Gadgets have destroyed communication among friends

Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone, tablets, or any other kinds of mobile devices. And one of the most appealing traits of these devices is accelerating the dissemination of information and knowledge, which means you can grab any news you’re interested in anytime and anywhere. However, the mobile devices have also destroyed communication among our friends and family. For instance, when I went out with my friends and had a dinner with them, most of us just focused on the tiny little screens on our hands without talking to each other.

Moreover, they chatted with each other via Facebook even when they just sat nearby. In other words, these mobile devices have not only improved the quality of communication, well…on the Internet, but also have destroyed communication among friends directly. Therefore, I think that we all need to figure out the original intentions that drives us want to use a smartphone, such as productivity improvement, joyfulness, or merely pursuit of vanity.

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No matter what the motivation it is, trying not to be obsessed with these gadgets is the most important thing to us.

3 THOUGHTS ON “SMARTPHONES AND TABLETS HAVE DESTROYED COMMUNICATION AMONG FRIENDS.” You’re right about this; it’s such a shame that people really don’t talk face-to-face anymore. I like to make a rule at family meals that we all put away the phones and gadgets for the time that we’re eating. It helps to make a shoebox or something that everyone can put their stuff in so everyone knows no one else is checking theirs.

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:P But, yeah, people have to learn again to ‘be with the people who are HERE,’ as the person who gave me the shoebox idea wrote on hers. Do you think we’ll ever see that personal communication come back, or have we gone too far already? Reply

Well, in my personal opinion, people may think that the contents in the tiny little screens are much more interesting than everything we face in the real world. That’s the key of this issue. Unless we have noticed the seriousness of the problem by ourselves, just like your family dining rule, I think we have gone too far indeed. Thanks for your comments!! Reply

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Updated: Jul 06, 2022
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