Understanding how to be a good Class President

Being the class president is a time consuming and frustrating position, but it is all worth it. I have been the class president all four years of high school, and although you gain experience, new problems always arise, so you have to develop new skills in handling them. The job is a little easier having great people stand beside you, and respect your decisions. The class officers haven’t changed all through high school and we have had a lot of fun working together.

The class office consists of Erin Engel- Vice President, Gabby Antoniceli- Secretary, and Kyle Ryan “Bob”-Treasurer and myself. Also we have had two different sets of advisors through the years; Mrs. Kehune and Mrs. Kime, and after the first year we were lucky to have Mr. Nagy, and then senior year it is Mr. Nagy and Mrs. Riggle.

Fund raising is a big part of the first three years of being class president; it feels like it never ends.

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As a freshman, we did a lot of food fundraisers; Zap-A-Snack, lollipops, and candy grams. I delivered the candy grams in a Santa suit, and the officers dressed up as elves and reindeer. Sophomore year we sold chocolate, candy grams, catalog items, and a few other things. Junior year was the hardest year of all, because of Prom! That year we set up Powder Puff, and the seniors were nice enough to let us keep all the money, and considering we did all the work, it was the right thing to do.

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Also, we sold lots of different boxes of chocolates, and once again sold Zap-A-Snack, and a few other items.

Prom was a great experience, but brought myself, Mr. Nagy and the other officer’s lots of stress. Ordering everything we needed was a tough process, and then putting things up and together was even harder. Also, designing the tickets, sending out invitations, picking out he senior gifts, finding the “perfect” tiara for the prom queen, passing out the prom favors, setting up the tables and chairs, locating decorations from nearby stores and having a mural painted of our theme, are many parts of the prom process. We managed to cover all the orange in the gym, got a professional company to do our lights (Access Lighting), and had a beautiful Water fountain in the middle of the gym floor, thanks to Dan Wrench (Senior Class President-’13). The gym looked very elegant and beautiful by the time we were done; everyone there had a great time and so did I.

Senior year as the class president is very hard, because with every step we take to make it all go smoothly for graduation, the quicker we are getting to that day. This year, certain things need to happen and it involves a lot of voting. We voted on cap and gown colors, invitations, shirts, senior trip, class flower, song, and colors, our gift to the school, and money we donated to relay for Life and Mr. Bachman. There are many other voting occurrences but those are the main ones.

In conclusion, being the class president is a big duty, but I take a lot of pride in what the officers, advisors and I do. We try our best to make everyone happy, and we work hard during our weekly meetings. For this year, the planning is still not over, but we are not worried and plan on throwing a great senior trip party. But my swan song, will definitely be my graduation speech.

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