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How can Nanotechnology be used to Reduce Pollution Worldwide? 
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The environment we live on has long been the basis of all life since the beginning of time. However over the last two centuries omoniyi 2013 p.18 human activities such as the combustion of fossil fuels have transformed the chemistry of earths water and air and reshaped the web of life itself. These toxic pollutants can spread across hundreds of miles on the surface as well as into the depth of the ocean noaa 2019 and can be detrimental to…...
Advanced TechnologyHow To Reduce PollutionPollutionTechnology
The Disadvantages of Using Technology in Business
Words • 595
Pages • 3
Introduction Technology has become an integral part of our daily lives. It is ever revolving and responsible for our changing lifestyles. Technology is the advanced usage of peripherals in today's life and has become user-friendly over the past thousands of years. Newer technology inventions are taking the market by storm and technological advancements have also led to the growth and development of the nation as a whole. Technology nowadays is used as a storage and backup platform by huge companies…...
Advanced TechnologyBusinessNew Technology
What Are the Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing?
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Pages • 3
With new technology within our today's society, technology is continuously redefining and reinventing itself. When you think about how computers were first invented and compared and what they are now is fascinating. In today's household, almost everyone owns a computer or device that has internet access. One of these new technologies that has taken over databases/internet is cloud computing. Cloud computing is a technology that moves the data away from portable storage devices to large data centers called, the cloud.…...
Advanced TechnologyCloud ComputingHow Technology Affects UsPros and cons
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Technology in Agriculture: How Has Technology Changed Farming?
Words • 1551
Pages • 7
Nowadays, technology has become one of the most powerful things humankind had created. You will see that everything now is modernized and because of innovations it is continuously growing and widely spread around the globe. We can also say that one of the biggest needs of humanity is the existence of Agriculture. Agriculture provides food daily basis and income for the farmers. It is called a traditional procedure but with the attachment of technologies, it is now called Modern Agriculture.…...
Advanced TechnologyAgriculture And TechnologyTechnology A Boon Or Curse
Who Is A Muckraker?
Words • 540
Pages • 3
A muckraker is known to be an individual who “searches pit and publicly exposes real or apparent misconduct of a prominent individual or business. ” The issue on whether a muckraker goes too far in their trivial pursuits or if they expose a just amount of lies can be debated. Muckrakers are responsible for many moments in history, in which government and/or businesses have been taken accountable for corruption in the United States. These brave journalists are one of the…...
Advanced TechnologyModern GadgetsTechnology
Know About the Bluetooth Headset
Words • 613
Pages • 3
When it comes to electronic gadgets, you would find that the technology of the Bluetooth handsets is one of the best. In fact amongst the other electronic gadgets of the similar nature, blue tooth is surely one of the best. The technology which is mostly used is the cell phone and almost every one today looks for a cooler and better version of the cell today. With the introduction of blue tooth, the importance of these cell phones has greatly…...
Advanced TechnologyTechnology
Introduction to Hacking
Words • 5174
Pages • 21
Introduction: From North America to South America to Asia, computer-related misconduct is an ever-growing job in the populace and the private sectors for many grounds. Almost every state either it is industrial or development is going progressively dependent on new digital information engineerings to execute legal, commercial and governmental maps. These new information engineerings have contributed a batch towards societal well-being in a huge figure of advantageous ways but they have besides exposed a figure of of import involvements to…...
Advanced TechnologyComputersEthical Hacking
Interatomic Screening
Words • 1232
Pages • 5
XPS uses soft X rays (200-2000eV) radiation to examine core levels. It is based on a single photon in/electron out process. "Photoelectron spectroscopy involves the ejection of electrons from atoms or molecules following bombardment by monochromatic photons", (Hollas, J. M. , 1998, p426). X rays are used to remove the core electrons. The photon is absorbed by an atom in a molecule or solid, leading to ionization and the emission of a core (inner shell) electron. This can be represented…...
Advanced TechnologyNatureTechnology
Product Review Hoover Air Bagless Upright Vacuum
Words • 827
Pages • 4
WHO WOULD BUY THIS? Even though stick vacuum cleaner are becoming less popular  in apartment households for the obvious reasons of being  less storable and compact , the Hoover name  is always worth mentioning. Some people just prefer pushing the dirt off the floor , instead of "wanding it" away in space age mode. Having appropriate gadgets to clean spaces is  a good point of discussion. This is a bit like comparing using an industrial gadget for household purposes and…...
