Unity Is Strength Essay

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Unity Is Strength

Dear student the topic i am going to discuss is unity is strength. We all know that unity is the basic factor to build a strong nation. we can see the example of unity even in insects like ants, they work in a group and do their work more than forty times as compare to a human being. In case of humans it is also compulsory to follow the rules of unity. Because by diong so we can not only different goals of our life but we can also be strengthend in front of our rivals.

Dear students here i want to quote an exceptional incident in the history of islam, being a muslim we all know about different Gazwa’s which our beloved Prophet fought and succeeded. The one of the Gazwa which is an example of unity is Gazwa-e- Ohad. After succeeding that gazwa Holy Prophet S. A. W instructed all the muslim solders to remain at their decided positions untill He ordered them again. But at one point when they scatterd into groups and focused on collection the expensives remained in the battle.

At that point their rivals overcame them and many muslim soliders were killed. This all happend just because of their greed and lack of unity among them. Well my purpose here is to tell you about the significance of unity. That how much it is important for us to work upon it. The current situation of our country badly needs the strength of unity. We can expose our hidden tallents by using strength of unity. So we have to work together as a team , as a unit So, last but not the least . I will windup by taking a promise from all of you that we always work together as a team as a unit.

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