Leadership like the process of influencing others

Leadership is the process of influencing others. It is where a person can be able to get the support and assistance of others in order to achieve a common goal. Vision leadership is where a person can perceive something that do not exist that needs to be accomplished and influences people to participate in achieving it.

Before a leader can formulate a vision for a team or an organization, he must have a personal vision. If he lacks a vision for his own life he can not understand what a vision is and cannot help an organization or a team achieve its vision.

He cannot help the team to move forward. A personal vision starts by knowing what one wants in life and what one longs to be.

After creating a personal vision, a visionary leader will then have a corporate vision. It starts by having an idea or thought. The rule of thumb is that a corporate vision should not be so different with personal vision.

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This is because one cannot lead people in one direction while his own life is headed in another direction. A corporate vision should excite people. The vision should create a vision that people long to have for them be committed and support it fully. The vision should also stretch people from their comfort zone. It should help in developing people as they strive to achieve it. A good vision can be identified because of its simplicity in that it is easily understood and should include everyone.

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An example of a visionary leader is Steve Jobs the CEO of Apple Inc. he had a simple vision of making television sets simple and elegant. It was easy to understand it because he simply wanted to revolutionize them like he did with phones, music players and computers.

Through a vision, a leader can get lead people to greater heights. However, he must learn how to communicate his vision with others. He should be confident, eloquent and able to relate with his colleagues well. Vision is what sets apart good leaders from poor leaders


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Leadership like the process of influencing others

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