Advanced TechnologyCleanlinessTechnology
Secure Way of Storing Birth Certificate
Words • 2207
Pages • 9
ABSTRACT With the advancement of technology in modern era everything needs to be digitalized to make it more secure and reliable. Nowadays birth certificate is the only proof of age and basis of all the important document identities like Birth Certificate, Aadhar card, Pan Card, Passport etc. So identifying the correct birth certificate of any person is a major challenge. As a part of my M.Tech project work we have developed an efficient and more secure way of storing birth…...
Advanced TechnologyBirth ControlComputersTechnology
Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR)
Words • 2404
Pages • 10
Abstract Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) can be used to combine with an outcrop based facies analysis to analyze a 3D facies picture of subaqueous (meaning formed underwater) fan and delta deposits. These sedimentary systems in this studied location of Northern Germany were deposited in the Middle Pleistocene era. Two genetically distinct depositional environments formed on the northern side in front of a retreating ice sheet. They are Bornhausen deltas with a high-angle deposition on a steep delta slope, and Forest beds…...
Advanced Technology
Nanotechnology in the Advanced Drug Delivery System
Words • 1408
Pages • 6
Introduction: Nanotechnology has become revolutionized approach in the advanced drug delivery system in recent years. It is the science that formulate the nanoparticles of specific size range 1-1000nm of diameters. These particles reveal such characteristics that are closely related to their features. In recent times nanoparticle production is successful tool to overcome the problems that are common side effects of other drug delivery systems like instability, degradation of active ingredient, toxic effects, inadequate absorption and poor biological activity. (Conte. R…...
Advanced Technology
Enlargement of New 3-dimethylaminoanisole (3DMA)
Words • 1032
Pages • 5
The present work attention on the design and enlargement of new 3-dimethylaminoanisole (3DMA) derivatives in alternate Donor-Acceptor (D-A) structure for solar cells applications. Six molecules based on 3DMA combined with the electron-rich benzene and triphenylamine units have been investigated using the DFT and TD-DFT methods with B3LYP functional implemented with 6-31+G(d, p) basis set. These results indicate that the extension of pi-conjugation can efficiently improve the absorption intensity. The absorption spectra red-shifts is because the increased ?-spacers significantly destabilize the…...
Advanced Technology
Microstrip Patch Antenna
Words • 1581
Pages • 7
Abstract In this project, the efficient design of circular-shaped microstrip patch array antenna for Ultra Wide Band applications is been proposed. In the recent era, microstrip patch antenna plays a vital role as they are found to be immensely useful due to its compact nature, easy integration and its lightweight. UWB systems are popular because of their larger bandwidth and power management efficiencies but the design of UWB based applications requires low profile antennas. It has been found that circular…...
Advanced TechnologyCertificationTechnology
Advanced Technology in the Agriculture
Words • 1785
Pages • 8
Abstract Climate changes and rainfall has been erratic o ver the past decade. Plants required good climatic condition for his optimal growth . Due to the changes in climate changes the yield of crops is been reduced for long an year . To overcome this the automated agricultural assistant will guide us if any conditions fall out of the optimal range. Aim of the project is to assist the farmers to improve agricultural practices using the image processing technique. High…...
Advanced TechnologyAgricultureCotton ginPesticides
Smart Washroom Leaning System Using Image Processing and IoT
Words • 2803
Pages • 12
Nowadays, technology is developing day by day and at the same time, cleanliness is under risk. The abstract of this paper is to maintain cleanliness and hygiene washrooms. The scheme Swatch Bharat has been introduced by our government. In that scheme, one of the objectives is to keep the washroom cleaned. Hospital is one of the busiest areas and it is crowded all the time. It should be maintained clean and hygiene. In the hospital, there are many wards like…...
Advanced TechnologyCleanlinessHealthHygiene
Altered Images and Videos
Words • 1545
Pages • 7
In todays world photographs and videos have become an important source of information. These illusions play a big role in decision making. These decisions might be related to politics, business, social life, diplomacy or even warfare. In the past, these illusions have been the closest representation of reality (Macdonald, 2007). Alteration of images and videos existed since the early global wars. Armies used mannequins to inflate the army size and mislead the enemies. As technology evolved the use of image…...
