USA Essay Topics

USA Today December 8, 2008

The first article “Toxic Air and America’s School” talks about how the air that we breathe has been increasingly becoming toxic, which puts children studying in schools that are near areas that emit toxic substances to the air. Because of the growing concern, USA Today together with the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Johns Hopkins University in… View Article

Ethnic Differences in USA

The US is a diverse country racially and ethnically. The six recognized races are: white, American Indian and Alaska native, Asian, African American, native Hawaiian or other pacific islander, and a people of two or more races. Whites alone constitute 75% of the total population in the US according to the American Community Survey (ACS)…. View Article

Analysis of the documentary Harlan County, USA

I. SUMMARY OF FACTS The film’s central focus is the real-life documentation of a strike stages by miners in the Brookside Mine against Duke Power Company, a large energy company in the United States, for its alleged unfair labor practices, dangerous working conditions, and low wages. It also highlights the lack of response of the… View Article