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Finest Robin Williams Movies
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Robin Williams movies are among the finest one can get to see. The legendary comedian and actor who was born in 1951 enjoyed what was simply a very successful career that spanned more than 4 decades from 1972 to 2014 when he was tragically lost. Since making his debut in the 1977 film, Can I Do It... 'Til I Need Glasses?, Robin has come to appear in many more films, TV shows, and Broadway performances. In the process, he has…...
MovieRobin Williams
A Review of the Book and Film “Jumanji”
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Pages • 4
A review of the book and film "Jumanji" by Chris Van Allsburg. The story is set in Brantford, New Hampshire, 1969. Main Theme: One day, twelve year old Alan Parrish was riding down the main street when he hears "Prepare to die, Parrish!", he starts riding much faster, as Billy Jessup and four of his friends chase after him. Alan heads for his fathers shoe factory. He jumped of his bike and ran inside. Where he meets his friend, Carl…...
FilmRobin Williams
10 Inspirational Robin Williams Quotes
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Renowned for his otherworldly improvisational skills and Oscar-winning dramatic performances in films like Good Will Hunting, Robin Williams would've celebrated his 65th birthday on July 21, 2016.Williams’ passing came as a shock to fans, his publicist noted in a statement that “He has been battling severe depression of late.” He also notably struggled with drug and alcohol abuse throughout his career, having checked into rehab in early 2014.Even President Obama expressed his condolences. “He arrived in our lives as an alien -- but…...
Good Will HuntingQuoteRobin Williams
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Two Sides of the Same Coin from Suicide Issue: A Summary Analysis
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Pages • 5
Managed to spark a controversial debate among the readers, in 2014 The New Yorker published an article with the title of "Suicide, a Crime of Loneliness", which favor the author's cultural commentary on a reason that drives into suicidal actions. The author, Andrew Solomon, suggests that the inevitable loneliness is one of the lethal parts of adult life that can determine whether a trigger will be pulled or not in ending one's own life. Although loneliness indeed can be the…...
DiseaseHealthLonelinessRobin WilliamsSuicide
Dead Poets Society in Formalism Critique Approach
Words • 1450
Pages • 6
The Dead Poets Society is a 1989 American drama directed by Peter Weir and starring Robin Williams. Set at the conservative and aristocratic Welton Academy in Vermont in 1959. It tells an English teacher who inspires his students through his teaching of poetry. Dead Poets Society narrates a story about a teacher, Mr. Keating, and a group of students happened in a conservative preparatory school--Welton. It tells a brave reformation led by Mr. Keating invisibly which would change conformity to…...
Carpe DiemDead poets societyRobin WilliamsSociety
Depression Robin Williams
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Pages • 5
Depression Robin WilliamsAlberta FlennorydavisCourtney JonesCalifornia State Dominguez HillsPsychology 363 - 01December 11, 2018IntroductionNanu-Nanu are the famous words of the late Robin Williams, who played Mork on the 1978 television series Mork and Mindy. Robin was a well-known comedian/actor that made people laugh for over thirty years of his career on in show business. How is it that a man who spent most of his life putting smiles on the face of many, become depressed enough to end his own life?…...
Depression DisorderHuman NaturePsychologyRobin Williams
Film Analysis: The Bird Cage
Words • 1955
Pages • 8
In the year 1996, Mike Nichols decided to produce and direct the film version of the highly successful 1978 stage play La Cage Aux Follies. Geared towards the western tastes of the American audience, he called the movie The Bird Cage and presented the public with a hilarious yet informative movie about a gay man who fathers a son after an affair with a woman. The film showcases the brilliant talent of Robin Williams as Armand Goldman, father to Val…...
And The Band Played OnBirdFilm AnalysisRobin Williams
The American core values today
Words • 958
Pages • 4
As the world progresses and ages, its environment and its people also change. One of the many things that changes in human’s life is his perspective in life. In 1970, the sociologist Robin Williams enumerated and ranked the core values that he found to be the highest importance for the American people. In the recent study done by the Roper Polling Corporation in 1996 to 1999, the Americans ranked the value of protecting the family on top (American Demographics Magazine,…...
America TodayEducationHuman NatureRobin WilliamsValuesWorld Wide Web
“Good Will Hunting”: Cognitive Dissonance
Words • 608
Pages • 3
Will Hunting, played by Matt Damon, in the movie "Good Will Hunting" is the epitome of a psychological paradigm. He can be analyzed in so many ways, touching on many of the different fields of psychology. The most interesting thing about Will is the cognitive dissonance he goes through throughout the film. He is torn between these two cognitions, both of which contradict each other. One of these cognitions is the fact that he is an orphan from South Boston,…...
Emotional IntelligenceGood Will HuntingHuman NatureHuntingIntelligencePsychology
The Role of Humorists in Society
Words • 927
Pages • 4
Imagine a society where there is no humor or humorists. How would you deal with information if there were no humor or humorists? In many articles, YouTube clips, and movies that I have viewed such as deadly sins happening at a church bake sale by “The Onion”, the comedian Sebastian Maniscalco in “Doorbell”, and Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire show that they play a vital role in society by addressing information to the public that is happening right in front…...
HumorRobin WilliamsRole In Society As SisterSociety
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