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Leadership behaviors

Leadership is an issue that is critical for businesses. There are not many highly talented people in the business world to tackle the challenges in business today. The better strategy a business has the better its performance. Businesses should take the challenge of making leaders. The important issues for leaders in business are that they should focus on developing their people. They should also be committed to personal improvement and be part of the solution making. The leaders must be energetic in that they should show a presence of energy in them by way of stamina and resilience.

This energy is being positive because someone who is lackluster and inactive can’t work to improve situations or tackle challenging projects. The presence of energy is characterized by the behavior of the person. This is for instance seen in early risers who use a little to achieve more (Hoivik, 1995). Good leaders are enthusiastic of what they do. This arises from the person having self confidence.

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A leader must have self confidence in order to be able to inspire confidence in others for better performance.

A leader must believe in them that they can do what the tasks require and avoid working only in their comfort zones. Enthusiasm greatly boosts the development of their workers and greatly boosts the potential of the workforce. The leader should in addition, develop a strategy to develop the people under them and get them to come out of their comfort zones by overcoming their self limiting beliefs.

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This will ensure improvement of the work performance and development of the workers personally. A leader should energize others with whom he works.

The leader should not be lukewarm in his approach to the work but should have a passion that can inspire others. A strong way of behaving is the role model that other can emulate. The leader must understand the importance of his team’s motivation and get them to feel good about their work and inspire confidence that shall improve their work output and boost their presentation skills. This prepares the junior workers to assume leadership roles in the future. People often grow in the work place through developing self confidence (Jackman, 2003). A leader must execute assignments without much ado.

Pausing over trivialities makes the project to stall and reduces the performance level of the institution. Armed with relevant data leaders should normally execute the decision and commence the project that has to be done. This entails moving away from ones comfort zone. The leader must be ready to make decisions on new circumstances. One learns by mistakes since no one is perfect. Those who fail to make decisions are not worth the role of leadership. While making the decisions the leader should factor in those who he leads. This is done in order to ensure smooth implementation of the decision taken.

A committed leader does ensure the people he leads move to the higher levels of management by making them aware of decisions made. Leaders should stay on edge in the business world they engage in so that they may be in demand and with value in the eyes of their employers. To ensure this the leader needs to be knowledgeable on the new methods and new ways of solving problems. In short they remain alert of the new trends in the market. They are focused on improving performance by challenging the way things are done. They economize on time and effectively put it into use for the best effect.

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