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Child Abuse Essay Examples

Essay on Child Abuse

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Explain the importance of safeguarding children and young people

...We must safeguard children and young people as they are unable to protect themselves alone and are far more vulnerable to things such as abuse and neglect than adults are. It is our duty of care to protect children and young people from physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, verbal abuse and neglect. We must be able to identify early on the signs and symptoms of abuse or neglect before the child is to get in any serious danger. A child's sudden change in behaviour could be a huge sign of...

Elder Abuse

...It can be seen from the above that elder abuse is a serious social problem with low public awareness. It leads to many harmful consequences to the elder people who, however, usually hide the case to protect the abuser who may be their family member (Blackburn & Dulmus, 2007). To tackle the problem, enhancing the capacity of elder care services, introducing health care visitors, and educating the public about elder abuse could be the possible solutions. Despite some weaknesses of the solution...

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Feral Children- Danielle Crockett

...upbringing. However, the chances of Danielle being adopted by the loving parents that she now has were highly unlikely, and thanks to them she has progressed amazingly and has been very lucky to be found by them. Without proper socialization in the early years of life children grow up to be unable to trust, speak, and communicate with the world. It has been proven that in the first 5 years of life 85% of the brain is developed, making it the most crucial developmental period for children. Daniel...

Evaluate the regulation of care provision for looked after children and young people

...Childline is a service that children and young people can contact for free if they are ever in need of talking to someone confidentially about general issues and problems, big or small. If a child is worried, scared, upset or just in need of talking to someone they can contact Childline and someone can provide information and support where they can call free, have a 1-2-1 chat online on an instant chat service, send emails, message on the Childline message boards or Ask Sam. “Whenever children...

Caring for children and young people

...• Helping them to understand the boundaries they might come across. Reinforcing issues when they arise in a positive manner such as turn taking, no pushing, being patient, understanding some children take more time than others to complete tasks, everyone has their own individual ways of completing tasks. Letting them resolve their own conflicts whenever possible. Supporting assertiveness, self-confidence, self-esteem and resilience Children need to be assertive at times and should be encourage...

Crimes Against Children

...Crimes which are committed against children have dire consequences, not just for the victims but for society as a whole. Police investigations of crimes against children require specific strategies and techniques for successful outcomes. With a wide scope of crimes being committed against children, law enforcement officials are charged with ensuring the safety of the child, and getting all the information about the crime from the child. This may involve bringing in social workers, creating child...

Principles of Safeguarding and Protection in Health and Social care

...Inappropriate personal care;Unsafe administration ofmedication bynot trained caregiver orwrong given dosage;Caregiver not reporting that aresident isill, and/or unsteady ontheir feet;Noappropriate use ofgloves and aprons, spreading infection;Not have arisk assessment inplace;Caregiver not recording on...

Signs of Abuse

...5.3-Describe the action to take if suspected abuse or unsafe practices have been reported but nothing has been done in response. You must go to the next superior in position. After you have reported the incident you still have a duty of care to your patient. If you feel that your patient is still at risk then speak with your line manager regarding your concerns. [ If you feel your line manager is not taking appropriate action, or you suspect your line manager of abusing a patient then most compa...

Abusive Relationships

...The article has a positive motive for exposing aggressive behavior patterns amongst teen dating. The authors have strong viewpoints that are helpful for making rational decisions about the pros and cons. It provides signs of abuse and presents the top rated signs of awareness. The research addressed in the article is most helpful in deciding how to relate aggression and abuse with anxiety and behavior patterns. Most important the article addresses the reasons teens develop such outrageous habits...

Principles of Safeguarding and Protection in Health and Social Care

...If nothing has been done in response to reporting to a senior member of staff, the deputy manager or home manager should be informed. If again noting happens the local safeguarding authorities such as council, police or other agencies should be contacted to invested the matter further. The CQC should also be contact about the matter. Keeping all information that has been reported written down with times and dates of the unsafe practices, when they orginally reported and who you re...

