Factors influencing News editors’ decisions

Factors influencing News editors’ decisions


            News form an important part in the society because it helps in providing people with information as well as keeping people updated on events and happenings that are taking place across the world. The factors which I think news editors consider in making a decision include: Age of the targeted audiences. The editors have noted that the age group of those who read the Newspapers and those who watch TVs is different in that the older generation prefers written content unlike the younger generation who prefer visuals and audio which is available through television (Halan, 2009).

            Secondly, the difference in taste and preference of the audiences also affects the choice of news presentation by the editors. There are people who prefer a combination of the visual and audio (Islam, 2008). Therefore, the use of TV to present some news makes a greater impact than when the newspapers are used. Furthermore, news editors aim at being providers of exclusive news for their audiences.

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Therefore, to maintain exclusiveness with their news as compared to their competitors, news editors would choice an alternative that would make them exclusive to the audience(Halan, 2009). This will enable them to achieve higher sales in terms of newspapers or high viewing rate if they use the TVs.

            Finally, the other factor that I think may be an influence on the choice of news presentation, whether through a newspaper or television is whether the news is meant for international or the national audience(Islam, 2008). To reach a wider audience internationally or nationally, news editors would prefer a means that is easily accessible to majority of the targeted audience.

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            Therefore, in conclusion, it is my view that age, exclusivity, taste and preference of the targeted audience, and national or international interest that the news is aimed at form the factors that influence the decision of the editors. The end result is for them to achieve more sales, higher viewing rates as well as enhanced reputation.


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Islam, R. (2008). Information and public choice: From media markets to policy making. Washington, D.C: World Bank.

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Factors influencing News editors’ decisions

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