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Marketing campaigns which are successful always leave the products’ brand establishment and a legacy in the consumers’ minds and hearts. Such come as a result of boundless creativity and excellent marketing plan. Slogans and catchy phrases have the potential to give a product an image and sooner, it becomes popular among many people. Successful marketing campaigns not only provide an identity to a product but also results in the product reaping rich dividends. When they are properly planned and implemented, marketing campaigns are realizable and marketing teams mobilize their efforts towards succeeding in an impressive style.

The aim of this paper is to establish the process and procedures of marketing plan campaigns for Time Merchants if it is put in a larger area like Minneapolis St Paul. Target market When Time Merchants is put in Minneapolis, it will be crucial to identify a niche market. The marketing campaign involves using marketing tools to identify a target market. One has to make sure that it is possible to influence the customers in the target market.

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Market should be carried out and should be thorough so as to ensure that the product is launched successfully.

Market research would help the marketing team for Time Merchants to collect data and comprehend the consumers’ psyche. It will also enable the company to maximize its sales (Business Resource Software, Inc. , 2010). In Minneapolis, the company will still target local service providers and mass market consumer. It will include dual income families and working professionals. The company will use different tools like ArcView software to spot expansion target markets.

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Since Minneapolis has a population of about 3. 2 million people and its population is growing at 6.

95%, it’s a potential market for the services offered by Time Merchant and it is possible to continually expand the customer base as the population grows. Identifying marketing channels to use for this company Time Merchants operations strategy involves delivering goods to their customers, coordinating accounts payment, operating the call center and screening potential vendors or suppliers. Payments for services and goods, web page and call center use art technology to be effective (Business Resource Software, Inc. , 2010).

Establishing marketing channel for this company will involve looking at the target customers and the activities involved in the company. In this case, the target market includes professionals. This means that channels like public relations, direct mail, direct sales, print advertising both off and online and they could hire professionals to guide in getting the best promotional mix to use. The need in the marketplace Nowadays, people especially the employed and the business owners have money but lack the time to do the things they wish to. The time constraint creates a gap in their satisfaction.

At the same time, their busy lives create an inconvenience when dealing with house chores. Time Merchant is a service provider whose aim is to simplify people’ lives by performing the activities which people lack the time to attend to (Business Resource Software, Inc. , 2010). Consumers need time and convenience to do more profiting activities. The company also delivers consumer goods, develops films and posts packages for its customers. All these activities aim at allowing customers to have their own time thus meeting their needs. Branding the service and making it easily identifiable

Products are the brand in the products’ company but in the service industry, the company is the brand. A brand creates awareness, improves appeal as well as influencing people’s perception of a company. A company can use several strategies to brand its services. Compared to a products company, service companies usually have smaller markets which are composed of a demographic close to them. The main way to create a lasting brand is to take advantage of the potential customers’ confusion, indifference, skeptism and indecisiveness and providing them with an image of excellent customer service, dependability, quality and experience.

By giving them reasons why they should depend on the company to get things done, the company is likely to win their confidence. In order to create a strong brand in Minneapolis, Time Merchants should concentrate more on its relevance to its target market. The service brand should relate to the customer needs and the company’s character and values (Business Resource Software, Inc. , 2010). The company can also use their employees as part of their brand. Since the company does not have products to display, they can invest in highly qualified employees with integrity and honesty that are ready to meet the needs of the consumers.

The company should communicate its brand message to the workers and also ensure that they also communicate the same to the clients. This would promote a strong brand and the company is likely to have loyal customers. Marketing the services Services are inseparable, intangible, perishable and have heterogeneity. Marketing services is not as easy as marketing products. Time Merchants marketers therefore should understand the framework for marketing mix. In addition to the 4p’s mix, service marketing mix is inclusive of three other elements which are process, physical evidence and people.

The company can use consultants to advise them on the best way to market their services (Business Resource Software, Inc. , 2010). They should as well be flexible and communicate this to the customers. Having qualified personnel and treating them well and communicating to the workers that their behavior and attitude contribute to the quality service provision can achieve good results. Time Merchants should continue marketing its services to the existing customers so that they can become loyal as well as potential customers. This is likely to broaden the customer base.

Employment of new technology which is likely to create convenience while at the same time lowering cost can get the company referrals from the existing clients. The company should also provide testimonial and references, warranties and guarantees, use standardized services as well as offer pilot projects to their customers. Attaining customer satisfaction is very important for a company that wants to succeed in the service industry. Reference: Business Resource Software, Inc. , (2010), Time Merchants, retrieved on 10th May, 2010 from http://www. businessplans. org/Time/Time00. html

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