Understanding Employment Responsibilities

...No one tried to talk to these children, to hear their voices, ask them how they felt or what had happened. Some children don’t find it easy, some have language barriers, different things that may have happened in their life’s that may have affected their ability to express themselves. Lack of communication in all areas, were missed chances for the authorities to save lives. Lack of communication between, social workers, nurses, doctors and police officers allowed Victoria Climbies great aunt...

Legal and Ethical Issues in Childcare

...•The child has a right to confidentiality so do not disclose this information to anyone but the relevant authorities •As soon as possible document the conversation you had with the child as accurately as possible •If the child has questions and you do not have the answers tell them so – it is ok not to know all the answers just because you are an adult c)Outline the process to follow for reporting a child at risk as per the relevant policy and procedure. •As soon after the disclosure a...

Safeguarding children

...2010, Serious Case Review, Plymouth Safeguarding Children Board BBC NEWS (2010) Little Ted’s was ‘ideal’ place for Vanessa George abuse [Online] November 2010 Available at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-devon-11682161 [Accessed 9th April 2014] Babernie, R. (2004) Relationships, Risk and Repair: Early intervention with vulnerable babies and families [Online] 2011 Available at: 'http://www.medicine.manchester.ac.uk/mentalhealth/research/mentalhealth/womensmentalhealth/events/mancheste...

Safeguarding welfare of children

...All organisations which work with children have a responsibility to recruit sta? who are suitable and qualified to work with children. When a member of staff ?rst applies to work with children, they would have been asked to complete a form to disclose any convictions that they may have (DBS). Even with these checks in place abuse can, and has, happened within schools. This is called institutional abuse. All sta? have a duty to comply with policy and procedures. Failure to comply may put children...

Principles of safeguarding and protection in health and social care

...2. Explain actions to take if unsafe practices have been identified It is your responsibility to report any unsafe practices, straight away, to your line manager. To “Blow the Whistle” on somebody or something means to report somebody for doing something wrong or illegal, especially within an organization. Your organization may have a “Whistle Blowing” policy, which will protect you and your employment if you report your concerns. Ask your manager or supervisor, if unsure, but follow you...

The following types of abuse

...5.3 describe the action to take if suspected abuse or unsafe practices have been reported but nothing has been done in response If unsafe practices which have been reported but no response has been given I take the matter to my line managers manager. They can assist with anything I feel hasn’t happened but should have occurred. The same can be said for suspected abuse, if I have reported something I feel requires attention and this has not happened the next line manager can chase up any concl...

Principles of safeguarding and protection in Health and Social Care

...Abuse is a complex area and there can be pitfalls in having separate categories. An individual may be subjected to different types of abuse which display the same signs and symptoms. Alternatively, one “type” of abuse does not take place alone e.g. sexual abuse also has emotional and physical components. “Abuse is the violation of an individual’s human and civil rights by any other person or persons” (Department of Health “No Secrets” 2000) “Abuse can be described as the mistreat...

Impact of dancehall music on society

...The promotion of marijuana on the market for students causes them to go out of their way to smoke or sell to others to earn money and sometimes make a living. At present adolescents are forming gangs, abusing drugs, fighting, showing a lack of respect to elders and creating pornographic movies on mobile phones as well as altering uniforms to match fashion trends. These behavioural patterns not only have a massive negative impact on the academic performance of the youth but also on their health a...

Child Psychology Services (Part 2)

...Describe the actions to take if a child or young person alleges harm or abuse in line with policies and procedures of own setting. All settings that have contact with children and young people must have clear policies and procedures to follow in all cases of abuse. Staff must have training in these and organisation for dealing with the situation. Disclosure of abuse by a child can occur at any time and it can be a shock to hear details. The way an allegation is received can be very important in ...

Principles of safeguarding and protection in health and social care

...Civ Explain how adopting a person centred approach which offers choices and upholds rights can empower an individual and help to reduce the likelihood of abuse. An empowered person is somebody that is not scared of expressing themselves, they are more likely to give there opinion and refuse or confront if there is any abuse directed to them. Cv Explain how encouraging and promoting active participation can help to reduce the likelihood of abuse. An individual by themselves is more prone to abuse...