Advanced TechnologyComputersPhotographyPhotoshopTechnology
Smart Monitoring of Agricultural Field
Words • 2478
Pages • 10
Smart Monitoring of Agricultural Field and Controlling of Water Pump Using Internet of Things In Today's world , automation is preferred in every sector .Automated systems being more flexible to use, offers high accuracy and reliability in long term operations as compared to manual operated systems. The Problems faced by farmers in the agricultural system are of great concern these days. Our work is an attempt to implement automation for control of electrical motor or pump used in agriculture domain.…...
Advanced TechnologyAutomationTechnology
Smart Equipment Monitoring
Words • 2657
Pages • 11
ABSTRACT In our daily life we use electricity for different purposes, but we know most of people are waste the electricity. This system will be used to save electricity in efficient way in most of schools and agencies where so many people are doing study or work , but some of them leave their class or office without switching off lights and fans , from this we got idea to make a project that automatically switched off lights and fans…...
Advanced TechnologyElectricityElectronics
Conceptual Smart Watches
Words • 1375
Pages • 6
Abstract Conceptual Smart watches offer a one of a kind chance to sanction universal learning situations. The different implicit sensors in these watches give logical data that can be specifically consolidated into pervasive learning structures. This paper introduces the structure and usage of a wearable appraisal stage dependent on the Samsung Gear S2 Smart Watch. Executed utilizing the IoT MQTT convention, this stage enables the framework to consequently buy in to and distribute inquiries to understudies dependent on their present…...
Advanced TechnologyCompanyTechnologyTime
Smart AI Glass
Words • 1288
Pages • 6
Abstract We are going to make Smart AI glasses which will implement the concept of Augmented Reality. It will allow us to use our smartphone activities without having the actual smartphone, instead, we will be wearing glasses through which we will be able to communicate, surf over the browser and perform various activities without using our hand. It is a modern-era concept that delivers huge comfort and a different computing experience. Introduction The purpose of this document is to gather…...
Advanced TechnologyInnovationProblem SolvingScienceTechnology
PRODUCT REVIEW : Miele Dynamic U1 Maverick
Words • 931
Pages • 4
Who Would Buy This? This is possibly the most sophisticated cleaner in the range we are presenting a heavy duty apartment vacuum cleaner. It is designed specifically for heavily- used , dense carpeting in apartments. It boasts a rotating brush which deep cleans the most robust dirt. It is a linear vertical model with a handle and electrocbrush control, which permits the most rigorous cleaning tasks. It is equipped with three high-end accessories on the back- an upholstry nozzle, a…...
Advanced TechnologyApartmentsCleanlinessTechnology
Exceptional Properties of Metamaterials
Words • 470
Pages • 2
This word is a combination of "meta" and "material", Meta is a Greek word which means something beyond, altered, changed or something advance as presented in Sihovola (2007).In a precise way, Metamaterials can change their electromagnetic properties to beyond something that can be found in nature. Metamaterials are fabricated from assemblies of multiple elements formed from composite materials. Metamaterials arrive the properties not from the base material, but from their newer designed structure. Their precise shape, geometry, size, orientation and…...
Advanced TechnologyDevelopmentDevelopment Of TechnologyPhysicsProperty
As technology has advanced so have the multiple medical device systems used
Words • 1323
Pages • 6
As technology has advanced, so have the multiple medical device systems used to monitor patients for potential problems, contributing to the noisy hospital environment. Nurses have become overwhelmed with a multitude of beeps, buzzers and alarms. Various devices including bed alarms, infusion pumps, cardiac monitors, ventilators, vital-sign machines, sequential compression devices and many others, have audible alarms for competing for attention that desensitize nurses to the urgency of alarm response. Although healthcare monitoring devices are supposed to improve patient safety…...
Advanced TechnologyDeviceHealth CarePatient
Accounting Advanced Packaging Technology (M) Bhd.,
Words • 2428
Pages • 10
Advanced Packaging Technology (M) Bhd., previously known as Goyo Corporation (M) Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in 1982 and is based in Bandar Baru Bangi, Malaysia. It manufactures and distributes high-quality flexible packaging materials to both local and overseas markets but focuses mainly in Malaysia. The current main Board of Directors consist of Datuk Ismail bin Ahmad (Chairman), Tjin Kiat at Tan Cheng Keat (Managing Director) and Yeo Tek Ling (Finance Director). To keep up with this ever-changing world, Advanced Packaging…...
