The Dark Ages Essay

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The Dark Ages

The period called the Dark Ages is a period of time where Europeans made progress despite enormous difficulties. There are six main things that contributed to calling this time the Dark Ages. They include the fall of Rome, a mini ice age, The Great Schism, plague, peasant revolt, and the Hundred Years War. The fall of Rome began when a man named Alaric launched his third attack on the city of Rome. Alaric, the leader of the Visigoths, was forced out of Germany by Attila the Hun and his army leaving them no other choice but to invade Rome for the third time. After the fall of Rome, there was a mini ice age, which caused many health, food, and water problems. The Great Schism caused political and economic problems in Rome; between France and Rome they could not pick a Pope. At a period of time during The Great Schism there were three different Popes, creating major controversy between countries.

The Bubonic Plague swept through Europe killing about a hundred million people. Peasant revolt came into action because of King Richards II’s law about wages. No peasant could be paid more than they were paid in 1346, no high power could offer a better wage than what they offered in 1346, and no peasant could leave the village they belong to. The Hundred Years War also conflicted, thus making it another reason to call this period the Dark Ages. Despite some good things that went on during the Dark Ages, it really has it downs in the mix. This was a period of time full of plague, greed, fighting, economic difficulties, and a lack of technology. The Dark Ages began with the fall of Rome in 410 AD, when Alaric launched his third attack, crippling Rome’s food and water supply. When all of Rome was almost starved, Alaric came in and took what he could to prevent his army and his self from starving. Attila the Hun and his army indirectly forced this upon the Romans by forcing Alaric out of Germany.

During the 3rd century, there was widespread violence amongst everybody. A mini ice age prevented crops from growing and many people died due to the lack of warmth. Sewage stopped working in many towns, and many ancient structures were taken apart for other building needs. Although this was not a good time this is really where religion came into play. At a time of political confusion, there were three different Popes of the Roman Empire. When a French king was elected, he nominated a French Pope; this made the Romans very angry. When the French king died, the Romans elected a Roman Pope, the French elected a French Pope, and later on they elected another Pope to solve the two pope problem. This was called the Great Schism; it caused many political and economic problems in the Roman Empire. Plague was the main reason for the Dark Ages. The bubonic plague swept through Europe killing nearly a hundred million people.

For example, imagine all the people you know and by tomorrow half of them all are dead. The Bubonic plague was an illness that caused corruption, greed, fighting, and overall, death. Peasant revolt was a major problem in the Dark Ages. The Visigoths and Roman citizens were almost forced into rebellion every time they rebelled due to the unfair treatment and laws that were in place. The Hundred Years War was a war that ended the Dark Ages. Although it was not just a single war and it lasted one hundred and sixteen years, the Hundred Years War lead to new development of technology and power.

The Dark Ages were a bad time for all people; they went through war, illness, and fraud just about every day in their lives. Regardless of the ruthless things that passed on during the Dark Ages, there are still some good things that came out of this situation amongst all people. Religion came a major part of the Dark Ages. It gave people a sense of security when they really needed it. Christianity, once a banned religion, became one of the most followed and respected religions in all of Europe. Education came into play during the Dark Ages.

Even though it was very low quality education it was something to keep the people occupied. Trade routes were highly developed, due to the fact that many cities could not grow their own food. The Crusades spread Christianity all over Europe making it the superior religion. The monks of the Dark Ages kept many books allowing people to be able to learn to read, write, and know about their own history. Despite the major difficulties in the Dark Ages, there were some great things that came out of it. Education, religion, trade routes, and massive buildings were all developed like never before in the Dark Ages.

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