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Smartphones Essay Examples

Essay on Smartphones

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Smartphone Impacts

Visual study is also made by the researchers. All the information gathered based on the observation contribute a lot to have a well done research. From the observations made, then researchers noticed that almost all of the students of STI College Sta. Maria are using mobile phones commonly Smartphones. There are more number of students who are busy using their Smartphones each day rather than spen...

Samsung Company Analysis

Population expansion in India also makes Samsung’s future seem encouraging. But it has to keep in mind that there are some aspects that can bring downfall to the company. Suggestion is that Samsung should get rid of the rumor about it manufacturing process with used child labor. Furthermore, it must change its product design to be real innovative and original in order to avoid other accuse the c...

Android Mobile Apps

Android can operated smart phones, it is the required mobile phone to effectively and efficiently run the proposed study. SQLite. It is a lightweight transactional database engine that occupies a small amount of disk storage and memory, so it's a perfect choice for creating databases on many mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS (Williams O. 2009). It will serve as the database engine stor...

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McAfee Spyware Blocker for Smartphones and Tablets

The mission of McAfee Spyware Blocker is to be the best in the market, to out sell, out develop and outshine the competition. The ability to build and expand on an existing product to provide clients the best possible product has allowed McAfee to be a leader in spyware blocking software. The employment of highly knowledgeable employee’s of McAfee products gives client’s confidence in receivin...

IPhone vs. Android

In an iPhone if something happens to your battery you have to get a new phone. Compared to most Androids when something happens you can simply buy a new battery and replace the old one. In the way of the user friendliness and space the android and iPhone could not be any more different. It is easier to access and have an iPhone due to the smaller screen, bigger internal storage, and the longer bat...

Market Position of Blackberry Company

Although Blackberry made by RIM Corporation is still used by millions of people in the United States, its usage in nothing compared to other smart-phone that are growing so quickly. Blackberry is now going downward while Apple's share of mobile traffic is going upward. The reason for this is that iPhone5 have some features that blackberry don't have them. So, people don’t want blackberry. Instea...

Weaknesses of DIGI

Moreover, DiGi does not have a strong position in the postpaid market and its lack of understanding about its major competitors is its weaknesses. It does not have a strong position in the postpaid market when compared which its major competitor which is Maxis. It can be shown by a research that DiGi has only a total of 1.3 million subscribers compared with 2.5million of Maxis, and it is the seco...

Five Forces Framework of Technology Industry

As a result, Apple can set price for its product and it can push high switching cost to customers if they want to change to other products in the market. Importantly, customers buy iPod because it also contains good features and attractive appearance. For instance, although, the price of iPod Nano is higher than other competitors in the market, the excellent features and functions of the product s...

Smartphones in the Classroom?

In Conclusion the BYOT plan should be initiated in all school districts because it broadens students learning and modernizes the classroom without the school spending a single penny. Their fore its economically and will improve classroom functionality. Also the BYOT plan takes out the need for textbooks, notebooks, agendas so if the students have a smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc. he/she will alwa...

Smartphones Comparison

It can be said, both the iPhone 4S and the Galaxy S II have great technology in every feature. However, if we compare more severely, the Galaxy S II is marginally better than the iPhone 4S. The dual-core A5 chip in the iPhone 4S is really groundbreaking, but nothing compares with the touch screen of the Galaxy S II. Or more people would have beloved IOS than Android, simply because "intelligent as...

Traditional Karaoke and Smartphone Apps

Technological: Growing demand for portable devices/home devices. Since nowadays, smart phones are a form of portable devices in the modern technology, karaoke singing apps can be easily found/download. Therefore, people would think that it is a hassle to go for karaoke singing in an outlet, when they can just sing along through their smart phones. Thus, it may af...

Smartphones Communication

But some smartphones have very expensive maintenance, which makes them impossible for the most of students to afford. On the other hand smartphones, with all the entertainment options they offer, can be really distractive for owners in their lectures. Mobile phones can easily decrease attention in lessons. Constantly sending text messages and playing games can take you away from your activities in...

Addicted to Smartphones

There is nothing wrong with falling in love with your smartphones. However, the Chinese have to realize the effect this love may bring on to them. The improper use of smartphones not only has negative influence on themselves in real life relationships, but it is also not respectful to others. In the modern world, of course we cannot live without smartphones, but we can do something more fun. Find ...

