion column about the irony of Donald…...
Donald Trump’s Solution to the Immigration Problems
Words • 925
Pages • 4
Using more intelligence such as federal agents and troopers, is a way that all of this effort can stop certain crimes, immigration, closed down of the border such as other problems. Enforcing several agencies to add more federal agents to the U.S border patrols will more than likely help in immigration problems. President Donald Trump as well Senators and other important people have been struggling and having problems with all this migrant caravan crisis in our border. President Donald Trump…...
Negative Impacts of Donald Trump’s Wall
Words • 2524
Pages • 10
The Negative Repercussions of a “Yuge” Wall in America: U.S-Mexico BorderIncreasing border security has been an ongoing discussion in the United States for many decades, particularly in recent months since the 2016 election year. The elected president, Donald Trump, used this matter to garner supporters during his campaigning, and since elected, has still been a proponent with constructing a border wall between Mexico and the U.S. There is a notion from this perspective that with a higher and stronger border,…...
Foreign Policy Challenges for Donald Trump
Words • 1732
Pages • 7
Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States of America has been handed down numerous formidable foreign policy challenges ranging from areas in the Middle East throughout East Asia. Trump had even tweeted that “THE WORK BEGINS!” on January 23, despite any of his top foreign policy positions, at the time, yet to be filled (Trump). According to the White House website, Trump will implement an “American first foreign policy focused on American interests and American national security”…...
What Does It Mean To Control Your Own Destiny?
Words • 382
Pages • 2
William Jennings Bryan, an American politician and orator said that "Fate is not a matter of possibility. It refers option. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be accomplished." My future does not push the hands of my friends and family. My future depends on the options that I make and the effort that I want to invest in whatever I wish to accomplish. I can be whatever I wish to be when…...
The Inclusion of Transgender Women in the Miss Universe
Words • 515
Pages • 2
In a beauty-pageant-crazy country like the Philippines, the annual Miss Universe pageantry is a most-awaited event for many Filipinos. It is that time when many Filipino people gravitate towards their TV sets with their eyes wide open as though entranced on the pageant events as they unfold. Probably next to boxing, the Miss Universe pageant is the most-widely watched worldwide event in the Philippines. As evidence of the country’s penchant for this event, the country has fared quite well as…...
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What Does It Mean To Control Your Own Destiny?

...It took them years of hard work and determination to master their skills, build a good reputation and attain their status. They believe in the importance of education, focus on their goals in life and made an effort to succeed. My future may be uniqu...
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