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Domestic Violence Essay Examples

Essay on Domestic Violence

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Explain the importance of safeguarding children and young people

We must safeguard children and young people as they are unable to protect themselves alone and are far more vulnerable to things such as abuse and neglect than adults are. It is our duty of care to protect children and young people from physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, verbal abuse and neglect. We must be able to identify early on the signs and symptoms of abuse or neglect before the...

Should parents smack their children

In conclusion, the evidence suggest that smacking leads to problems in later life such as crime and drug abuse. Also some parents who smack their kids may take the abuse to another level. In addition 93% of 1500 13-16 year olds said they prefer non-physical punishment however some parents believe smacking is a good form of punishment. Overall, the evidence suggest that smacking is not the best for...

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Elder Abuse

It can be seen from the above that elder abuse is a serious social problem with low public awareness. It leads to many harmful consequences to the elder people who, however, usually hide the case to protect the abuser who may be their family member (Blackburn & Dulmus, 2007). To tackle the problem, enhancing the capacity of elder care services, introducing health care visitors, and educating t...

Comparison assessment beetween Miss Trunchbull and Mrs Honey

Miss Honey’s head down may indicate that she is trying to hide from Miss Trunchbull and feels intimidated by her. Unlike Miss Honey, Miss Trunchbull’s behaviour is intimidating and mean. It is shown through many key ways such as her gait, posture and speech. When Miss Honey comes to speak to her on behalf of Matilda, her posture is a critical way that she shows the audience that this is her te...

Evaluate the regulation of care provision for looked after children and young people

Childline is a service that children and young people can contact for free if they are ever in need of talking to someone confidentially about general issues and problems, big or small. If a child is worried, scared, upset or just in need of talking to someone they can contact Childline and someone can provide information and support where they can call free, have a 1-2-1 chat online on an instant...

Caring for children and young people

• Helping them to understand the boundaries they might come across. Reinforcing issues when they arise in a positive manner such as turn taking, no pushing, being patient, understanding some children take more time than others to complete tasks, everyone has their own individual ways of completing tasks. Letting them resolve their own conflicts whenever possible. Supporting assertiveness, self-c...

Homelessness as a social problem

For homeless people, there are the good days and the bad days.The good days include the homeless getting reasonable amount of money in which they may receive 10 pounds by panhandling an hour. The bad days involve inflation or recession in which case they would receive very little and undergo starvation for the night. Some Homeless people may find other ways overcoming the problem of homelessness; ...

Steps to Writing a Grant Proposal by Agency

Writing a grant proposal for PEACE Domestic Violence Agency will involve a lot of planning, organizing, evaluating, and a critical thinking. Searching for funding can be difficult but when it is found, the proposal writing process begins. By following all of the steps provided, a successful proposal should be written. This grant proposal should be very effective and provide high-quality details be...

Crimes Against Children

Crimes which are committed against children have dire consequences, not just for the victims but for society as a whole. Police investigations of crimes against children require specific strategies and techniques for successful outcomes. With a wide scope of crimes being committed against children, law enforcement officials are charged with ensuring the safety of the child, and getting all the inf...

How is violence presented in Lord of the Flies?

Towards the novel’s conclusion, we are brought back to reality and reminded that these ‘savages’, are in fact just a “group of painted boys”. This is another way that violence is presented in the novel; because we are shown that all these horrific actions in the novel, were in fact only performed by little, once innocent children. Indeed, the violence had been so strenuous, that is had c...

Abusive Relationships

The article has a positive motive for exposing aggressive behavior patterns amongst teen dating. The authors have strong viewpoints that are helpful for making rational decisions about the pros and cons. It provides signs of abuse and presents the top rated signs of awareness. The research addressed in the article is most helpful in deciding how to relate aggression and abuse with anxiety and beha...

Challenging Poor Practice

Explain the rights that children, young people and their carers have in situations where harm or abuse is suspected or alleged. Confidentiality and ‘need to know’: when important information is at risk, it is a practioner role to keep all information confidential. If a parent feels that the information is to freely being shared, a parent will stop involvement with the information shared with t...

Legal and Ethical Issues in Childcare

•The child has a right to confidentiality so do not disclose this information to anyone but the relevant authorities •As soon as possible document the conversation you had with the child as accurately as possible •If the child has questions and you do not have the answers tell them so – it is ok not to know all the answers just because you are an adult c)Outline the process to follow for r...

Safeguarding children

2010, Serious Case Review, Plymouth Safeguarding Children Board BBC NEWS (2010) Little Ted’s was ‘ideal’ place for Vanessa George abuse [Online] November 2010 Available at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-devon-11682161 [Accessed 9th April 2014] Babernie, R. (2004) Relationships, Risk and Repair: Early intervention with vulnerable babies and families [Online] 2011 Available at: 'http://...