Social Injustice's of Women in India

...According to the International Violence Against Women Act on Amnesty International’s site, “Violence against women and girls represents a global health, economic development, and human rights problem. At least one out of every three women worldwide has been beaten, coerced into sex, or otherwise abused in her lifetime, with rates of domestic violence reaching 70% in some countries.” This abuse of women and their rights is something more developed countries are taking very seriously. Over 7...

Domestic Violence

...Bollen, S., Artz, L., Vetten, L., Louw, A. (1999). Violence Against Women in Metropolitan South Africa: A study on impact and service delivery. Institute for Security StudiesMonograph Series No 41, September 1999. http://www.iss.co.za/Pubs/Monographs/No41/Contents.html. Retrieved 8 October 2013 Dissel, A & Ngubeni, K. (2003).Giving Women their voice: Domestic Violence and Restorative Justice in South Africa. CSR: Paper presented at the XIth International Symposium on Victimology, Stellenbosc...

Principles of safeguarding and protection in health and social care

...5.3 Describe the action to take if suspected abuse or unsafe practices have been reported but nothing has been done in response: •If suspected abuse or unsafe practices have been reported but nothing has been done in response or if it has to do with my manager then I will report to the next level or manager. •If it has to do with my manager then I will report to management, then to the social worker and safeguarding team and to the care quality commission and even to the police depending on...

Research Proposal- Are Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse

...Psychotherapy, 23(1), 11-18. Retrieved September 2013 Tharinger, D. (1990). Impact of child sexual abuse on developing sexuality. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 21(5), pp. 331-337. Van de Putte, S. J. (1995). A paradigm for working with child survivors of sexual abuse who exhibit sexualized behaviors during play therapy. International Journal of Play Therapy, 4(1), 27-49. Wolf, E. K., & Alpert, J. L. (1991). Psychoanalysis and Child Sexual Abuse: A review of the Post-Freudia...

Safeguarding and Protection in Health and Social Care

...National policies -’Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006, the Vetting and Barring Scheme run by the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA), Criminal Records Bureau, Human Rights Act 1998. Local Systems – Safeguarding Adults Boards, Safeguarding policies and procedures for vulnerable adults. Safeguarding Adults Boards – these bring together a number of different local agencies that work with vulnerable adults to share information and monitor their work i.e. local agencies like the poli...

The characteristics of different types of abuse

...It must always be remembered that alternative medical, psychological or social explanations may exist for the signs and symptoms that could be attributed to neglect or abuse. However it is not up to an individual to decide if abuse or neglect has taken place. Any concerns or disclosures must be passed on to the appropriate person. Information that is passed on will be investigated by the relevant authorities. It would require great courage for a child or young person to confide in others about w...

Discipline by spanking your children is not Abuse

...Replacing punishment with discipline, In order to function in our society, adults must have a certain amount of self-control, impulse-control and anger management. I’m suggesting these skills be developed in our homes. Again, it’s a matter of respecting our kids as people. Consider the dozens of interactions you have with others on a daily basis. Surely at one point or another someone has said something that you disagreed with or they’ve done something that annoyed you. Did you react by la...

Risk factors for drug abuse

...There are certain life circumstances, particularly among younger users, that are risk factors for, rather than the direct cause of, drug abuse. Parental abuse and neglect are commonly seen as part of the cause of drug abuse. An adolescent or pre-adolescent may be trying to gain attention from an inattentive parent or escape an abusive one by using drugs; prolonged attempts through drug use can be a cause of drug abuse. A drug user, or the presence of drugs in the home, can also be a major cause ...

Serial Killers: The Evil Inside

...In conclusion, anyone is capable of becoming a serial murderer under the right conditions. Based on information from criminal psychologist, interviews, and statistics, serial killers are getting caught more and most are white males. Their childhood, mental disorders, and social standing do affect the very aspect of who they are. In case studies most serial killers have been abused. Only 15%-16% of the serial killers are females (Aamodt).More case studies are needed to provide more details on the...

