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Understanding the World Through Math
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If you are studying mathematics then you are surely studying the science that that deals with the quantity, logic of shapes, arrangement, space, structure, and change. What we do, mathematics is all around us, in everything. It plays its role in all things including money, architecture, mobile phones, engineering, games, and sports. Basically, the need for mathematics started based on society. If a society is more complex, there is the need for multiples mathematics. The physics of hunting, the ability…...
Importance Of MathematicsMathematicianMaths In Our Daily Life
John Napier
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A biography of John Napier the Scottish MathematicianJohn Napier was a Scottish Mathematician who was born in Merchiston Castle in Edinburgh in the year 1550. He briefly attended St. Andrew's University, but for some unknown reason, left without obtaining a degree, which didn't seem to have any relevance to him. He returned home in 1571 as a scholar competent in Greek. He was a ardent Presbyterian who wrote A Plaine Discovery of the Whole Revelation of Saint John, the first…...
Evelyn Boyd Granville the Mathematician
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Evelyn Boyd Granville, a mathematician, teacher, and scientist, she was born on January 5, 1924 in Washington, D. C. She attended a then-segregated Dunbar High School, and was encouraged in the subject by two of her mathemetics teachers. Granville attended Smith College on a partial scholarship. In 1945, she graduated summa cum laude and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. She worked with Einar Hille, her Ph. D. faculty adviser at Yale University, in functional analysis. Granville received a Ph.…...
EducationMathematicianScienceScience And Technology
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A Biography of the Mathematician Emilie du Chatelet
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Emilie du Chatelet grew up in a society where there were not many education opportunities for women. She was born in Paris on December 17, 1706 and grew up in a household where marriage was the only way one could improve their place in society. During her early childhood, Emilie began to show such promise in the area of academics that soon she was able to convince her father that she was a genius who needed attention. Provided with good…...
BiographyIsaac NewtonMathematicianScience
Srinivasa Ramanujan: The Great Mathematician
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Pages • 9
In this essay I will discuss the journey of the great mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan. I will mention his background including his family, education and early achievements. This essay will certainly contain his mathematical discoveries in different topics and formulas he worked on. Last but not least, I am going to specify if any of his mathematics is used today in different technologies particularly computers.About the Srinivasa Ramanujan:Srinivasa Ramanujan, sometimes described as ‘The World’s Greatest Mathematician’ was born into a poor…...
John Venn
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Pages • 2
John Venn was born in 1834, to a highly religious Christian family at Hull, England. His mother died when he was extremely young and dad was engaged with rendering his services to the church. He finished from the Cambridge University and in 1857 was chosen as a fellow of the college. He stayed a fellow for the rest of his life. From 1858 he lived at different areas and lastly went back to Cambridge in 1862. For the next thirty…...
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Archimedes was one of the most known and respected mathematicians of ancient Greece. He was born between the years of 290 and 280 BCE in Syracuse, Sicily which is currently known as Italy. His death took place in Syracuse, Sicily between the years of 212 and 211 BCE. In autumn of 212 or the spring of 211 Syracuse was taken over by Roman General Marcus Claudius Marcellus (Encyclopedia Britannica, n. d). It was during the cities take over that Archimedes…...
Biography of Georg Simon Ohm
Words • 1632
Pages • 7
Georg Simon Ohm (16 March 1787 – 6 July 1854) was a Bavarian (German) physicist and mathematician. As a high school teacher, Ohm began his research with the new electrochemical cell, invented by Italian scientist Alessandro Volta. Using equipment of his own creation, Ohm found that there is a direct proportionality between the potential difference (voltage) applied across a conductor and the resultant electric current. This relationship is known as Ohm's law. Ohm died in Munich in 1854, and is…...
Euler’s Formula and Identity
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Pages • 6
Euler's formula and Identity: eix = cos( x) + i( sin( x)). The world of math today is one with endless possibilities. It expands into several and interesting subjects, typically being included into our everyday lives. Today, I will discuss one of these topics; the most astonishing and fascinating formula invented, called the "Euler's formula". This formula was created and presented by mathematician Leonhard Euler. In essence, the formula develops the deep relationship in between trigonometric functions and the complex…...
Biography – Aryabhata, the Indian mathematician
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Aryabhata (476 CE – 550 CE) was the first Hindu mathematician and astronomers from India. He wrote couple of treatise about mathematics and astronomy. Some of them were lost. His most famous works Aryabhatiya completed in 499 CE and the Arya-Siddhanta. Aryabhatiya consists of 108 verses, in which Aryabhata wrote about the mathematics and astronomy at the age of 23 in 499 CE. He was born in India at Asmaka or Kusumapura in 476 CE. There is no clear evidence…...
Indian Mathematicians
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He was born on 22na of December 1887 in a small village of Tanjore district, Madras. He failed in English in Intermediate, so his formal studies were stopped but his self-study of mathematics continued. He sent a set of 120 theorems to Professor Hardy of Cambridge. As a result he invited Ramanujan to England. Ramanujan showed that any big number can be written as sum of not more than four prime numbers. He showed that how to divide the number…...
ArchimedesIndiaMathematicianRamanujanShakuntala Devi
Mathematics Autobiography
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Pages • 3
I consider mathematics as a very important tool in life. My first real memories with mathematics began in my elementary years. I use to bring home assignments of several pages in order to master the basic arithmetic principles. I would go over my textbook answering several pages that included addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. What a truly memorable experiences they were and still was very rewarding especially when I got the correct answers. Other than that, I could compete with…...
AlgebraAutobiography About MyselfBiographyMathMathematicianPythagoras
The History Of Trigonometry
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Pages • 3
The History of Trigonometry is one type of mathematics that deals with the sides and the angles. In the First paragraph I would like to explain the main history of trigonometry and also go into detail about the certain aspects of the mathematic branch. In the Second paragraph I will explain details on 4 of the great trigonometry mathematicians who discovered information about trigonometry, as well as improved existing theories as well. In the Third paragraph I would like to…...
Mathematics & Natural Sciences with absolute certainty (TOK)
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Pages • 6
Write an essay outlining your personal response to this topic. “Mathematicians have the concept of rigorous proof, which leads to knowing something with complete certainty. Consider the extent to which complete certainty might be achievable in mathematics and the natural sciences.” To what extent can man use mathematics and the natural sciences to embrace the concept of achieving absolute certainty? It is not possible for humans to achieve absolute certainty in knowledge using mathematics and the natural sciences. This is…...
EthicsKnowledgeMathMath In ScienceMathematicianReason
Indian Mathematicians And Their Contributions
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Pages • 2
Ramanujan He was born on 22na of December 1887 in a small town of Tanjore district, Madras. He stopped working in English in Intermediate, so his formal research studies were stopped however his self-study of mathematics continued. He sent a set of 120 theorems to Teacher Hardy of Cambridge. As an outcome he invited Ramanujan to England. Ramanujan revealed that any big number can be composed as sum of not more than four prime numbers. He revealed that how to…...
ArchimedesIndiaMathematicianRamanujanShakuntala Devi
Biography of a Mathematician: Sir Isaac Newton
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Pages • 4
Sir Isaac Newton has made an impact on scientists to this day. Even though his discoveries derived in the late 1600s, we are still affected today in the present. The ideals and theorems he sought out still hold legitimate centuries after his time. With the information laid out for them, a scientists using his theories can improve their research to achieve fame themselves. “Some would say that he was the greatest product of the Enlightenment, the explosion of intellectual knowledge…...
BiographyIsaac NewtonMathematicianScienceТhе Space
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