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Unity Essay Examples

Essay on Unity

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India: unity in diversity

understood that all of us have multiple identities religious, linguistic, cultural, regional and caste identities. No one can claim single identity. One who demands single identity i.e. national identity does not recognize the reality but during India 's struggle for freedom no one thought in that manner they just thought of India 's independence. Modern India presents a picture of unity in divers...

Promoting national unity in Malaysian public schools

Among the government educational policies built on the educational reports, the national language, common curriculum, standardised syllabus and examinations and national schools have always been tools of unity. Such policies have been effective and workable throughout the first 50 years of the nation’s independence. However, the idea of integration has somehow progressed further according to th...

Unity in diversity skit

In this play Bhawna is playing the role of a Sushma who belongs to Uttar Pradesh, Ghazal who is playing the role of Kaveri belongs to Bihar, Stuti who is playing the role of Aparajita Ghoshal belongs to Bengal, Rashi who is playing the role of Barkha belongs to Rajasthan, Sumit who is a Maharashtra boy Baburao Ganpatrao, Shreyans a Punjabi boy Daljeet Singh, Sakshi a Punjabi girl Jaspreet Kaur, Mi...

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Nepal Unity in Diversity

The idea and related phrase is very old and dates back to ancient times in both Western and Eastern Old World cultures. The concept of unity in diversity was used "in non-Western cultures such as indigenous peoples in North America and Taoist societies in 400-500 B.C.E. In pre-modern Western culture it has been implicit in the organic conceptions of the universe that have been manifest since the a...

The Role of the Youth in Establishing Unity in a Diversified Multicultural Society

We believe that it is important to recognize young people’s own contribution to promoting respect and understanding and fostering dialogue among people of different backgrounds. With teenage unemployment soaring, young people can no longer influence the world with their wallets. As student protests began exploding across the globe this fall, we felt compelled to connect our work to these burgeon...

Achieving Excellence through Unity

But sometimes we failed ; we failed to teach one another the competence we need. We are untrained in excellence which makes a man passionately desire to be a perfect citizen , who knows how to rule and to obey with justice and wisdom. Now , whom can we blame ? To whom will we point our fingers ? - TO NO ONE – but to ourselves. Yes , we are . Ask me why? It is because we are part of each other's...

The important of unity in Malaysia

The visitors would like to identify more closely with the Malaysian culture of various races and religion which can live harmony under one society. The presence of the visitors to Malaysia has led to the development of tourism industry and hence increases the nation income. Another importance of unity in Malaysia is the development of economic. The stable of political in Malaysia due to the unity ...

DBQ-American identity and unity

“The Origin and Progress of the American Revolution to the year 1776” advocates that the weak minded people were being taken advantage of by Revolutionary leaders in the ‘Arts of Deception’ (Doc F). Loyalists stood by the traditional methods of their mother country, but weren’t as publicly apparent, fearing ridicule by those who have been led to think that the Loyalists were evil. These ...

The Constitution: Unity or Disunity?

The Constitution has been considered genius because it is simply a series of compromises that make it acceptable to many. However, its vagueness, which has allowed it to mutate and take new form for almost 250 years, has also led to many disputes about its interpretation. The main constitutional concern in the years before the Civil War is whether or not states could invalidate acts of the federal...

Colonial unity and identity in America

In 1775, the Second Continental Congress met in Philadelphia. All 13 colonies were represented. They met mainly to make preparations for war with Britain, but they did not meet to declare independence. Even this late, they did not intend to seek independence until Britain essentially forced them to do so through the Prohibitory Act. George Washington was appointed Commander-in-Chief of the Army....

DBQ on identity and unity of the colonies

One of the most powerful examples of unity was in a letter from Richard Lee to Arthur lee 24 February, 1774. "...all N. America is now most firmly united and as firmly resolved to defend their liberties ad infinitum against every power on Earth that may attempt to take them away..." (Lee,1). Richard Lee is sure that the colonies will fight to the end. He talks about the extraordinary unity of the...

Unity Is Strength

At that point their rivals overcame them and many muslim soliders were killed. This all happend just because of their greed and lack of unity among them. Well my purpose here is to tell you about the significance of unity. That how much it is important for us to work upon it. The current situation of our country badly needs the strength of unity. We can expose our hidden tallents by using strength...

Unity and Diversity of Indonesia

Conclusion Indonesia is a rich country in resources and cultures. The people can be proud of being her citizens. As acknowledged earlier, there have yet a nation, where diversities are easily recognized, and ethnicity is the foundation of peace and harmony. Hope that this fourth largest country in the world, with much diversity within his own region will manage to continue to be bonded with the sp...

Unity in diversity

This also helps diversity to spread in India, by dividing The people of the same religion. For India to become united, I think first of all caste system should be abolished. Indians should take lessons from Indian past where a Catholic lady steps aside from becoming a Prime Minister for a Sikh ... and where a Sikh is sworn in as a Prime Minister by a Muslim President ... to govern a nation of ove...

Greek Unity

Hammond states that “the battle of Plataea was the finest achievements of Greek unity.” Approximately twenty-three states had taken an oath of comradeship to fight together until the Persian invaders were destroyed, and for around three weeks over 100,000 Greeks had faced extreme difficulties. They had resisted the attacks of the Persians and their allies. There were threats to unity during th...

Public Speaking Speech: Unity in Malaysia

We should not judge a book by its cover. All of us, no matter what the race, culture or religion, share the same basic things as human beings. In fact, 99.9% of our DNAs are shared, with the 0.1% being the difference in physical appearance and personalities. Do not see this 0.1% as a barrier, but instead like a single puzzle piece. One puzzle piece is unique by itself, but when joined together wit...

Unity of Muslim

All Muslims should be responsible and with tireless efforts, continue to their political, cultural, social and advertising efforts and strengthen their alliance. Call of Ahlul Bait (PBUH) followers is the call of unity, dignity and spiritual and wise life. The true teachings of Islam, which is manifested in Ahlul Bait (PBUH) ideology, is in fact spirituality without isolation and spirituality with...

Unity of Religions?

More importantly, this analogy should be understood to apply to people of different faiths. They are all human beings searching for peace through religion. All of them may find scientific confirmation for their faiths and the religions of others to boot. Yet there remain differences in beliefs as everybody is not expected to understand the sacredness of that which is held sacred by another. Wrongf...

Unity vs Uniformity

Next, I think the viewpoints given by the writer about uniformity is not unity is absolutely right and it does portrayed our unity and uniformity in our country. If people in the country do not unite, we will be in conflict and there will be tension. There is diversity of people living in Malaysia which their races, religions, beliefs and lifestyles are different but they can be unite despite of t...

Smart learning report

Project Objective Our application will make the user study IC engine model in the Virtual Reality for making user feel virtual environment real. Apart from this, Education Institutions in our region will get to know about this technology and make people aware by studying using this technology. Our application will teach students about the concepts and skills about the working principle of IC engin...

Models of Community Policing Styles

In conclusion, the possibility of the police and the community cooperating to help lessen wrongdoing is the foundation of network policing. Endeavors to improve the connection between general society and the police ought to be a top need. On the off chance that everyone from the general population was treated as though they were a significant piece of preventing a wrongdoing from invading the netw...

Strong leadership, trust, respect, unity

When there is a large volume of work required to be done and there is less time or when a task cannot be delegated to a single individual, or when there is a requirement of large and variety pool of talent for the tasks to be productive and in any other instance that is near to the objective and goals of an organization, team works are encouraged whereas the team members have to be absolutely well...

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