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Electrical Engineering is Changing Society one Product at a Time
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What do you think the world would be without electrical engineering? Electrical engineering includes so many fields of interest that people's everyday lives are influenced by the creations that it has made. Technology can all come from the fields of electrical engineering that can be studied. The music you hear coming from the speakers, the monitors that show information, and even the lights that light up a room are all because of electrical engineers. Electrical engineering has a lot of…...
Electronic EngineeringElectronics
Overview on Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Words • 1034
Pages • 4
Electrical and electronics engineering the subdivision of engineering often interested in with the functionality of the electricity in its all forms, along with the those of the field of electronics. Electronics engineering is the discipline of electrical engineering concerned with the application of the devices such as transistors and integrated circuits. In practice in engineering what crates the distinction between electrical and electronic engineering is often based on the comparative power of the electric currents operated. In this sense while…...
Electronic EngineeringElectronics
VHDL. Is it easy, or not
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Pages • 4
After outputting the number sequence once, the circuit will not generate any other outputs until the next Start "1" signal. Results To design the required circuit, VHDL programming approach has been implemented first. The circuit has been programmed using three different files for counter, combinational comparator and shift register. Following are the corresponding files with the short explanation of the code. Code for the 4-bit counter is shown in Fig. 5. It can be seen that when the Start becomes…...
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Single sideband suppressed carrier overview
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Pages • 3
  This makes practical realization of exact phase shifts difficult, requiring high precision components. Even then maintaining constant input/output from the modulators with changing temperature and voltages is difficult. However the technique does allow low power and low cost (no filters) generation of a SSBSC signal with no need to lower the signals frequency to aid filter cut-off characteristics. As well as this the system requires less time to install and switching to lower or higher sideband is simply a…...
CarElectricityElectronic EngineeringElectronicsTechnology
Why TCXO is preferable over standard crystal oscillator?
Words • 327
Pages • 2
A crystal oscillator is an electronic oscillator circuit that draws on the mechanical resonance of a vibrating crystal of piezoelectric material. is the best option, in case you are looking forward to generate an electrical signal with a specific frequency. This type of frequency is basically required for maintaining track of time. It is used in digital integrated circuits to get constant clock signals and to stabilize frequencies in radio transmitters and receivers. The quartz crystal is most commonly used…...
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What Is A System Unit Computer Science Essay?
Words • 3990
Pages • 15
A system unit, besides known as a base unit. The system unit refers to the computing machine itself but does non include the proctor, the keyboard, the mouse, or any other peripherals. I suppose most people will likely cognize what you mean when you refer to `` the box, '' but stating `` system unit '' will decidedly do you sound more sophisticated. It is the chief organic structure of a desktop computing machine, typically dwelling of a fictile enclosure…...
Computer Science For ProgressElectronic EngineeringTechnology
Vlsi Architectures And Computing Computer Science Essay
Words • 3202
Pages • 12
VLSI ( Very big graduated table integrating ) , involves the engineering that allows a big figure of circuits to be included on individual Si bit. It is developed during the 1980 's, to show in an age where many of the proficient inventions we enjoy today were made possible.VLSI is a procedure that can be employed in several different ways. It comes to the production of semiconducting material french friess, the procedure provides the ideal agencies of including immense…...
ArchitectureComputer Science For ProgressDesignElectricityElectronic EngineeringElectronics
Two Types Of Spread Spectrum Computer Science Essay
Words • 1519
Pages • 6
There are two types of spread spectrum that have been approved for usage. This article analyzes the attack in to finding public presentation comparing of Frequency Hopping and Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Systems in the 2.4 GHz scope. `` The analyses till present show that up to 13 collocated FH webs can be placed before web throughput extremums. '' ( A. Carl, S. Harris & A ; B. Palm, n.d. ) . The article farther lists in categorising the advantages…...
Computer Science For ProgressElectronic EngineeringElectronicsTechnology
The Role Of Memory In Computers Computer Science Essay
Words • 1428
Pages • 6
Memory is one of the most of import things that is incorporated into computing machines, be it laptop computing machines or Personal computers. There are assorted computing machine memory types installed, depending upon the existent demand for working and specifications of the system. The computing machine memory relates to the many devices and constituents that are responsible for hive awaying informations and applications on a impermanent or a lasting footing. It enables a individual to retain the information that is…...
