Effect of the latest technological gadgets Essay

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Effect of the latest technological gadgets

With technological gadgets are becoming trend, it is being observed that today a majority of youths prefer to own the latest technological gadgets. Technological gadgets have its advantages. Nevertheless, in my opinion, I think using frequent hours of technological gadgets have more disadvantages and it hinders healthy development among young people.

To begin with, almost all of youths will use their mobile phone, computer and other devices when they are free and therefore they will indulge in the world of games. Young people will use their technological gadgets in classroom or in tuition class. Adding to this, they won’t focus on their studies and they will neglect their homework. It will affect their result in school. Youths will also reduce the activity in order to play with games in mobile phone or computer.

In addition, most of the young people are using their mobile phone to communicate with other people now. The most serious condition is the youths chat with his friend by typing through their mobile phone although they at a same home. If this situation continuous for a long period, youths will be afraid to have conversation in real life with other people face to face and they will lose the skills of communication. If they happen to attend an interview or preparing a presentation, they are doomed to fail.

Besides that, researches have found that radiation from technological gadgets can damage areas of the brain associated with learning, memory and movement. Electromagnetic waves alter and cause disturbance in sleep. Young people will also realise they having difficulty concentrating, fatigue and headache are some common complaint. Youths who always use mobile phone for hours more likely to develop mouth cancer. All of this negative effects will affect the health and mental ability of young people.

The manufacturers of technological gadgets nowadays always manufacture and invent the latest mobile phones, computers and tabs to obtain a bumper profit. It makes youths desired to own the latest mobile phone. However, not all of the youths can afford to pay the high price of mobile phone.

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