Tipping Point Leadership

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Bill Bratton has consistently proven to be a highly effective manager utilizing the Tipping Point Leadership principles.  With this management style, Mr. Bratton has been able to address four major issues that hinders high performance, such as: acceptance of status quo, limited resources, lack of motivation among the staff and opposition from key players.

            Tipping Point managers, like Mr. Bratton, don’t rely on numbers or reports.  In one particular instance, Mr. Bratton required managers, including himself, to ride the subways to work, meetings, and at night as opposed to their normal form of commuting which was shielding them from serious issues that cannot be found on a report.

  After first hand experience it is difficult to accept the status quo.

            If resources are limited, it is necessary to utilize whatever is available more effectively.  For example, at the New York Police Department a schedule change was necessary.  Since drug offenses seemed to happen more frequently on the weekends, it didn’t make sense for the workers in that department to work a Monday to Friday shift.

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  A simple schedule change was all that was necessary to bring about a noticeable difference.

            This management style also recognizes the importance of identifying key players and concentrate on what actions these people could perform to persuade them that change, though inevitable, is not necessarily a bad thing.

            Bill Bratton is proof positive that the Tipping Point Leadership management methods are highly successful as throughout his career he has been instrumental in making a success at the New York and Boston police departments, as well as the Los Angeles Police Department.

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   Bill Bratton has been able to accomplish what many managers only dream about, quick and effective change in a short period of time.


Updated: Jun 05, 2020
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