A muckraker is known to be an individual who “searches pit and publicly exposes real or apparent misconduct of a prominent individual or business. ” The issue on whether a muckraker goes too far in their trivial pursuits or if they expose a just amount of lies can be debated. Muckrakers are responsible for many moments in history, in which government and/or businesses have been taken accountable for corruption in the United States. These brave journalists are one of the only people left that can police powerful industry leaders and even the government itself.

In almost every case, journalists who expose such misconduct do not go too far. Their actions bring down corrupt politicians, criminal business leaders, and cheating athletes. Politicians have a history of corruption. Clearly the most historically publicized event involving media revealing corruption is the Watergate Scandal. The Watergate Scandal is an important event of history that was documented by muckrakers and subsequently led to the president of the United States resigning.

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President Nixon was a paranoid man with many insecurities.

He ordered the installation of cameras and recording devices into the Watergate hotel to record the conversations of other political parties. They were eventually caught and he was publically sabotaged. His political career was ended quicker due to the constant investigation on the issue by the truth-seeking journalists of his time. The blatant hypocrisy of the government would have gone on without public awareness. It should be a crime in and of itself to simply let them go unpunished.

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Muckrakers play a valuable role in bringing down corrupt politicians.

Political corruption pales in comparison to business corruption. Wealthy CEO’s commit any crime necessary to remain so. The Enron corporation scandal revealed by the media displays this belief vividly. Facing bankruptcy, the people in power at Enron unhesitantly sold off all their shares for millions, while the shareholders and employees suffered. With a criminal and selfish crime of such magnitude, it was nothing short of civic duty to expose them. Muckrakers should not be labeled shamefully of expose “too much” when it leads to the exposure of the greed of the industrial complex n America. Sport records are broken daily, which leads to a sense of unimportance. Nonetheless, certain records held in high esteem that dare every elite player to attempt surpassing. Home runs happen to be one such record, and steroid use of those in its pursuit is not news. Yet when Barry Bonds happened to succeed in breaking the record, a closer examination into his medical records proved his intake of steroids. Although no hard evidence came about, the scandal surrounding these events displayed to anyone with common sense and morals that the record still stands.

To think that skill can be supplemented by cheating and lies sickens the heart. The media’s job revolves around uncovering lies and protecting the sanctity of sports. Muckraking, an old synonym for worthwhile journalism, breathes life into the only regulatory system in existence. Through exposing the greed and fallacies of corruption in America, muckrakers should not be considered to go “too far” in their mission for truth. By showing the world the dishonesty of their government, business and sports, they bring new insight to the common man.

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