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Law abiding citizen movie review

Overall the film was well worth my time. It was full of action and suspense. The quality of the film, to me, was superb. Everything from the acting, set, music, to the script, and the costumes were spot on. This movie opened my eyes to some of the things our justice system needs to greatly improve on. I enjoyed the well thought out storyline and how everything unfolded. It kept my attention and ke...

Jose Rizal Movie

Rizal, a brave and a man of his word, was never afraid whatever theconsequences he may suffer because of his writings that are against the friarsand also to Spaniards. His goal was to free the Philippines from the unjustgovernment of Spanish colony.In summary, the movie talks mostly of Rizal’s life until his death and thecreation of his great novels. The actors and actresses who acted on the mov...

Are Professional Athletes and Actors Overpaid

Completely socialist societies have proven in history to be a failure. Typically there is a Darwin Effect of “Survival of the Fittest” which dominates. There obviously needs to be some middle ground here, but finding a solution is difficult. In this case of actors and athletes, I believe us as the consumer and their supporters have the power to control this huge inequality and disparity by sa...

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Dead Poets Society: Film Techniques

The director, Peter Weir, has used many techniques throughout the film to show Keating’s beliefs for his students to have independent views and live life to its fullest by being their sole mentor and inspiration. Keating caused Neil to open up to his identity to discover a love for acting and create the “Dead Poets Society” by being the leader in a way. Todd’s character during the film ch...

Drama Essay

Theatre is simply a mirror to our society; a reflection of our past wrongs and future endeavours with the aim of social comment and audience engagement. Both Cameron’s ‘Ruby Moon’ and Harrison’s ‘Stolen’ address contemporary Australian society content: whether it is the warped world of suburbia or our country’s mistakes, both employ dramatic and theatrical techniques and style to re...

Woman in Black theatre review

What really stood out for me was the exceptional use of such simple effects. In each scene the simplistic setting would not be able to portray a realistic one so a simple use of layering and only lighting what you want the audience to see, with the added accompaniment of sound effects would give the intended audience reaction the director (Robin Herford) wants. Sound is one of the fundamental elem...

Idealism vs Realism in International Relations

For idealists however war does not originate from one’s natural tendencies to acquire power, instead idealists see states organized around power politics as being responsible for creating an environment that facilitates warfare. Unlike realists, idealists identify other interests that propel human nature. In particular, Idealism holds the pursuit of wealth and the desire for peace as being just ...

Realism and Naturalism

And that is the true form that theatre should take. It doesn't have to be one way or the other, as the Realists and the Naturalists seem to think. True reality is a blend of both. And Chekov was the master of that form. He so cleanly blended the two ideas that it is impossible to separate them into separate places. And through this masterpiece of dramatic writing, Stanislavski's systematic method ...

Johnny Depp - A Philosopher Among Actors

Johnny Depp is renowned for his choice of movie roles. He does not simply work for the paycheck; he is truly pursuing his passion, and he has done it quite successfully. Roger Ebert, a well-known film critic, has called Depp "a modern Thoreau - a philosopher among actors." At the 76th Annual Academy Awards, Johnny Depp was recognized specifically for his success in taking part in only films that ...

Brecht and Stanislavski notions of acting

Another difference, which is small enough to be overlooked, is the fact that both Stanislavski and Brecht believed in ensemble acting and did not favour the 'star' system. Even so, it would seem that all of the actors were the 'stars' in Stanislavski's work, whereas the actors in Brecht's theatre were just a means of carrying across the verfremdungseffekt, which could be seen as Brechts 'star' in ...

Amadeus Movie Review

Overall, I give the movie 1 ½ stars, because the actors really knew their stuff but the plot wasn't all that entertaining. I think the best part overall was Mozart's laugh, and the soundtrack was really very enjoyable. I recommend this film to those who wish to learn more about Salieri, and not Mozart, because the movie doesn't really focus much on him. Rent this film if you have absolutely nothi...

Diary entry for a Shakespearian actor

When we are doing are play there is always a person called a prompter who stands off the stage and if we get our lines wrong or if we go to the wrong point on the stage. The prompter was a very important person because he was in charge of much more than lost lines and missed cues. He was in charge of the entrances and many other things. The prompter was especially useful because of the fact that t...

Movie Star

Simmons Probably had no point to saying who he thinks is great or not, but he wanted others to see that maybe there is no such thing as a movie star besides what we think is one at one point in time just to forget about him next year if hes not making any money. This whole essay, for me, served as a closer look into what Hollywood is really about and to think twice next time I get in an argument a...

