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Wal-Mart Organizational Structure Paper Essay

Paper type: Essay Pages: 5 (1130 words)

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As an organization Wal-Mart has grown into a global and multimillion dollar company in America and around the world. They have been at the top of the list for the fortune and global 500 for years. They make big headlines both good and bad. They are in the United Kingdom, China, and Brazil, and all over the world. Wal-Mart started its global market in 1991, where they opened up a store in Mexico City. The profits were not that good at the beginning because they opened the store using plans and strategies they use in the United States.

Those internal and external factors in globalization affected the four functions of management such as planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. It was a learning experience for the organization and they had to assemble different plans for more international stores.

When we think of technology in companies like Wal-mart, we think of marketing technology. With marketing technology, Wal-mart uses all functions of management. These functions had to be planned, organized, controlled, and their managers have to take the lead to convince or motivate the employees to carry out the marketing strategies in order for them to be effective.

For example, anybody can market a sale in their stores, but if it is not planned, organized, or controlled, the store will not meet the goals, which can include an increase in sales, or an increase in the amount of customers coming into the businesses.

When Wal-mart first started their business, they were clothing, small appliances, and home goods type of business. Through the years of their technology innovation, they saw how they can benefit from expanding their sales to food, pharmacy, sporting goods, and even an auto center. As they moved forward, they brought in private banks, eye care centers, nail salons, hair salons, and even a place for professional photos. Their careful planning and organizing helped them to become one of the largest retail stores not only in America but also nation-wide. Their strategies to make this happen were very successful because of the four function of management working well when they made these changes. Wal-mart is a perfect example of the way the four functions of management can work.

Not only work but also work effectively with organized planning, controlling the needed changes, and acquiring the right management in place to take the needed charge for it all to come together. Without technology and the four functions of management, Wal-mart would not be the successful business it is today. There are many internal and external factors that affect functions of management. When we speak of Diversity, which is a variety or range of different things, and we look at the Planning, organizing, directing, and controlling functions of management. An organization may look at hiring different ethnic backgrounds, ages, genders as well as focus on offering different types of services within the organization. Meeting the needs of the community will be very important for business to grow; therefore bi-lingual staff will be a plus.

Store location is a keen factor as well, so an organization may have greater opportunity in a location where there is no competition. Advertisement will come into play when organizing. What types of advertisements to use will have to be decided upon. Billboards, TV commercials, newspaper inserts, English/Spanish, or even flyers may be considered. There are also sales papers in every entrance of every store for customers to look through as they shop. The set-up of the store also falls under organizing, figuring out the layout of items and additional services like urgent care centers or nail spas. Directing and Controlling of an organization will depend mostly upon management.

Policies will be set on ways to encourage, motivate, and train employees. According to the Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, “Organizations need to make cultures that allow workers from various fields to succeed.” An organization needs to have policies in place that provide opportunity for everyone to improve. Targeting customers from different ethnicities and age are important as well as offering an array of product, designating adequate handicap parking spots, shopping carts, and motorized scooters. Customer surveys and employee job performance reviews are also a part of Controlling.

The ethics function will focus on the moral principles that govern a group’s behavior. Initially during planning, a company may be sure that items not appropriate for children are locked away, such as explicit CD’s or weapons. When organizing, customers are more likely to shop at a store where the staff is courtesy, kind, respectful, and helpful. The Directing and Controlling functions are monitored more so by management to ensure that policies are adhered to, and tracked for compliance. Excellent customer service will be a focus because happy and satisfied customers are return customers. Although as consumers, this is an area that many stores are losing their focus on. In Business Ethics: The Law of Rules, the author states “Rules have the greatest impact when they cause people to behave differently than they would have behaved in the absence of the rule.”

This would mean that if there is a policy in place for monetary incentives for the employee with the most customer service nominations, and more employees are trying to obtain the incentive, the “great impact” will be that more employees are exuding excellent customer service and more often. Though there are many other stores that offer the same items as Wal-Mart such as Target, K-Mart, Sams, owned by the same person. Customers like Wal-mart better because of the great prices and can do more at this one location; they can at the other similar stores. In conclusion, Wal-Mart is still the leading organizational business to this day, mixing the good with the bad situations that come about.

There are many internal and external factors that affect Wal-Mart, globally, technically, and ethically. Diversity and innovation also play roles in leadership and management. The reason I have chosen Wal-Mart as my topic for this assignment is that it is a great organization to research and discuss because of its popularity. Most of the family shopping is done at the local Wal-Mart. Clothing, Groceries, household items, pet supplies, and even my oil changes on the family car are done at Wal-Mart. After doing research I realized the effect that legal issues, ethics, and corporate social responsibility have on management planning. These are the reasons Wal-Mart has been at the top of the list for the fortune and global 500 for years.

Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory: Oct2010, vol. 20 Issue
4 p 867-886, 20p

Authors: Pitts, David W Heckling, Alisa Hawes, Daniel Melton, Erin Business Ethics: The Law of Rules

Ščeulovs, D., & Gaile-Sarkane, E. (2011). E-MARKETING FOR A COMPANY: EXTERNAL AND INTERNAL INFLUENCE. Economics & Management, 16947-953.

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