Crash Character Analysis

Christine Thayer, Cameron's wife. She is molested by Ryan and becomes furious with her husband because he didn't defend her. The two insult each other over their upbringings–as both Cameron and Christine have grown up in more privileged environments than many other African Americans. The next day she is trapped in an overturned car due to a car accident and, by a twist of fate, Officer Ryan is t...

Safeguarding welfare of children

If someone have concerns that a colleague is abusing a child, their actions should be exactly the same as if the abuser is a parent, family member or stranger. Immediate action must be taken to protect children by informing the head teacher. If the allegation is against the head teacher, you should report concerns to the designated person for child protection or directly to the Education Authorit...

Analysis of The Shifting Heart, by Richard Beynon

4. Alcohol is needed to have a good time and celebrate (Clarry and Donny) and the violence etc from it (misusing alcohol) -Donny Pratt: Represents alcoholism in Australia. (Leila bursts from the house with a ottle of beer and glasses...) "Here: quick, to wet its head. “Clarry (And he wrenches the top from a bottle.) "Here, Pop, grab yourself a lifeboat and hop inta that," page 48. Reference to g...

Principles of safeguarding and protection in health and social care

2. Explain actions to take if unsafe practices have been identified It is your responsibility to report any unsafe practices, straight away, to your line manager. To “Blow the Whistle” on somebody or something means to report somebody for doing something wrong or illegal, especially within an organization. Your organization may have a “Whistle Blowing” policy, which will protect you and yo...

Social Studies Sba

acquired 25% of the respondent, stress gained 15%, domestic violence 10% and gender based violence and environment gained 5% each. Peer pressure seems to be the main contributing factor of juvenile delinquency, because peers often listen or be involved in activities because of friends. Although environment seems to influence the ways persons would behave, only 5% of respondents believed that it is...

Parents And Children Relationship in Faulkner's Barn Burning

Even though the nigger at the de Spain house did not do anything personal to him, Snope thought that because he told him he could not be on the rug, that he should destroy it so no one else could be on it either (symbolically.) When his son made the brave decision to tell the de Spain’s about his father’s plan, it was the turning point in his life. He finally diverted from his life-long path b...

The Removalists: Summary

Fear of difference: psychology of these male characters is fear. In fact almost every character is distrusting of each other. Disrespect for Authority/class: Simmonds ties class position and behaviour together expecting better of the upper class. Kenny rebels against the authority of the macho police (no respect for their authority). The most obvious class differentiation is noted between the offs...

Child Psychology Services (Part 2)

Describe the actions to take if a child or young person alleges harm or abuse in line with policies and procedures of own setting. All settings that have contact with children and young people must have clear policies and procedures to follow in all cases of abuse. Staff must have training in these and organisation for dealing with the situation. Disclosure of abuse by a child can occur at any tim...

Child Exposure to Domestic Violence

Professional research studies estimate that about 10% to 20% of juveniles are high at risk for exposure to domestic violence (Child Welfare, 2009). Studies of the amounts of psychological trauma children endure from high amounts of reality violence such as domestic violence, is indicated by psychological detachment and the farther the detachment the higher exposure to violence. Children’s risk l...

Influences of Cartoons on Children

Gunter, B. (2000). The impact of television on children`s antisocial behavior in a novice television community. Child Study Journal; 30 (2). Retrieved from http://web.ebscohost.com/ehost/detail?sid=e314cccf-8419-46fd-b27e-175f4e7b01a9%40sessionmgr104&vid=1&hid=104&bdata=JnNpdGU9ZWhvc3QtbGl2ZQ%3d%3d#db=hch&AN=4055672 Choma C.J, Hossler S., Leu R., Nelson D., Ray S., Wilcox B., Ybarr...

Divorce Should Be Legalized in the Philippines

Abelgas, V.G. (2012, May 29). Philippines needs divorce law. Global Balita. Retrieved from http://globalbalita.com/2012/05/29/philippines-needs-divorce-law/ Umil, A.M.D.(2011, June 14). Divorce bill, providing a remedy for women in abusive marriages. Retrieved from http://bulatlat.com/main/2011/06/14/divorce-bill-providing-a-remedy-for-women-in-abusive-marriages/ Ursua, E.G. (2013, February 1). Wh...

Social Injustice's of Women in India

According to the International Violence Against Women Act on Amnesty International’s site, “Violence against women and girls represents a global health, economic development, and human rights problem. At least one out of every three women worldwide has been beaten, coerced into sex, or otherwise abused in her lifetime, with rates of domestic violence reaching 70% in some countries.” This abu...