The Social And Historical Context Of Blue Remembered Hills

...Physical bullying is prominent throughout Potter's play, it is shown many a times, one of them when Peter asks if he can have some apple and Willie says "You can have the core." And unusually, Peter replies: "You can have my fist." Socially, this marks that Peter may have experienced physical abuse at some point of his childhood as his instant reaction was to answer with rampage. In the play, everyone bullies each other in the group, which shows how they were brought up with bullying surrounding...

Safeguarding children

...Designated Person, Social Services, or Police. It is extremely important that allegations or concerns are not discussed, as any breach of confidentiality could be damaging to the child or young person, their family, those who are the subject of allegations and any child protection investigations that may follow. Informing the parents of a child or young person of concerns you may have should be done in consultation with Social Services. Parents will not be informed if they are the subject of the...

A Review of Literature on Juvenile Delinquency

...Alltucker, K. W., Bullis, M., Close, D., & Yovanoff, P. (2006). Different pathways to juvenile delinquency: Characteristics of early and late starters in a sample of previously incarcerated youth. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 15(4), 479-492. Kofler, M. J., McCart, M. R., Zajac, K., Ruggiero, K. J., Saunders, B. E., & Kilpatrick, D. G. (2011). Depression and delinquency covariation in an accelerated longitudinal sample of adolescents. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology,...

Rush Hour

...Terranova begins her poem by giving the image of a “...baby’s scabbed face…” in a cast, depicting an injury. She then uses the character of the mom who, “...is in shorts and sunglasses,” which is an allusion where the reader should be familiar with that the glasses are covering black eyes(L.5). We know this because Terranova hints this when she states that no one can see what is behind "...her own dark glasses" (L.28-29). All of these are references the reader has to make with this a...

Child of Rage

...“Advocates for Children in Therapy” Beth Thomas, Original Text Material Copyright 2003-2011. Retrieved from: http://www.childrenintherapy.org/proponents/thomasb.html “Child of Rage” Documentary, Gaby Monet, featuring Beth, John, Nancy, and Tim Thomas. Year 1990. Retrieved from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2-Re_Fl_L4 “Missing Children Statistics: At A Glance” Stop Predators. Protect Kids. United States of America. Copyright 2013. Retrieved from: http://www.child-safety-for-parent...

Tyler Perry

...Emmitt Perry Jr. otherwise known as Tyler Perry was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on September 13, 1969. When Tyler was young he was molested by several adults. Also Perry went through several acts of physical abuse by his father because his only answer to everything was to “bet it out of you.” When he turned 16 he changed his first name to Tyler to put some distant between himself and his father. Although he did not complete high school he did earn his GED. After an inspirational episode o...

Current legislation

...Explain how the processes used by own work setting or service comply with legislation that covers data protection, information handling and sharing In our setting all data for the children we look after is held in the main office. Only staff have access to this. The child’s personal information is stored away either on computer or on paper. The computers are all locked and you can only log on with a password which is unique to one person. All paper records are locked away in a cabinet. The inf...

Justice: Childhood Love Lessons

...There is a difference between physical punishment and child abuse. Physical punishment is done out love to keep a child out of danger, but child abuse is often done by an angry or frustrated parent. Physical punishment is needed in a child's life to teach them the difference between right from wrong. Spankings are used if a child was told not to touch something, but they do it anyway. Some parents feel that if they spank their child that they will not love them. a child may get mad and resent th...

A simple informative essay on child abuse

...Many children learn how to be violent from their parents and they grow up and mistreat their own children. With this, the abusive behavior becomes a cycle and is transmitted through the generations. 30 percent of abused kids become abusive parents, but two out of three percent of non-abused children become abusive. Children who experience abuse and violence may adopt this behavior and use it as an example for their own parenting. Thankfully the majority of victims of abuse do not become abusers....

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