Advanced TechnologyBankBusinessCreditPlastic
Using Wrapping Technique
Words • 1361
Pages • 6
In present days, the technology has taken new high-level standards in the Construction. Different types of materials, methods and methodology has been used for Concrete in constructions. The use of Bacterial E-waste concrete is a new technology which can provide ways for low cost high strength durable structures. The management and recycling of E-waste is rapidly growing as it is a valuable resource of IT industries and it is very hazardous substances and with low recycling rate. The utilization of…...
Advanced TechnologyBiologyCivil engineeringCuisinesEnvironmentMaterials
Advanced Medical Technology Solution
Words • 513
Pages • 3
Would you, as Mr. Winter, recommend a loan to AMT? If so, on what basis? As Mr. Winter, I would recommend a loan to Advanced Medical Technology Corporation (AMT). There are several reasons why I would recommend a loan to AMT. The biggest factor is this company is still in the growth / infancy stage of its life cycle. They have invested large amounts of capital into the research and development, and marketing of its products, and it is too…...
Advanced TechnologyBusiness
Dc Motor Principle of Operation
Words • 970
Pages • 4
Principles of operation In any electric motor, operation is based on simple electromagnetism. A current-carrying conductor generates a magnetic field; when this is then placed in an external magnetic field, it will experience a force proportional to the current in the conductor, and to the strength of the external magnetic field. As you are well aware of from playing with magnets as a kid, opposite (North and South) polarities attract, while like polarities (North and North, South and South) repel.…...
Advanced TechnologyForceMechanical EngineeringPhysicsTechnology
Battlefield Unmanned Aerial Systems UASs
Words • 1297
Pages • 6
In today’s battlefield unmanned aerial systems (UASs) also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), remotely piloted vehicles (RPVs) or drones are the United States Department of Defense’s most controversial defense weapon to date. Many US top commanders and expert in military history, intelligence, and international security, says that unmanned aerial systems or UAS, as experts call them, are the most important new military technology in the twenty-first century since the intercontinental ballistic missile. With the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) writing…...
Advanced TechnologyArmyMilitarySocietyTechnologyTerrorism
A Virtual European Marketplace
Words • 3533
Pages • 15
Marie Jeanne Becaus-Pieters’s initiative to create a virtual European marketplace for trading fish may be considered salutary as it provides equal chances to all participants and helps Northern supply meet Southern demand, at the same time. This idea subscribes to the electronic trend that businesses increasingly embrace nowadays because of several reasons among which time is one of the most important. Thus, businesses have essential information at a mouse-click’s distance and therefore they do not need to travel to a…...
Advanced TechnologyAnimalBusinessBusiness ManagementCareerCustomer
Telecommuting or telework
Words • 2142
Pages • 9
Telecommuting or telework allows employees of a company to work from home or any other remote location other than an office. Telecommuting requires employees to be able to access all of the computer applications they have available to them at work in order to perform their jobs adequately. The company should provide Internet access to employees at their homes and make sure they have the appropriate equipment to run and access company provided software. While some experts argue telecommuting is…...
Advanced TechnologyCall Center JobsEconomicsEmploymentInternet
Verification vs Validation
Words • 2120
Pages • 9
Confirmation ensures that the system (software, hardware, paperwork, and workers) adheres to a company's standards and procedures, counting on evaluation of non-executable techniques. Validation physically guarantees that the system runs according to strategy by performing the system operates through a series of tests that can be observed and examined. Confirmation responds to the concern, "Did we develop the ideal system?" while validation addresses, "Did we construct the system right?" Confirmation needs numerous kinds of reviews, including requirements evaluations, design evaluations,…...
Advanced TechnologyBusinessComputersEngineeringManagementProject Management
Huawei’s Core Competencies
Words • 2562
Pages • 11
Facing the China’s Telecom Equipment industry double-digit grow and becoming the largest telecom market in the world, all leading firms in each subsectors of Global telecom equipment take this opportunity to invest in china. Huawei, a Chinese challenge, was starting its challenge to Cisco insurmountable leadership position in international telecom equipment industry. Besides, to succeed its challenge Cisco in this industry, Huawei’s needed to show it pin-point company strategy on its capabilities and core competencies, generic competitive strategy framework and…...