Domestic Violence

Bollen, S., Artz, L., Vetten, L., Louw, A. (1999). Violence Against Women in Metropolitan South Africa: A study on impact and service delivery. Institute for Security StudiesMonograph Series No 41, September 1999. http://www.iss.co.za/Pubs/Monographs/No41/Contents.html. Retrieved 8 October 2013 Dissel, A & Ngubeni, K. (2003).Giving Women their voice: Domestic Violence and Restorative Justice i...

Blackrock Essay Domestic violence

Cherie’s got to learn the way the world works.” Here we are positioned to see how women are seen as weak and fragile and that only men can look after themselves. Playwrights are able to use many drama conventions which can be used to postion the audience to respond to ideas, themes and issues. Blackrock by Nick Enright represents the issue of violence against women, the youth culture in societ...

Principles of safeguarding and protection in health and social care

5.3 Describe the action to take if suspected abuse or unsafe practices have been reported but nothing has been done in response: •If suspected abuse or unsafe practices have been reported but nothing has been done in response or if it has to do with my manager then I will report to the next level or manager. •If it has to do with my manager then I will report to management, then to the social...

Women Abuse in India

When women protest against their exploitation, many try to silence them. The experience of Bhanwari Devi, the ‘sathin’ from Rajasthan, is a case in point. She was gang-raped for working against child marriage practiced by the upper castes in her village. According to the NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau) 2008, respect for women seem to be the worst in Andhra Pradesh, which accounted for 83....

Domestic Violence: A Deviant Behavior

www.ncjrs.gov/pdffiles1/nij/199713.pdf Internet: 17 April 2013. http://psychcentral.com/lib/2006/what-causes-domestic-violence/ Copyright © 1995-2013 Psych Central. All rights reserved. Site last updated: 17 April 2013. https://www.ncjrs.gov/pdffiles/171666.pdf U.S. Department of Justice. Office of Justice Programs. Legal Interventions in Family Violence: Research Findings and Policy Implications...

Negative effects of cartoons

Cartoons can be used for good but that does not make them less harmful because they are still highly influential to kids because of how much impact they can have on a child's view of how they should behave. It comes down to the need of the parents to monitor the content of the cartoons they let their children watch and how involved they want to be in their child's life and how they want their kid...

NFL Domestic Violence

Older cases of domestic violence from players in the NFL are also in effect to Goodell’s recent actions. Such as, the Arizona Cardinals running back, Jonathan Dwyer, was arrested and questioned on suspicion of aggravated assaults against his 27-year-old wife and his 18-month-old son (Howard). In addition to $25,000 cash bond which must be posted, Dwyer could not contact with the alleged victims,...

Advance Effects On Eearly Relationship Against Tinagers

As teens develop emotionally, they are heavily influenced by their relationship experiences. Healthy relationship behaviors can have a positive effect on a teen’s emotional development. Unhealthy, abusive, or violent relationships may contribute to negative consequences. Research focused on the consequences of teen dating violence have similar limitations as those focused on identifying risk fac...

Indian Dowry System

The system of dowry has also been linked to murder of young brides. Physical abuses described above can also result in murder. These murders can arise due to the financial demands from a husband, or dissatisfaction of the bride from the groom’s family. In addition, the concept of “Bride Burning” refers to the sacrificial murder of a bride who is unsatisfactory to her husband in the form of d...

Tuning in for Direct Observation with Child C

The timescale for counselling was between 4 and 6 sessions. The tools that I employed included play therapy, art therapy techniques, worksheets focusing on establishing a therapeutic and structured discussion. Child C seemed to enjoy the sessions and engaged well. The desired outcome is to support Child C in developing a rapport with an adult and gaining an understanding of protective behaviours a...

Biblical Worldview in Profession of Psychology

In the profession of psychology you need to be honest, trustworthy, and respectful to everyone you come in contact with. It is God’s Law and the laws of APA. As a psychologist I am going to conduct myself in a way that honors God and shows others that I am created in the image of God. Psychology is a very rewarding and life changing profession. By being the person God wants me to be I will be su...

Values in The Club by David Williamson

Statements like these are disregarded as trivial, and in Jock's case, they are regarded as part of everyday life. Ted and Laurie even imply that the assault of the stripper would have been brushed under the carpet under ordinary circumstances. This is true. We live in a society where even though domestic violence and abuse are illegal, they are not taken as seriously as they should. Cases go unrep...

Analysis of Character from Good Will Hunting Movie

The sociocultural approach would say that Will is how he is because of influences from society. Society usually views people from the ghetto as people who will never make something of themselves so he feels the same way about himself. Society expects people from the ghetto to resort to violence to solve their problems. This is why Will usually resorts to violence in tough situations. Society also ...

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