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Investigation: What Affect Yeast has on Bread Making
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Aim: My aim is to do a study on yeast and experiment what affect yeast has on the making of bread. Research: Yeast, any of a number of microscopic, one-celled fungi important for their ability to ferment carbohydrates in various substances. Yeasts in general are widespread in nature, occurring in the soil and on plants. Most cultivated yeasts belong to the genus Saccharomyces; those known as brewer's yeasts are strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. For a discussion of the physiology and…...
BiologyBreadLouis Pasteur
Doctor Edward Jenner
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For a small subscription fee, people could come, get a diagnosis and a prescription. But the doctors there weren't as highly trained as others and could often prescribe the wrong thing. Never the less Dispensaries became so popular that many turned into hospitals by the 20th century. Thanks to the Printing press, quack doctors didn't have to travel all over the country. They could simply put an add in the newspaper for a 'Cure All' medicine. Affordable, practical and had…...
DoctorFlorence NightingaleLouis PasteurMedicineVaccination
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Louis Pasteur was a French scientific expert and microbiologist who built up the primary antibodies for rabies and Bacillus anthrax. He is likewise credited with the development of the system of treating milk and wine to stop bacterial defilement, a procedure named "sanitization" or "pasteurization" after him. Conceived on December 27, 1822, in Dole, Eastern France, Louis Pasteur found that microorganisms were in charge of souring liquor and thought of the procedure of purification, where microscopic organisms is obliterated by…...
BiographyBiologyDiseaseLouis PasteurMicrobiology
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Where would the world be without Louis Pasteur discoveries?
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He had three sisters and one brother that died when he was 1 years old. Louis Pasteur’s sisters names were Jeanne Antoine Pasteur, Josephine Pasteur and Jeanne Emile Pasteur. Jean Denis was his brother name and their mother name was Jean Pasteur. Their father owned a tanner and worked to make leather. His father was once in the army and won lots of medal, awards by his achviements with hard work. While Louis Pasteur was little he enjoyed arts also…...
DiseaseFoodLouis PasteurWorld
General Science II Module 1 Test
Words • 247
Pages • 1
Sir Isaac Newton supported the Biblical accounted of Creation True People were created by God as an extremely intelligent being True Aristotle was a Renaissance scientist False LaMarack thought that acquired characteristics could be inherited True The cotton gin was a great invention for food production False Technology is applied science True Technology applies the principles of science to particular problems True Philosophy is not considered science because it lacks: experimentation The astronomer who agreed with the heliocentric theory and…...
Atomic TheoryCotton ginExperimentIsaac NewtonLouis PasteurScience
The Contributions of Louis Pasteur
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Louis Pasteur is believed to be one of the most important contributors of microbiology. Pasteur was born in Dole, France on December 27, 1822 and died in Saint Cloud on September 28, 1895. Pasteur attended primary school in Arbois, France and he attended secondary school in Besancon. In 1840 Pasteur received his Bachelor of Arts and in 1842 he received his Bachelor of Science degree at the Royal College of Besancon. Pasteur then received his Master of Science degree in…...
BiologyHealthLouis Pasteur
The Role of Veterinarians in Society
Words • 1877
Pages • 8
Louis Pasteur, a French chemist and microbiologist in the 1800’s, began his study of rabies when two dogs infected with rabies were brought to his laboratory. One of the dogs suffered from the dumb form of the disease: his jaw hung low, he foamed at the mouth, and he had a vacant look in his eyes. The other dog suffered from the viscous form of the disease: he let out terrifying howls, he snapped, and he bit at any object…...
HealthLouis PasteurMedicinePetRole In Society As SisterSociety
Science -Quotable Quotes
Words • 1272
Pages • 6
"I am amongst those who believe that science has fantastic appeal. A researcher in his lab is not only a specialist: he is likewise a kid placed prior to natural phenomena which impress him like a fairy tale." Marie Curie (1867-- 1934). " There is something interesting about science. One gets such wholesale returns of conjecture out of such a trifling financial investment of truth." Mark Twain (1835 - 1910). " Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We…...
InnovationLouis PasteurQuoteReligionResearchScience
The History of Microbiology
Words • 1473
Pages • 6
I. Introduction. Microbiology is the study of living microorganisms. The term micro means extremely small, and with regards to biology, this refers to minute living things that are individually too small to be seen without the aid of a microscope. These invisible microorganisms include bacteria, virus, fungi, protozoan and other microscopic organisms. The study of microorganisms is very important because it helps explains why people get sick and who or what is responsible for it. Prior to the development of…...
BacteriaBiologyHistoryLouis PasteurMicrobiology
Comparison Of ?Charles I And Louis XIV
Words • 1183
Pages • 5
Introduction King Louis XIV: Outstanding example of absolute monarch Aim to make himself supreme in Europe Stringent religious toleration (change the Huguenots) King Charles I: Devine right of Kings (monarch's right to rule came from God) Conflicts with Parliament forced religion Wars There is an institution as old as the world : Monarchy-Kingship. In most places and in most times men have agreed to be governed by Kings, having found in such government something consonant to their nature. Early years…...
ComparisonFranceLouis PasteurMonarchy
The Biomedical Model of Health
Words • 822
Pages • 4
The biomedical design defines health as being devoid of illness and imperfection, and does not take into account social or cultural issues. It is the dominant design used throughout most of western societies, and in these societies is generally seen as the only "legitimate" method to deal with disease. Among the primary aspects of the biomedical design of health is that it sees the body as a "machine" and that each part of the body can be "repaired individually". This…...
HealthIllnessLouis Pasteur
Health Benefits of Rice Wine
Words • 895
Pages • 4
Louis Pasteur said that wine is the most healthful and the most hygienic of all beverages. It can give the human body 500 calories that are normally taken from fats and carbohydrates. All these energy is completely consumed by the body and will not add an ounce of the body weight (Lichine, et al. 1968). There are several health benefits that can be derived from wine. Aside from being a healthy beverage, it was said that wine can deter food…...
DrinkHealthLouis PasteurRiceWine
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Investigation: What Affect Yeast has on Bread Making
...Analysis: From my experiment I can see that my prediction was wrong. I guessed that the higher the temperature, the lower the CO2 given off (height of the bread) would be. I have found out that the temperature does affect the height of the bread, but...
Where would the world be without Louis Pasteur discoveries?
...Pasteur not only help cured his country he wrote many books of his discoveries, invention and journal to help other people in the world to be healthier and live longer. Pasteur also went to different countries to teach people how to cure the disease....

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