Parental Child Abuse: Lasting Impacts on Individuals and Society

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Kid abuse is a prevailing problem in society that must be addressed at the soonest possible time. Nevertheless, it is among the most hard issues to attend to as well since there are just particular ways by which it can be kept track of. What makes it even harder is the reality that the moms and dads themselves are often the abusers. Thus, it often tough to assist the child considering that his primary guardian is the abuser himself.

Child abuse by moms and dads can be exceptionally destructive to kids.

The effects of such abuse may end up being obvious during their youth or when the kid matures and gets in adulthood. The long-lasting consequences of kid abuse are in some cases grave enough that they mess up the life of the adult.

Experiences of child abuse as a kid affect not simply the personality of the adult but his relationship with his parents too. For obvious factors, when moms and dads abuse their children, they strain their relationship with the children.

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One can not anticipate an adult, who was abused by his moms and dad as a child, to maintain a close relationship with them.

Child abuse has mental effects that may hinder the advancement of the individual's character and identity. This is specifically real the abuser is the parent. For circumstances, the abused child is expected to have low self-confidence that originates from the reality that his own parents do not enjoy him. Abusing him is a clear indication to him that they do not love him.

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Thus, without his moms and dads' love, the person may lack the self self-confidence and self esteem to operate in society.

The abuse triggers the kid to distance himself from the moms and dad. Later on, as he matures, this often equates to difficulty in forming accessories with other adults and his peers. The kid's insecurity and lack of self-confidence can reach his adult life. Therefore, when the kid ends up being an adult, he does not feel safe and more importantly, he lives a restrained life.

These consequences and effects of child abuse do not only affect the individual’s life. These consequences challenge the very ideals upon which the American way of life is built upon. Americans believe that they have the right to have a family who enjoys security and freedom. However, the mere fact that the children are abused within the confines of their very own homes and within their own families, the idea of being secure is greatly eroded. Moreover, the abuse hinders the freedom of the child. As the child grows up, he does so with such American ideals left in ruins. In a way, the abuse he experienced as a child may reflect on how he treats his own children as he forms a family of his own.

The effects of parental child abuse of any kind exhibit themselves as the child becomes an adult. It is an experience that the individual bears with him long after the acts were committed. Not only does the abuse mold his personality, it affects his ideals in life as well. His ideals on family, society, and relationships are changed and may transfer to his own family. Such transfer may become chain reaction which will be to the detriment of society in general. It is for this reason that the problem must be acted on and must be prevented as much as possible.


Updated: Dec 12, 2023
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