Website Essay Topics

They need a plant information leaflet

Form of output: a leaflet the customer can take home. Information to be output:  A picture of the plant  The plant name,  Instructions for growing,  The garden centre’s name,  Address, phone number and logo.  Also there must be information about the opening hours, range of products and at least one garden photo. The data needed… View Article

The basic process

A very big part of the ICT section of the business is the website. The website is an open form of communication with internal and external factors. The performance of the business has rocketed since the introduction of the website www. boots. co. uk. It is used to communicate internally and externally. Internally staff can… View Article

Revlon website

Csikszentmihalyi (1975, p. 36 cited in Rettie, 2001) states that flow is the “holistic experience that people feel when they act with total involvement”. Further, Hoffman and Novak (1996, p. 57 cited in Rettie, 2001) believes that flow is something which can stick you through. Further, it is said that flow can be attributed towards… View Article

Topshop Transactional website

Topshop is a transactional website that specifically sells merchandise like clothes, shoes and accessories. The audience intended to shop at Topshop is varied between teenagers and middle aged women around 35 years old. As I navigated around the Site I believe that it would fulfil the needs of the audience with its wide variety of… View Article

Website copywriting

Welcome!             The Makati Educational Institute offers various programs that will prepare soon-to-be teachers to efficiently impart critical information to our future generation. We  prepare a person enrolled in our institute by developing his or her full potential. We employ a very modern, multi-dimensional and hands-on approach to education. We also ensure that our tranining… View Article

Website Review: “Strategic Management Society”

Introduction: This website review is about the Strategic Management Society. This society was founded in 1981 in its first meeting London. It was followed by second conference in Montreal in 1982. There are 459 founding members for this society. The society holds meetings in various parts of the world from North America to Europe. It… View Article

Website Review: “Strategic Management Club Online”

Introduction: Website Review: This website is targeted to graduate and undergraduate students of business policy management. The website is user friendly and has clearly defined sections. All the web links are working and website has impressive look and feel. This website provides guidance to the students to analyse various business policy cases, use strategic tools… View Article

Website Promotion

I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.   Albert Einstein =================================================================   Live in Style!   ==================================================================   Home Page   If the best place for you is your home then the best place for your home… View Article

Website Evaluation

The creator of the website http://www. nationalmssociety. org/index. aspx is the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS). NMSS was started in order to provide research and resources to those living with multiple sclerosis. Their philosophy is to create a movement inclusive of people with multiple sclerosis in an effort to move toward a world free of… View Article

Perfect Website

Nature of the website: Nicotine Anonymous is the official website of official website for Nicotine Anonymous World Service (NAWS). The site aims to help all each and everyone who wants to quit smoking tobacco and using other nicotine products. It basically provides support for everyone who wants to achieve liberty from nicotine addition- from those… View Article

Website Critique

A website is a collection of Web pages, images, videos or other digital assets that is hosted on one or several Web server(s), usually accessible via the Internet, cell phone or a LAN. Web pages are HTML document accessible via Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP), protocol used for display of text and images in client… View Article

Website design

Web design involves the creation and presentation of web contents that are hypertext. These are delivered to web end-users via the internet, by use of web browsers. The intent of designing the web is to create, present contents and interactive interfaces that are end user friendly. Media formats and plug-ins necessary in the site Several… View Article

Making a Website Accessible for Visually Handicapped or Blind Persons

Internet use open up the world for many individuals with disabilities, however, it contains barriers, especially for those with visual disability. This calls for a need for universally accessible web site. There are two types of visual disability, each with their own web site consideration and solution: partially sighted and blind. It is important for… View Article

Building a Website

The information on the internet cannot be retrieved without the use of interface domains called websites. These are the main access portals where a person may be able to acquire information online. There are several basic steps in building a website. Such process will enable a user or an institution to acquire a definite space… View Article

The website

The Usability. gov website appears very user-friendly, simple and enables the user to perform the activities mentioned. The user can easily follow and perform the tasks mentioned in the website. The user is very much satisfied whilst navigating through the website. The errors present on the website are minimal, and if removed could help to… View Article