Modern Gadgets

Background of the Study

Modernization has invaded the whole humanity. With these gadgets around us, life becomes very convenient in many aspects. People find it very easy in sending their mails to their recipient through quicker access called e-mails. People can even communicate at the farthest distance just because of this advance technology that exists now. Practical applications of this modern gadgets become very advantageous to consumers because of the fact that the things are indeed done so fast like the speed of light.

People are getting use to it for t makes daily lives quick, easy and less effort is being processed.

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Impossible things become possible due to these modern gadgets like travelling through space, flying in the air, breathing in the deep part of water In a long time, playing games in the virtual world of cyber space, and many more. On the other hand, as we enjoy the amazing applications of these modern gadgets, people don’t claim the fact that it can pose health hazards to them.

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Although these gadgets have many benefits to people, it can also be harmful in many ways. People do not only limit on the enjoyments that they have acquired on this but also on the danger it can do to us like for example the most known disadvantage, poor eyesight.

Statement of the Problem

This study was conducted to determine the student’s respond to the certain issue about modern gadgets. Specifically, it intended to:
1. Provide information of the advantages and disadvantages of modern gadgets and 2.

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To determine student’s response whether modern gadgets are more advantageous or more disadvantageous to them.

Significance of the Study

The study aims to remind students that aside from the useful applications of these modern gadgets, it can also lead to baneful effects to our health. Specifically, it will provide information on the potential health hazards of these modern gadgets so that they would also be aware that too much is not good. It will also let the students, who are very prone to gadget addiction, realize that they should put limitations on their gadgets because it can really pose health hazard to them.

Scopes and Limitation

The study limits on the number of respondents and the target population which is only focusing on students, on the questionnaire items, and the modern gadgets which was then specified or referred to, are those gadgets where common people, mostly students, use nowadays, which they use for communication, entertainment and studies.

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Modern Gadgets

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