The Movie Glory Genre Questions

It is a film that shows how two people who did not get a long come together at a time of need and become friends and respect each other. The story line is great and the actors portrayed the characters beautifully. 7. This movie in my opinion is better than band of brothers, the actors and characters really tried hard to get their role perfectly. The story line as well is very interesting; nothing ...

City Lights Movie Reflection

This film is unique because of the long shots and the little camera movement. Charlie Chaplin did a great job at telling a story, and he did so with using few quote screens, and used them only when they were completely necessary. The storyline is also very different in this film. The opening scene of the movie also was irrelevant to the plot, and was used as an introduction to the main character a...

A Place I Would Like To Visit

Also, almost all famous American actors and actresses live in Hollywood. Therefore if I visit this place I will probably have an opportunity to meet them, take autographs and even have a talk with them and ask them about their feelings during the film and after watching themselves in already-made films. Visiting Los-Angeles will have a lot of opportunities of meeting famous people. Moreover, Los-A...

The Pianist

Just as some people can stoop low beyond belief, so can others rise above expectations. In the end, the human spirit rises up against its adversity and that is the best effect of the film considering its genre. Szpilman’s point of view enables the audience to see the holocaust keenly without getting carried away by too much information or characters. References. Bordwell David and Thomson Kristi...

Sound In The Exorcist

This use of sound in a motion picture is a classic example of how this particular element of filmmaking can independently function to improve the movie-viewing experience and initiate a multi-sensory perspective that is beyond common concepts of what movies are. Such ingenious use of sound simply shows that the visual elements are not the only features in a film that contribute to the general view...

Seminar Play Analysis

He then told me how actors have a whole lesson on making realistic props such as alcohol. They have all these combinations of non-alcoholic drinks that when put together look very real. The last thing I really liked about the play was how accurate the costumes were for the actors. The professor maintained a professional but casual look, that is, when he wasn’t walking around in his robe! I reall...

Prepare a Character Part in a Play

By this external way, you will realise what your weak points are to improve more effectively. Finally, I am sure that you are totally ready for doing your part well. Taking all the above into account, we can see that prepare for a part in a play includes three stages which require you so much arduous effort. But it is not difficult at all if you have a real passion for acting the play and follow t...

Movie review on Kingdom of Heaven (2005)

Nevertheless, the movie is not a total frustration to the audience since the movie has undeniably almost perfect visual and technical factors. The portrayal of the medieval France and the city of Jerusalem was considered to be a brilliant technical accomplishment. Other characters such as Balian’s father (Liam Neeson), Tiberias (Jeremy Irons) and the king (Edward Norton) were successful in assum...

Celebrity Role Models

I think anyone will agree that, with her looks alone, Natalie Portman is a shoe-in for being a celebrity role model. That is, if that's the kind of thing you look up to. This hub goes more than physical attributes though, so what is it that makes Natalie Portman a prime candidate for the ultimate celebrity role model? Her brains. They say that smart is the new sexy, and if that is true, then this ...

Hiv Film Reaction Paper

Gil tries to keep the real reason that very hard moment. Until one day he was awakened to what Ivy has told him that she wants him to give voice to the victims of the disease then Gil ended up deciding to be just one of the subjects who would complete the story. He appeared on cam telling his audience that the documentary is about the story of the people who are trying to live despite having HIV a...

Opening Scenes of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night

However the opening scenes are mainly a way to introduce characters and therefore do not hold many events which show dramatic comedy and the scenes involve more farcical comedy and dramatic irony, the exaggeration of characters and events is the main humour behind the play. Comic confusion also is a major factor of the audiences humour at the beginning of the play as Viola dresses as a man this di...

The Story of Soraya M. Film Review

We see unruly mobs in some places, burning vehicles, stoning buildings, and thrashing people, occasionally killing too. It seems to me that if these same people were raised in similar conditions, they would gladly stone a helpless woman to death if they were told that it is the right thing to do. The movie obviously did brought up questions to me because it is a very real story that is still happe...

The Power of Fallacy in Advertising

Ad hominem is a type of fallacy that people are accustomed to. It's basically the kind of fallacy that seems to be around for ages even before the word itself was invented. Generally, people subconsiously practice it everyday without even knowing it, therefore it's easier for them to apply it in everything that they do. Reference (2006). Ad hominem. Retrieved February 26, 2008 from http://dictiona...

