The Sensual Revolution Creative Thinking in the Modern Society

We live in a world of constant movement, the world that wants us to hurry and which may not give us a chance to stop and think a little about the next step. It needs us to keep going, no matter what happens in our lives, which problems bother us and who we really are.

It is sad, because the industry sees the majority of us as a faceless mass eager to have money and ephemeral happiness; the mass working on a pattern with no opportunity to be different and individual.

Moreover, this injustice affects all the social groups: you may be a business coach or a low-class burglar – and still feel the same way because in both cases you have to rob people.

I want to tell you about how my life perception changed, and I hope that my story will tell you something useful.

I called my article ‘Sensual Revolution’, and the main point of this paradigm is that you should try to see every situation, every problem you face from an alternative point of view.

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I will tell you a story which happened to my friend to illustrate the meaning of this conception. Here is what he told me:

«It happened to me when I was about your age – I was a second-year student of the University of Finances and Fiscal Irresponsibility. The first year passed by easy, I was really into my education and I had been doing nothing but that. However, during the second year I fell in love with classic cinematography – I started to binge watch those black and white flicks and TV-series, I was reading special books about the old-school directing and script-writing principles, so I realized I had finally found my real passion.

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Anyway, one day I found out that I was expelled from the university. At first, I was frustrated and angry for myself for being so irresponsible and that I had to go to the army now, but then I remembered the post-modern era in the Italian cinematography and the brilliant ways directors were breaking the clichés and stereotypes, so I thought – this is it! I can look at the situation from the positive side: I’ve never been to the army; I’ll have a lot of great stories, and I’ll also get myself into a good shape there; after the service I can focus on something that I really like, because I got expelled not because of my laziness, but because I am meant to do something else – and here I am, doing what I really like, still watching films; it’s not really motivational after all, is it?»

The example is quite interesting but very simple: most of us would be grieving when facing such kind of problems, but my friend just used his imagination and looked at it from a positive point of view. He found some good aspects and made them prevail over the bad ones.

My idea is you should realize one thing: this is your life, forget about what other people say or what they will think, because you are the main character in your story, you are the producer, the director and you can do everything you think is right. It’s your show and you shouldn’t be afraid that it can be cancelled. It has very positive ratings so far.

Another advantage of this conception is that it lets you look at all the things you face from an unexpected side. For example, about a month ago an acquaintance of mine asked me and my friends: “How do you think: since what time have mothers started to think that semolina porridge is delicious?”

Everyone had a laugh and forgot about it, but not me. I decided that I could try to look at this question from a scientific point of view. So, I did a research, using the iterative methods of math (the bisection method; Newton’s method) and drew diagrams that could answer this question:

Here T is time in years; L is love for semolina porridge by mothers in cupids; – are the borders of the interval; X is the year when mothers started to think that semolina porridge was delicious.

So, I’ve found out that the semolina porridge was first mentioned in 1861 and it will be our, the start of count down, will be 2020. So, after using both methods I’ve found out that the x year is 1923 ± 2 years in the bisection method and 1923 ± 0,002 years in Newton’s method. This example illustrates that even trivial and humorous problems can be looked at from an unusual, scientific, as in this case, point of view.

I used my university skills to solve this humorous problem. My friends were shocked not only that I gave an answer to this question, but also because I remembered the situation and decided to do the research. Even despite the fact that one half of my friends don’t even know about the bisection method. And the other half don’t know what «the research» means…

Some can say that it’s strange to apply this knowledge that way, because it’s meant to be only used for serious scientific purposes. But here’s the point: don’t think about made-up canons, which told you what you should use, do or know. Be an artist – this is your vision!

Even this article may provoke a lot of questions towards the author, because I didn’t use archaic ten-century-old scientific language. Once again, this is my work and I’m convinced that the reader needs to understand what he or she reads. Otherwise, there won’t be a realization whether the reading is useful or not. Without the realization there is no sense in reading anything and wasting your time on it at all.

The essential part here is this: if you do something you like, you may, but you don’t have to, listen to other people’s opinions, whether they are your parents, teachers, presidents and so on.

This is your show, your performance, your vision. This is your life.

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