What factors affect people's choice of career?

The factors that influence one’s career choice have always been a controversial issue. There are numerous choices that are suggested but most common are education, individual factors, salary, location, personality, environment, legacy and more. First and foremost, what I put in my priority is personality, salary and education. It can’t be denied that one’s character is one of the biggest concerns when choosing a job. People are likely to pick a job for which they have a passion.

A love for one’s job can be a strong motivation, especially when working under great pressure or facing problems. Also a person’s education is also of great consideration when determining one’s career. With proper training, people would be able to do the job better, not only because they have the required background knowledge, but also for they feel more confident. Obviously, one’s career choice is under great influence of individuality and previous tutoring. Of course salary is one the most important choices in choosing a career.

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Since one would be working probably for the rest of his/her life, one should think of how to provide one’s needs.

In the second place, parental orientation holds no less importance. Obviously, family is an excellent source of advice on one’s career choice. Being with you ever since your birth, your parents fully understand your potential as well as personality, therefore they can offer you suitable suggestions. When taking advice from your parents, you have no fear of dishonesty.

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More notably, people are heavily affected by their family traditional job. Because of being raised in a working environment, one can easily develop a natural passion for the job. Parents also tend to guide their children to follow the job tradition, to make sure the family fortune is inherited by its member for example. With no doubt, parental guidance is a critical element in one’s career choice. Last but not least, social demand draws much of my attention.

Needless to say, jobs suiting the current trends are more preferable than the others. Selecting a job that satisfies the need of the people is very important. Not only does it allow one to contribute to the society more, it also enables one to make money more easily. They must ensure that they are capable of meeting the standards of the jobs, as well as the job they choose fits their living conditions and their own desires. For example, if one is married and does not want to be away from home, he or she would probably deny the position of a pilot.

By and large, public request must be of great importance when choosing a career. In conclusion, not only character and education, parental direction but also public demand are the important factors in one’s job selection. People should think a lot, discuss with people who knows your personality, who knows what you are good at very well. By the time you realize that you chose a wrong career maybe it could be too late to change and you have to live the rest of your life not satisfied with your life.

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What factors affect people's choice of career?

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