Cursive Writing Essay

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Cursive Writing

Cursive writing is important because the tactile discipline involved in cursive writing is not found in any other writing forms. The student learns how to control writing tools which helps the learner master rules of formatting. When a student is able to follow rules, he will master creating his own set of values. Cursive writing that entails more hand and eye coordination helps the student use varying skills. Cursive writing also practices visual talent of the child.

With proper cursive writing, note taking which is a life skill will definitely be effective in helping the child transform into a productive adult of society. III. Practice writing of letters e, l, g, q and i will assume that the student has learned a, o, c and d. Words that can be formed from these letters, that can be practiced as well are; leg, eel, gel, quail, goal and glad. IV. Teaching activities that provide adequate modelling and oppportunities for practice. a. repeatitive cursive practice Cursive practice is often done using the lined paper with blue, red and blue lines.

The child follows a dotted line to practice the letters in the first line. The dotted lines disappear as the practice progress. b. writing non-words A fun way to practice cursive writing of letters is imagining words that do not have meaning and writing it alternately with a partner. The more words the student can think of given a set of letters, the more practice will be done in a fun way. c. filling in the blanks This practice entails preparing sentences with blanks. The words will be written by the student in curive format. References: Berninger, V., & Graham, S. (1998).

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