Film Analysis of The Lady Eve

First is “humor”, I personally like the film on its humorous scripts which every funny scene are depictions of superb humor that brings me to laughter. Secondly, I personally like the movie because of its profound portrayal of comedy, on which every scene is a depiction of humor that at any moment funny thoughts will pop out in the script. After all, the movie Lady Eve is film filled with clea...

The movie Iron Man 3

In conclusion, the third and final movie of Iron Man's trilogy has as much action and as realistic acting as the first two movies of the trilogy, its also more humorous, the plot is much more thrilling than the first two movies. The whole movie is better in most of its aspects than its previous movies, however, it can be confusing in some scenes like when characters talks about “The Avengers”o...

My Passion and Pet Peeve

Watching movies and driving cars can both be entertaining. But then it depends upon the person who is doing it. I am passionate about movies because I can put myself on the shoes of the character I like most and learn more about life. On the other hand every time I pass by the streets of Los Angeles and see reckless driving, my hormones rages and wanted to curse my greatest pet peeve: reckless dri...

Sarung Banggi Indie Film

Although there really no penetration that happened in the movie but I think the story and the concept is worthy enough to tag it as obscene. It is rated R-13 that is restricted only for 13 years old and above. The concept and the plot are not suited for very young audiences. Although there is no full nudity happened but it has mature theme, mature dialogue and obvious sexual act, so, worthy to be ...

Hobby: Actor and Favorite Pastime

I am doing it since my childhood. While dancing I feel very comfortable, I am flying as if I have wings. Especially I feel so while dancing Arabic dances. Another hobby is to dry flowers and to make different bouquets. There are a lot of such bouquets in my flat. Also I like to present them to my relatives and friends. Also I like singing very much. But I am afraid to sing when there are other peo...

Jerzy Grotowski

Being a theater director, a theoretician, an educator, and a creator of acting methods is a great achievement. His ideas are very interesting and insightful. Most of his methods and philosophies are truly helpful to an actor. His thoughts on the actor-spectator interaction were the most fascinating to me. I had never thought of theater in that way before; therefore, he opened my eyes in learning n...

Theatre of Cruelty

Many young, skillful actors and actresses have considered taking up the cruel task of performing a theater of cruelty. These actors and actresses have been wanting to know if there were specific kinds of training or exercise that could help them improve their skills to be a better actor and actress for the theater of cruelty. I personally have to say, the exercises that have been described by Anto...

The Little Prince Play Reaction Paper

In conclusion, I am glad I attended this play and ended up enjoying it. I have been to a few plays throughout my life and this was probably the best of I have been to so far. In summary, I found out how popular this play really was and got to find and do some research on it to educate myself even more on this great novella. The story behind Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and how he was so much into avi...

The Goonies Review

The messages that the film conveyed was that in order to save something you cherish, you must work as a team and not by yourself. For example, the Goonies wanted to save the main character’s house, so they worked as a team to overcome obstacles in order to reach the treasure. In the end, they were able to save the house and developed a close relationship with each other. Therefore, it has been e...

Steve Harvey's Career

Harvey explains his current focus on family and charity: "I'm 53, I'm thinking about the responsibility of being a father, and my listeners, and I've just gotten to a place where it's got to be more than jokes. I know it sounds corny, but I'm starting really to think about my life in terms of 'What are they going to say about me?' Do I want it just to be said this guy was a king of Comedy? Well, i...

Fuddy Meers

They endowed many things on the set, most of the things looked pretty realistic. In the scene when Richard and his son go looking for Claire they used a paper joint to endow the marijuana they were smoking but they did not portray being under the influence as well as they could have. Usually people that smoke pot are really laid back and giggly with short term memory loss not knowing what their do...

Theatre in the age of Shakespeare

One must remember that at entertainment came from few sources, and with no modern technology, people had to create their own entertainment. Acting and the theatre did this well but also made the audiences think. The existence of these plays, to carry the audience through space and time suggests that Shakespeare needed and expected neither intervals, nor any music beyond a few bars when a character...

Stanislavski's System

However, who so ever have studied and have been trained in the Stanislavski System know that it is a diligent method that requires a lot of work, but also makes seem more effortless and believable. Stanislavski always told his actors to "leave your ego at the stage door as you come in" and those who intend to follow the Stanislavski System must know that it is not solely based on the actor himself...

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