A Simple Analysis about The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant

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“The Necklace” is a good instance to the manner of greed that all of people have at any or every time of their life. The writer settles this situation on the tale and characteristic of Mathilde Loisel who is the protagonist of the story. Moreover, we can think her as a representation of any person’s trait on the earth today. Although Mathilde has a natural beauty, she still wants more and more as she think to let herself feeling completed and desirable in the thoughts of people in the community.

She was born in an upper-middle class family which means that they are neither poor nor rich people in terms of possessions, and she assumes that there is no other choice to have a wealthy life if she does not marry with a rich man, but unfortunately, she can just have a marriage with a county attorney who has a low salary from his job and can not satisfy her about the life in her dreams.

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Even though he brings an invitation for her to a ball, she does not please with it, and makes the wish of a dress which can be proper to a ball, but when she gets the dress, she still does not satisfy, and this time, she makes the wish of a good looking jewel from one of her friend whose name is Madame Forestier. She is the most shining guest of the ball with the necklace which she get from her friend, but after the ball finishes, she realises that there is no jewel on her neck, and she loses the necklace.

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Although her husband and she search for it, they can not find, so they decide to compensate the price of necklace, and work for ten years in hard works and conditions.

Therefore, if we make an analysis about the conclusion by thinking the necklace as a real one, we can conclude that most probably the greedy manner of Mathilde causes ten years poverty of Loisels because she chooses the most priceless jewel if she does not, maybe her husband and she do not have to work for ten years in those conditions. Actually Mathilde has a narrow viewpoint and thought about her glory and power which can just came with the possibility of richness in money. Therefore, she has to bear with the conclusion of her greedy characteristic even she works so hard for a long time, she still does not have a life that she desire, but she becomes poorer and poorer.

Those hard years also take beauty of her and make her appearance older than her fellows. Furthermore, she puts her husband in a very difficult and stressful condition. By working three jobs, he tries to come up with the problem which is caused by eternal greed and mindless traits of Mathilde. Therefore, we understand that it is important to have a close look at the greedy personality of Mathilde in “The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant because everyone can cause a tragic fault because of this personality as Mathilde does. We will examine the greedy manners of Mathilde in two parts. Firstly,her greed against her husband, Monsieur Loisel,and secondly, her greed against her friend, Madame Forestier.

The greedy manners of Mathilde are appeared against her husband, Monsieur Loisel in many time in the house. For instance, Mathilde has a relax and comfy life, she has an employee and a lot of food on the shelves, but she wants more, and she is not pleased with what she has as a decisively greedy person. She has a life which is comfy enough to have one employee, but her wish is having two or three maybe. Moreover, she has lots of food on her shelves, but she is in dreams more delicate food and nutrition. Besides, she has a natural beauty, this is enough for a non greedy person, but she also wants more and more in beauty,as well.

Actually she is both greedy and narrow minded person because she thinks that appearance of a woman much more adorable with some precious jewels or such kind of things and fashionable dresses, so her greedy personality make her mind more narrow and thinks that actual beauty is provided with materialistic matters. Although her husband try to provide a good and comfy life for his wife by working in a difficult job, she does not appreciate, and thinks that she deserve much more than this condition. However, till the time she loses the necklace and put her husband and herself in difficult conditions and works to compensate the price of it, she does not know even the meaning of poverty, but now she understands how her greedy characteristic cause to a suffering conclusion.

It is realised the greedy personality of Mathilde in two times against her friend, Madame Forestier. Firstly, when she reaches her house, yet she wants her friend to show her several jewels for ball as we can see while a normal person wishes only one or two jewels, she wishes more than one because she thinks to choose the best one among those jewels, so we see her greed clearly. However, she does not satisfy with them. Secondly, she wants to see some more even so Madame Forestier is surprised to his greed and hunger, and when Mathilde sees the necklace, she is stunned with its magnificence appearance by unknowing it’s falseness.

To conclude, sometimes people try to reach their purposes, and want to success what they intend, many of them exaggerate the feeling of hunger like Mathilde. Unfortunately, with the story of Mathilde we see that she has to come up with the conclusion of her greedy characteristic, and she sacrifices her best identity, her beauty and her ten years age in return of her greed in materialistic possessions. Firstly, Mathilde does not satisfy with the invitation to the ball, and she wishes for a dress then she does not pleased only with her dress and wishes for a jewel from her friend. This is fault of her life because of her greed. If she was not still be greedy, she would not take the jewel,and there would be no loss of it. Therefore, if we do not pleased with our life or any possession, and even though, we are in a condition which any normal person can bear, we must not be greedy because we can come across with a negative end many times. Thus, it is better to be pleased with our life and what we have, and pray for them to our God.

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A Simple Analysis about The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant

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