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Albert Einstein Essay Examples

Essay on Albert Einstein

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Student's Union Election Speech

As Albert Einstein once said, "I never think of the future, it comes soon enough." but He also said "imagination is more important than knowledge?" If I became the union president, I would like to further improve, and improve the quality of all aspects of the student union, to further improve their work enthusiasm, with full enthusiasm and positive attitude towards everything; to further enhance...

Albert Einstein's Letter to Phyllis Wright

The purpose of Einstein’s letter to Phyllis Wright, or the point he’s trying to get across, is done beautifully as he explains at the end of the letter, “In this way the pursuit of science leads to a religious feeling of a special sort, which is indeed quite different from the religiosity of someone more naïve” (Einstein 10). Of course, for the occasion of his letter, his context is well ...

Wheeler-Feynman Quantum Theory and the Flight from Realism

Finally, Wheeler’s distinction between science and metaphysics helped me become more comfortable with the ideas one needs to juggle in order to grasp, however gingerly, the branch of science known as quantum physics. Thus I can delve more deeply into the topic via a book that has been awaiting my attention literally for years on my bookshelf—Fred Alan Wolf’s Taking the Quantum Leap: The New ...

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Albert Einstein As A Noble Prize

BIBLIOGRAPHY Abraham, P. (1982). Subtle is the Lord: The science and the life of Albert Einstein. Oxford University Press. The definitive biography to date. Moltz, J. C, (2008). Nuclear Weapons and Nonproliferation: a Reference Handbook, ABC-CLIO. Moring, G, (2004). The complete idiot's guide to understanding Einstein: Indianapolis: Alpha books, Macmillan; USA. ISBN 0028631803. Schweber, S. S. (20...

Albert Einstein Creative Thinker

On April 18, 1955, Einstein died while sleeping at Princeton Hospital. Upon the table was the last unfilled statement written in honor of Independence Day of Israel. After his death, his mind was preserved in a jar by the physician Thomas Stolz Hare, who did the autopsy on his body. In 1999, an analysis of the brain showed that the Board is "responsible" for mathematical thought was a 15% greater...

Albert Einstein as Father of Modern Physics and Isaac Newton as Father of Classical Physics

Albert Einstein's many contributions to physics include the special and general theories of relativity, the founding of relativistic cosmology, the first post-Newtonian expansion, explaining the perihelion advance of Mercury, prediction of the deflection of light by gravity and gravitational lensing, the first fluctuation dissipation theorem which explained the Brownian movement of molecules, the ...

Werner Heisenberg

Also in 1939, Heisenberg traveled to the United States in June and July. There, he visited Samuel Abraham Goudsmit, at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Heisenberg refused an invitation to emigrate to the United States. Heisenberg would not see Goudsmit again until six years later, when Goudsmit was the chief scientific advisor to the American Operation Alsos at the close of World War II. H...

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein had many accomplishments like: he did research while working as a clerk. He wrote a famous equation which was E=mc2 the equation showed a relationship between matter and energy. Albert Einstein also figured out and explained how the stars shined. Then later on he developed the theory of relativity which explains gravity. His discoveries helped society because he was able to invent ...

A Letter To Myself

Do not be dismayed at what tomorrow will bring, it will lead to wonderful ends.  You will have a son who will do well in life.  A woman will come into your life who will be a dream come true and you’ll wind up content in your living.  You will appreciate life’s foibles and remember , “Try not to become a man of success but a man of value.”  (Albert Einstein, Great Quotations, pg. 225)...

The Life and Influences of Albert Einstein

Einstein, although not a renowned inventor, has influenced many modern day inventions including: smoke detectors, x-rays, GPS, roads, computer monitors, fiber optic cable, and many pharmaceuticals just to name a few (Bodanis 2004, 32). His theory of relativity stretched much farther then just the scientific realm according to Walter Isaacson when he wrote "Einstein's theory of relativity not only ...

Astronomy Q&A


Einstein's Big Idea


Einstein for Asperger's

Asperger’s Disorder is just one example of how psychology has advanced. In Einstein’s time there was not a name for his “weird quirks”, but by the time Temple Grandin was born these similar “quirks” were known as Asperger’s Disorder. Einstein was brilliant in mathematics and similar fields of study, but could not form true intimate bonds with other people. Dr. Grandin was also brilli...

Conflict Between Religion and Science

While we are raised today with an equal influence of both, science and spirituality, there was once a time when people only had the binary choice of choosing one over the other. This has made the surface seem calm while deep inside our minds, a tempest rages on. From a third perspective, it is a sign of evolution of humankind and although the times are turbulent, we can be sure that, this time too...

Albert Einstein

Of all the scientists to emerge from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries there is one whose name is known by almost all living people. While most of these do not understand this man's work, everyone knows that its impact on the world of science is astonishing. Yes, many have heard of Albert Einstein's General Theory of relativity, but few know about the intriguing life that led this scientist t...

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