Role of Advanced Technology in a Jail

Every new experience that we encounter matters and contributes to our personal growth. As such, each of these experiences count especially if it happened in a place that is unusual for me. One of the incidents that I will never forget is the time when we visited the Arlington County Sheriff’s Office. Arlington County Sheriff’s Office is one of the most technically advanced detentions in Virginia with direct supervision facility. It is said to be the first “urban high-rise” prison that is run and managed with direct management and control.

It is frequently visited by Correlations Officials from all over the world.

Its architectural design appears to be a non-jail establishment which conceals the extensive high tech security system (Arlington Virginia, 2008). Being inside the said Detention Center allowed me to experience mixed emotions–mixed in a sense that my heart held certain emotions such as fascination, admiration, happiness, fear and something else which I cannot explain. I was fascinated by the facilities and the high-tech security that camouflage with the architecture of the building.

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It provided me an assumption of how well and sound the prisoners are guarded and supervised. I admired the advanced technology within it.

I was happy because I have experienced being inside the facility and observe the cops and the violators. Furthermore, no matter how positive some feelings might seem, my heart fondled fear because of the judgment that dominated inside my head with regards to the offenders. I was somehow scared but I remained to be calm and composed.

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The Arlington Detention Facility takes hold the principle of Direct Supervision. It means that the detention center is focused on the empowerment of their staff members and education of the inmates with regards to independence, self-reliance and real life skills so that there would be a decrease of recidivism.

Moreover, the Detention’s greatly educated and trained staff triumphantly supervises the inmate population which is roughly 625 (Arlington Virginia, 2008). The overall experience inside the edifice is great. The way I crafted pictures in my head about it is very much different from what I have seen. I have not imagined that it looks like a dormitory because jails for me are composed of prison bars; however in there, the building is made up of rooms with a door and not with prison bars.

This experience altered the way I view prisons. Nevertheless, low tech detention centers need not to be compared with it as long as their staffs supervise the violators properly and effectively. But it cannot be denied that high tech securities are definitely of great help to the detention’s supervision management.

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Role of Advanced Technology in a Jail

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