The Role of Critical and Creative Thinking in Everyday Life

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In psychology, the brain is said to be divided into two integral parts: the left side and the right side. These lobes, however, function oppositely. The left side is responsible for human’s analytical and critical thinking while the right side is accountable for one’s creative and imaginative side (Gazzaniga, 1970). Learning how to think both critically and creatively would surely help a person in facing various situations and challenges existing in life. I usually associate critical thinking with problem solving in Math and Science.

However, I realized that it could be applied as well in real-life situations. An example is when I had a problem on how to earn extra money. I managed to solve it issue by thinking critically. Here, I applied the four steps of critical thinking. To get an understanding of my problem, I looked for the root cause of my predicament. That time, I badly needed cash to pay the rent of my apartment. To gather information, I listed things that might help me solve it and interpreted each.

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Then I chose the solution with the highest probability of solving my problem.

I developed a solution plan, and that is to apply for a part-time job. Lastly, to evaluate the plan’s effectiveness, I got my resume and went to the nearest restaurant-bar to apply as a service crew. When I got hired, I got the chance to utilize creativity in my life. In my kind of work, it was important to always stay alert. When dealing with customers, I had to be receptive to my senses.

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In addition to that, I had to stay focus so as avoid mental blocks when something came unexpectedly.

I was able to do everything by being creative and open for possibilities. Thinking creatively also helped me grow as a person. I learned how to be resourceful. To attract and retain customers, I had to communicate with them in a creative manner. There was a time I had to prepare a small gimmick to gain more customers. My job helped me to develop the willingness to take risks. In a way, it also proved that indeed creativity and imagination have no limits. Reference Gazzaniga MS. (1970). The Bisected Brain. New York: Meredith Corporation

Updated: Jul 07, 2022
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