Unique Aspects of the USA

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When people think of the American experience they picture white picket fences and patriotism.When I think of the American experience, I think of how unique the United States is when it comes to cultural, social, political, and commercial issues.Such as the emphasis on staying fundamentally positive, going to community college, military spending, and direct to consumer advertisements.

One unique aspect of American culture that I like is the emphasis on staying fundamentally optimistic. In the USA it is okay to fail and make mistakes as long as you keep trying and learn from those mistakes.

Compared to other cultures, such as that of the Japanese, where failure causes a lot of internal stress and social pressure, Americans have an optimistic view and a curiosity that causes them to try again when they fail. Growing up in the United States has showed me how true this is. From a young age my school teachers, mostly in math, would tell us that we learn from failure and that failure is inevitable.

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This actually made me a better math student in my opinion because I stopped worrying about failing and started to learn from the mistakes I was making. Eventually I was able to solve problems I could not before.

Regarding the social aspect of the American experience America is unique in that it has community colleges. I think community colleges are a great thing because they are financially accessible to most people and offer flexible schedules and small class sizes. These things are necessary for people like me who can’t afford to go to a 4 year university but who are also making too much money to get financial aid.

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Some people think that if you go to a community college you’ll be getting a lesser education than if you were to go to a four-year university. That is not necessarily true, in fact community colleges here allow you to get your associate’s degree and prepare you to go to a four-year university. In other countries like Spain they do not have community colleges instead they have to go to a four-year university directly out of high school and are often thrown right into their majors.

Although there are many good aspects of the American experience, one unique political issue that I disagree with the US military spending budget. The US military budget is used to pay for training healthcare and salaries to maintain arms and many other things. Some people are wondering if all of that spending is necessary. According to the Stockholm international research institute, the United States spends more on defense than China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, India, France, the United Kingdom, and Japan combined. The US military budget is not balanced with foreign aid and diplomacy. This is one of the reasons I don’t agree with military spending. If the budget was more balanced with military spending, we would have a better chance at preventing conflict with other countries. I don’t believe the US should spend so much money on weapons for violent reasons.

One commercial issue that is uniquely American that I disagree with is direct to consumer advertisements. The United States is one of the only countries that shows advertisements for drugs and medical devices on tv. . in most of the world direct to consumer advertisements for medications I feel that direct to consumer for medications and medical devices I make the drug seem miraculous. Majority of the time this is not the case. Some people would say that direct to consumer marketing is good because it urges patience to seek help. I disagree I believe that being bombarded with these advertisements, that have what seem like a million side effects, is ineffective in doing anything other than over medicating people in America and giving money to big pharmaceutical companies.

Among these aspects of the American experience I love the emphasis on staying fundamentally positive and going to community college and really dislike military spending and direct to consumer advertisement. Regardless these are all parts of the unique American experience that people have to discover themselves.

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