HTC Case Analysis

HTC’s positioning of smart phones has really fluctuated over the years. In 2008 it had as much as 68% of market share, but within the next couple of years its hold of that market decreased dramatically. It can be seen that once HTC switched from the Windows platform to the Android platform, its revenue increased dramatically, indicating that its more user friendly platform has attracted more con...

Smartphone Speech Presentation

Due to the fact that we carry smartphones with us all the time, smartphones have replaced some functions of Point-and-shoot cameras, except the cameras with big optical zoom such as 10x. In early July 2011 the Pew Research Center released the results of a new study. The findings show that 35% of adults own smartphones, and those phones are the main source of Internet access for 25% of their users....

Android vs IOS

Taking into account all the research findings and analysis within this report it is clear to see that there is a very fine line between the two mobile operating systems Android and IOS. Overall the IOS platform appears to be very consistent and steady but with it being a closed system it is fair to say that ideas to reinvent this platform and take it to the next level are slim. Android is on the r...

Cashless Payment via Smartphone in Singapore

In a nut shell, this proposal has analysed the reasons on why we should enhance the use of cashless payment in Singapore as it brings about many benefits such as increased convenience, efficiency and safety. However, with this technological advancement, challenges will be met. One such challenge is the social exclusion of certain sections of the society such as the elderly as they might not be as ...

Smartphones in our lives

As an institution and as in part of society, we must take the initiative to prevent this from happening to our children. If we teach them how to avoid this from happening to them the harm caused would be less. We are still on time to change our generation, we can be the generation to make an impact. We are the ones shaping and creating our own future, it is our responsibility to act now and make a...

Huawei Nova 5 Pro Review

The phone had come equipped with four rear camera setup along with an LED flash at the back panel. The newest rare camera setup it will be as the other smart phones consists of triple, tetra or penta rear sensors. This will show the authenticity of the phone. The main rare camera will be of 48 mega pixel, the ultra wide angle sensor is 16 mega pixels and the depth sensor will be 2 mega pixels ther...

Smartphones: Good or Bad?

Richard Emanuel currently works as a Professor of Communication at the Alabama State University in Montgomery. Richard does research in a variety of areas including Visual Literacy and Communication Education. On this article Emmanuel starts with statistics of an interview conducted on undergraduate to realize how much people value their phones. The result was that ...

our smartphones are now capable

our smartphones are now capable of executing lots of amazing stuffs and they are the fastest portable computer that we can carry with us everywhere however if you want to get ultimate performance from your smartphone you definitely require some additional accessories and there are a lot of gadgets available online for your smartphone but very few are useful or practically effective so today's vide...

New Revenue Streams

Candidates sometimes only offer references who have a favorable opinion of them, says Farhan Thawar, vice president of engineering at , an Ontario, Canada-based mobile strategy and product development firm. He suggests visiting a candidate's LinkedIn profile to see if you have any professional colleagues or former co-workers in common. If you do, contact your mutual connections and ask them about ...

Evaluation of the iPhone as a New Product

The initiation of the phone was in 2003 and iPhone has lived up to its expectations. The promotional strategy was a success; it had the required effect on people and created an image for the phone. The advertisements were simple but yet very clear and minimalist. This enticed the customers and helped in increasing the sales figure as it gave the brand a very sophisticated look. The iPhone is in it...

Huawei Wants to Beat Apple in Smartphones in Two Years


Iphone vs Android Showdown

Android carriers are sticking with "unlimited" plans which is better for our pockets. It's still a close race on this point. Android edges ahead with the ability to turn your handset into a Wi-Fi hotspot, which can deliver wireless to me and seven of my closest friends. One of the deciding factors for many people will be availability and price, as it stands the iPhone by Apple is a bit more expens...

Mobile Computing - Science

If we look back, right from the start of nomadic calculating we can see a large advancement in a short period of clip. On the other manus there are many jobs which consist of, like their battery life. Most of nomadic computing machines are relied on a battery power which is frequently expensive, you might lose your signal and they say that signals may do wellness jobs. But this is merely the begin...

Nokia smartphones with NFC capabilities Launched

On the other hand Nokia 600 delivers big features in a small package. Available at a lower price point than the Nokia 700 and Nokia 701, the Nokia 600 includes a 1 GHz processor; 5MP full-focus camera with LED flash and HD video capture, and 2GB of internal memory with memory card support (up to 32GB). This smartphone also has a built-in FM radio antenna for listening to radio without headphones, ...

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