Unity Essay Topics

Unity Is Strength

Dear student the topic i am going to discuss is unity is strength. We all know that unity is the basic factor to build a strong nation. we can see the example of unity even in insects like ants, they work in a group and do their work more than forty times as compare to… View Article

The Answer of Unity

In “Letter from a Birmingham Jail,’ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. forms a rational and well grounded argument for direct action, non-violent civil rights campaigning in the specific context of the open letter “A Call for Unity. ” Through both form and function, Dr. King fleshed out the reasons for his approach with the hope… View Article

Advantages Disadvantages of Game Development

?Advantages: Great community support Amazing third party solutions for Audio and Physics Build to multiple platforms is easy Easy to find C# programmers Loads of high quality plugins and scripts available very cheap Large audience for selling scripts and content through the store Disadvantages: It’s not free, although it is cheap iPhone app size Unity… View Article