Advanced TechnologyBusinessCompanyCompetitionCompetitive AdvantageInnovation
The Feed Resource Recovery
Words • 1137
Pages • 5
The Feed Resource Healing concept is basic; to offer grocery store and dining establishments with an onsite waste processing system that transforms formerly disposed of food waste into a source of renewable resource and organic fertilizer. Having an excellent idea is just the beginning, to take this to the marketplace they will have lots of concerns to conquer. Opportunities Issues Time is constantly a concern for brand-new organisation, however in this industry it is a little bit more vital because…...
Advanced TechnologyBusinessEconomicsEntrepreneurFinanceRenewable Resources
Applications of Augmented Reality
Words • 463
Pages • 2
Computer and innovations connected to computer systems have actually entirely altered the face of the world and have actually made a number of things possible that could not even be dreamt of. One such feature that computers have brought forward is the development of a virtual world. Not just can computer systems assist in the development of a virtual world but can even result in the expansion the reality with different computer system related sensory inputs and innovations. The genuine…...
Advanced TechnologyAdvantages And Disadvantages Of ComputersComputersInnovationPersonal ComputerPhilosophy
Microelectronic Pill – Advanced Technology
Words • 985
Pages • 4
ABSTRACT The invention of transistor made it possible for the very first use of radiometry capsules, which utilized simple circuits for the internal study of the gastro-intestinal (GI) tract. They could not be utilized as they might transfer only from a single channel and also due to the size of the components. They likewise suffered from bad reliability, low sensitivity and brief life times of the devices. This caused the application of single-channel telemetry pills for the detection of illness…...
Advanced TechnologyElectricityElectronicsTechnologyWikipedia
Wii Case Analysis
Words • 283
Pages • 2
The demand for the Wii console is relatively elastic because it has close substitutes which are the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and consumers will tend to shift to others if the price of Wii console increases or if it happens that there is no availability left for it after its first hot lunch. The supply for the Wii console is relatively elastic because the quantity to be supplied is determined through the price. Also in most markets, it is…...
Advanced TechnologyDemandVideo Game
Welding Process Report
Words • 1654
Pages • 7
Fusion welding is defined as a welding process of using heat by melting the base of metals in order to joint similar types of metals together. Filler is used in this welding process to provide bulk and strength to the welded joint [1]. Whereas non-fusion welding which is known also as solid state welding is a welding process where a particular amount of heat is applied to the joining metals which essentially below the melting point of the base metals…...
Advanced TechnologyChemistryTechnologyWelding
Role of Advanced Technology in a Jail
Words • 438
Pages • 2
Every new experience that we encounter matters and contributes to our personal growth. As such, each of these experiences count especially if it happened in a place that is unusual for me. One of the incidents that I will never forget is the time when we visited the Arlington County Sheriff’s Office. Arlington County Sheriff’s Office is one of the most technically advanced detentions in Virginia with direct supervision facility. It is said to be the first “urban high-rise” prison…...
Advanced TechnologyPrisonPsychology
The Computerized System
Words • 667
Pages • 3
Introduction This chapter entails the theories and terminologies used by the proponents to build and design the computerized system. A theoretical framework is a collection of interrelated concepts. A theoretical framework consists of concepts together with their definitions and existing theories that are used for your particular study. The Theoretical Framework must demonstrate an understanding of theories and concepts that are relevant to the topic of the research. [THEFR] The Purpose of Point of Sale System with Inventory System for…...
Advanced TechnologyComputersFrameworkOperating SystemSoftwareTechnology
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How can Nanotechnology be used to Reduce Pollution Worldwide? 
...It could also potentially help the atmosphere making the air we breathe safer for humankind. However the potential impact on human health also needs to be strongly considered and more heavily researched before nanotechnology is implemented into every...
What Are the Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing?
...In conclusion, cloud service act on numerous services we all use in a daily basis. This technology will continue to expand and grow. The advantage of using cloud technology outweighs the disadvantage, like everything else, there are pros and cons, wh...
Technology in Agriculture: How Has Technology Changed Farming?
...Modern Farms and agricultural operations work far differently than those a few decades ago, primarily because of advancement in technology. According to Ramey (2012), technology played a big role in developing the agriculture industry.” Crops have ...
Who Is A Muckraker?
...To think that skill can be supplemented by cheating and lies sickens the heart. The media’s job revolves around uncovering lies and protecting the sanctity of sports. Muckraking, an old synonym for worthwhile journalism, breathes life into the only...
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