Creating an Online Job Portal to Attract the Best Talent

What would our world do without the most gifted of people? To put it another way, how would modern man’s life be without the assistance of Google and Microsoft? Both organizations are known to employ only those people who have shown academic excellence in top-ranking universities. Google has vowed to hire only the most intelligence people. After all, the company values brainpower more than it would ever value experience (Google)! Microsoft, on the other hand, makes all of its prospective employees take a tough intelligence test that the average person would not even attempt.

In view of the fact that our modern-day existence depends on the creativity of geniuses, the information memorandum would present a proposal for the creation of a website that allows geniuses around the world to introduce themselves to employers who are searching for the best talent. Personnel Today claims that the World Wide Web happens to be the “first port of call for jobseekers (Web 2007). ” According to a study conducted by totaljobs.

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com, an online recruitment website, eighty percent of a total of 1,198 job seekers stated that they search for jobs online before looking anywhere else (Web).

At present, our world is holding “virtual job fairs” on the Net for the same reason (Agnvall, E 2007). What is more, even the U. K. government has decided to reduce its spending on recruitment by up to eighty percent by going online with its recruitment ads (Blow to papers 2007). In short, online recruitment is hot business. Besides, there is no dearth of creativity on the Internet.

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The World Wide Web is now the best place for geniuses to find employers who will make excellent use of their talents.

Thus, there should be a website created for intelligence testing and online recruitment that allows the test results of the most intelligent job seekers to be made accessible to employers. The job seekers who take the intelligence test – most certainly a standardized one – would not be charged for taking the test and filling out a form with relevant information about themselves. The employers, on the contrary, will be charged for accessing the test results and resumes of geniuses. Moreover, the employers would not have to go through the test results of all people who take the test on the website.

Rather, only the profiles of the applicants with superior intelligence would be made available to employers such as NASA, Microsoft and Google, who are genuinely interested in highly intelligent people. This would save the employers a great deal of time searching for the best talent. Organizations that desire to have an edge over competition would be willing to pay a high price for using the website not only for the sake of innovation that only the most creative people are expected to bring about, but also to reduce the cost of employing relatively unproductive and inefficient people.

The online recruitment website for geniuses would be truly unique. There is no online portal that can match its features and benefits, and therefore the website would face no competition to begin with. Moreover, by charging the employers high fees – in the range of 50 to 150 pounds – for contacting job seekers with superior IQ scores, the investor would surely be able to achieve high profits. Lastly, the world would experience an upsurge in innovations as a result of the online recruitment portal for geniuses.

REFERENCES Agnvall, E 2007, ‘Job fairs go virtual: using more realistic technology, more job seekers and recruiters are finding each other online,’ HR Magazine, 1 July. Blow to papers 2007: ‘Blow to papers as Govt culls job ads’ article in Campaign, 27 April. Google: ‘Google’s Organizational Culture’ article in ICFAI available at http://www. icmr. icfai. org/casestudies/catalogue/Human%20Resource%20and%20Organization%20Behavior/HROB041. htm. Web 2007: ‘Web’ article in Personnel Today, 2 October 2007.

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