The Evil in Adam and Eve Story

The evil in the Adam and Eve Story is depicted by the snake which tempted the two creations to try and eat the forbidden fruit by God. The act itself, which is the eating or biting of the fruit, is considered to be evil too because it is a kind of fault which is strictly forbidden to be done. This statement can be explained by the major study of the author Paul Ricoeur entitled The Symbolism of Evil. According to the book, not all people are going to experience the same way of sin, hence every different culture does have their own major symbols or primary symbols as a basis on defining what fault is.

Fault or sin depends on how a primary symbol of it is perceived such as the snake on Adam and Eve story. The snake was by then perceived to by a temptation of doing what is basically wrong because it is forbidden to be done. In this sense, a certain person could not really judge the sin or fault of another person based on his own standards or symbolisms.

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It is explained that the more importantly forbidden a certain symbol of fault is, the more that every different people gets to know about it or takes a recognition on it.

The Adamic action that evilness or evil is purely from a human action or is a result or product which humans are responsible of which can easily be demonstrated. It is stated in the bible that Lord Seeks down on earth from heaven to find if there has been or if there is still someone who are wise and who tends to abide with the commandment created by God.

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It has been said that those kind of people were all gone, no one, nothing else in this world who doe good.

The scripture from the bible concluded to the idea that just as sin is committed and has been introduced into the world through a certain man, which pertains to Adam, and that death came because of the sin or fault that has been done, and so death was then scattered and spread all aver the words because all are considered as sinners or person, who have even at the very birth, sinned and inherited Adams sin. On the other hand, basing on the symbolisms, Adam and eves fault or sin is basically a myth created for the bible scripture only and may be considered as a radical fact of human’s sin existence.

Analyzing the genesis scripture from the bible, one could say that it is not Adams intentional decision which caused him to do the forbidden act and so he have sinned but therefore, there have been three different external factors which influenced him to do so and commit a sin; first is the serpent, second is Eve’s persuasiveness, and third is that this world was made by God with the instant possibility of all sorts of temptation.

The statement on the scripture gives an evidently analysis that sin is, therefore, not a pure human product and thus he or she is only influenced by the outside force which has stronger will power over him or her. Temptations are vulgar in this earth where people live in. Since according to Ricoeur’s symbolism that words or things can be deciphered or there are certain things that have a double meaning which can be deciphered, therefore, there are certain things or matters which do not know themselves or which do not directly know itself but symbolism thus gives an explanation.

On the other hand, the myth of Adam and Eve defined how human beings became knowledgeable and concretely conscious about evil. Their act of eating the forbidden fruit caused the people to believe on the traditional belief that man is the source of evil in his self and that all man have sinned because of the action that they have done. By deeply deciphering the meaning of the mythological story on Dam and Eve, people tends to notice that in all scriptures except the Old Testament, serpent or snakes are defined as a symbol for wisdom, also as the feminine goddess, and symbol of power and rebirth.

Serpents became evil because of the mythical story’s symbolism on it; it was used on the myth as a source of temptation to do evil and therefore the serpent is then believed as an evil of its nature. As Ricoeur tried to decipher the evil on Adam and Eve’s sin by eating the forbidden fruit, he stated three different language related definitions of evil which could explain how man tends to do evil actions.

The first would be that; some language that presents symbols are sometime source of the expression on evil or evilness; the second one is there are symbolic definition or interpretation on language written in the myths where the evil on the myth depends on the symbols primarily used; and lastly, the language of the myth’s philosophical definition or explanation about the evil being made .

In generalization to the story of evil in Adam and Eve, Ricoeur tended to let out the possibility that man has his own nature of evil within his self. Man can be visually evil through actualizing the evilness or doing expressions which as evil in symbols such as burden, envy, captivity and other evil attitudes. The myth of Adam and Eve, therefore, is a traditional expression of which it connects the events that had happened from the very beginning of time which has all the basis on providing the fact of evil’s origin.

The mythical story and its symbolism is a factor where people could find and understand the meaning or the real meaning or evil from the very start which will help man to comprehend all kinds of forbidden action so as to thoughts by which a man could understand his real self and the world.


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Updated: May 19, 2021

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