How to Meet Customer Needs Essay

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How to Meet Customer Needs

A marketing campaign should have the goal of meeting customer needs in mind. There are certain things you can do to make sure you meet your customer needs, and those are explained below: First and foremost offer good customer service. The customer is not always right, but they should always be respected and valued. So, make sure that your customers know they are important to you, and that you want to meet their needs. If they know this, they will be more forgiving, and they will be more willing to stay loyal to you and help you meet their needs by informing you of what those needs are.

Another great way to meet customer needs is to find out exactly what it is that your customers expect from you, and how they want their needs met. You can do this by issuing customer surveys. Have customers do a small three question survey with room for comment as they check out, or by mail, etc. you can attach some sort of incentive to it. This will give you a clear idea of what your customers want, and what areas you could improve on. Surveys are a marketing campaign of sorts, they get your name out there, and they help people know you care. Another way to meet customer needs through your marketing campaign is to make sure your customers are aware of how you will deal with their complaints. Mention your methods of dealing with complaints in the campaign.

For example, say “If you are not satisfied you get 100% of your money back.” This is a marketing campaign that has proven very effective because people do not feel risk, and thus are more open to purchasing something. Another great marketing campaign that can help you to meet customer needs is through offering repeat business cards. These are like punch cards where they get incentive for coming in, buy however many, get however many free. This helps you identify repeat customers at the check out, and gives your employees a chance to ask them if there is any sort of changes they would like to see made to your level of service, etc. It also gives customers the feeling of being appreciated, and they get a reward for being loyal, which makes them happy as well.

Last but not least, as part of your marketing campaign, you can meet customer needs through allowing for and providing opportunity for comments to be made. Include a toll free phone number that can be called with questions. Provide a comment card in the bag you put their item in after purchase, etc. Marketing is not all about getting your name out there. One big part of marketing is meeting customer need. This can be taking the product to them, instead of having them come to you. It can mean offering incentives with multiple purchases. It can mean giving the customer the right and enough information to find you and your business.

To find out what your customer’s needs are, ask them, and then put your marketing team’s heads together to come up with a way to meet those needs through your marketing campaign. You will want to build strong products, and inform your customers through marketing of any improvements you make. You will also want to allow them to make suggestions for improvement, and thank them for any comments they do make. After all, your customers are who keep you in business, so make part of your marketing campaign be listening to their suggestions, and acting on valuable ones.

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