A Comparison of Two Nations: Canada and the USA

Canadians and Americans are alike in many ways. From history it can be noticed that both nations are of European origin and that many of them speak English. Until recently, Canada and the United States had the nation’s longest undefended border. We can drive for miles through each other’s country without any obvious indication that we are in the other country until we encounter a Tim Horton’s donut shop, an Arco service station, or a national flag. However, there are differences.

Canadians are described as Americans without guns but with universal healthcare. This is certainly a hint at some of our differences. On gun control, Americans value their freedom more than social stability, while Canadians do the other way around. Canadians see universal health care as a moral issue for which we are willing to pay extra taxes to insure everyone. Americans are not. American society is much more aggressive and wants all its demands met at its convenience, always pressuring and pressurizing other countries to get what Americans want.

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Canada, on the contrary, is a mediator who negotiates and tries to come to an agreement with countries to meet Canada’s needs.

This gives Americans the rich bully stereotype and Canada the peacemaker stereotype. Now, apart from international reputation, there are obvious differences between Americans and Canadians. This is manifested in the world outlook and national pride. Americans are overconfident and they always get everything they want as if it is their God-given right. Americans also insist on being the center of attention, doing everything to be the coolest kid on the block.

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Given the facts, Canadian’s are very polite and just generally nice people. We don’t necessarily flaunt ourselves and try to get the world’s attention.

In the world of sports there are many differences. For instance, Americans are obsessed with red neck sports such as F1-Racing, baseball and football. This shows how easy it is to entertain the American people. To me it seems that most true Canadians love Hockey and CFL football. Often this is where you can see true pride at its best! When we play hockey were usually playing for the challenge. Unless, its vs. the Americans; then we play to win!

When observing the American society and comparing it to Canadas, in the United States, we see that there is a lack in education and morals, which can easily be seen through TV and the media. Also, American society is focused on mass industrialization. Canadas infrastructure is very different due to its smaller population. Canada is very industrialized, but we also tend to focus on other issues concerning agriculture, education, the environment and healthcare to provide our people with sustainable society.

Americans and Canadians do have many similarities, but they also have many differences. Just because we live beside each other doesnt mean our attitudes, tastes, sports and infrastructure are the same. For they are two totally different countries with different views and opinions. The stereotypes are not necessarily true for all people in either country; yet, through what you have read, this is how the world has stereotyped each country. Canadians are viewed as the polite and nice peacekeepers, while the Americans are seen as highly powerful militarized world power, using its power to get what they want.

In conclusion, physically we both may look alike, but our views, societies, atmosphere and pride can clearly define who we are!

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