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Einstein 360

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Essay, Pages 3 (610 words)



Essay, Pages 3 (610 words)

Name 9 different ways you can pull up a customer.
Phone Number; Account number; ticket number; First and Last name; Address; Email address/username; mac address; Previous Accounts
Name the options that are always available on the top black panel.
Account Lookup, End Conversation, CTI On/Off, Hello Agent drop down, Notifications
What is Einstein 360?
A knowledge data base designed and developed exclusively for Comcast Employees
If you click on the agents name, what are the 3 options?
About Einstein, Recommendations, Support Topics
What information is given about the customer when you click on the customers name?
Customer Information, Account Information, Account Indicators, Related Links
Name all the account indicator colors.

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Red; Green; Yellow, Grey
This indicates important positive information about the account
This indicate a warning or alert about the account
This indicates an issue with the account
This indicates information about the account
Name the 4 selections that are on the left panel.
Actions, Notes, Devices, (Browse ITG’s)
What information is available within Account Information?
Rate center , Node, Platforms
Name the tool used to look up xfinity stores.

Name the 3 Related Links
Competitive Edge, Service Centers, Channel Lineup
What are the 6 tabs in Einstein 360?
Overview, Account, Billing & Payment, Troubleshooting, Services, Activity
What are the 3 stages of Einstein?
Knowledge; Services; Sales
An all in one knowledge tool.
Einstein 360
Name Einstein’s Key Features.
Customer-Centric Content; Look-up Tools; Integrated Systems; Device Library; Social Media-like Information sharing; Smart Search; Interactive Troubleshooting Guides; Document Sharing via Email, Unified Notes, Customer Approval, My Account,
Step-by-Stop guides that guide and support the agent to help resolve customer reported issues.

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Interactive Troubleshooting Guides(ITG)
Google-Like Search capabilities,
Smart Search
News feeds and alerts that are specific to the employee, their role, and their location
Social Media-like Information sharing
Pictures and wiring diagrams of the customer’s devices
Device Library
Integrated billing, ticket and troubleshooting information
Integrated Systems
Quick links to look up the customer’s Service Center and Channel Line-up
Look-up tools
Email an article directly to a customer or co-work, straight from Einsten
Document sharing via email
What are the 3 search options under Advanced Search?
Previous account dates, Ticket Number, MAC Address
Account Health home integrity information appears where?
On the right side of the header
What Icons are shown under Account Health?
Internet, Voice, TV, Home, Bill
Clicking on an Account Health Icon opens up what?
An Expanded Header Drawer (Bill Drawer, TV Drawer, Voice Drawer, Internet Drawer, Home Drawer)
What type of search can you do in Einstein 360?
Keyword; document ID; common problems
How do you “Stay in the Know”?

with the right panel (alerts, News, favorites, My useful links, Recently viewed, new & updated Documents; Tool Kits)

What is the current version of Einstein?
What are the toolkit options for xfinity wifi?
XFINITY WiFi Automatic Sign In Devices; XFINITY WiFi Home Hotspot; XFINITY WiFi Access Point Portal (AP Portal); XFINITY WiFi Hotspot Locator Map
Einstein 360
Designed by and developed exclusively for Comcast employees. Comcast internal knowledge Management Solution that replace Casper and then Einstein.
What are the 4 ITG topics?
Tv, internet, voice, home
What is shown under Customer Information?
Customers Address, Preferred Phone Number, Alternate Email
What are the 5 selections on the footer located on the bottom of Einstein 360?
Toolkits, Favorites, Useful Links, Knowledge Base, Help Center
What are the 5 toolkit tabs?
TV, Internet, Voice, Mobile, Other
What is shown under Customer Information?
Customers Address, Preferred Phone Number, Alternate Email
What are Unified Notes?
On the left hand side of the screen, you can see the most recent notes that have been taken on the account.

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