Computer Science For ProgressComputersDataElectronic EngineeringElectronicsMemory
The Design And Usage Oscilloscope Computer Science Essay
Words • 2057
Pages • 8
Oscilloscopes are used to mensurate electric signals to expose it as wave forms. Oscilloscope is known as range and its most common use is to detect signal. It was invented by Karl Braun in 1897. There are several figure CROs in the market such as digital, parallels, double beam, assorted signal. But the chief focal point on the study is digital storage CRO. A digital CRO is a mensurating instrument that uses binary Numberss which writes to samples of the…...
ComputersDesignElectricityElectronic EngineeringElectronicsTechnology
Study About Pc Troubleshooting And Maintenance Computer Science Essay
Words • 1779
Pages • 7
Most of the clip when we start up our computing machines, the CPU or Central Processing Unit goes through a series of stairss or processs before the computing machine runing systems boots from the difficult disc. These initial stairss are all categorized in a system called CMOS which stands for Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor. This is the where the systems scenes such as the system clock, difficult disc position, optical thrusts and other scenes like the CPU 's clock velocity,…...
Computer Science For ProgressComputersElectronic EngineeringElectronicsImportance Of Computer StudiesOperating System
Software Defined Radio Modulation Techniques Computer Science Essay
Words • 3230
Pages • 12
The digital engineerings and the advanced computing machine systems emphasized and started switching from digital hardware to package execution of systems widely known as Software Defined Radio ( SDR ) . In SDR 's the channel bandwidth, rate, and transition are all flexibly determined through package. In this paper the demand for package defined wirelesss, its advantages and its assorted applications are described. The package defined wireless and its assorted transition techniques like PSK, QPSK, QAM, MSK and OFDM are…...
Computer NetworkingComputer Science For ProgressComputer SoftwareElectronic EngineeringElectronicsTechnology
Smart Antenna Radiation System Computer Science Essay
Words • 1626
Pages • 6
Abstract- The smart aerial have to optimise response and radiation forms dynamically in response to the signal environment and the spacial beam former has to maximise the signal/interference relation ( SIR ) continuously for each traveling user. There is a turning demand for the development of efficient algorithms for real-time optimisation. The radiation form is a response form every bit good, since it besides describes the having belongingss of the aerial. The radiation form is 3-dimensional, but normally the mensural…...
Computer Science For ProgressElectronic EngineeringElectronicsTechnology
Simulation Of Communication Systems Using Vissim Computer Science Essay
Words • 2475
Pages • 9
The aim of this study is to find type of transition or type of Communication system can be associated with the experiments separately. Determining the end product fluctuations with the alteration in circuit parametric quantities.VisSim/Comm package is an application in which the theoretical account communicating system block diagrams are formed with the constituents available in the VisSim/Com tool kit. It is besides termed as the block diagram linguistic communication for the simulation of the dynamic systems and embedded systems and…...
CommunicationComputersElectronic EngineeringElectronicsInformationTechnology
Resistor and capacitor networks
Words • 1874
Pages • 7
  Therefore, by rearranging the previous equation, the unknown resistor R4 can be calculated using the formula R4 = R2 R3 / R1. Procedure Experiment P-IE-R-1 The circuit was set up in the manner that is shown in Figure 6. The device used to measure the current was an Avo 8 meter, and a millivoltmeter was used to measure the potential difference across the resistor (Vout). The input voltage, supplied by the PSU, was originally set to zero volts. It…...
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Microprocessor Based Control Of Traffic Lights Computer Science Essay
Words • 1659
Pages • 7
Microprocessor: A microprocessor is defined as the digital electronic constituent embedded with transistors on a individual semiconducting material integrated circuit. One or more than one microprocessors typically serve as a cardinal processing unit in a computing machine system.Microprocessor Components:Basic Components:The followers are the basic constituents of the microprocessor:Registers:A registry is a storage component which is composed of an array of reversals. A 1-bit registry can hive away 1 spot and a 32-bit registry can keep 32 spots and so on.…...
Computer Science For ProgressComputersElectronic EngineeringElectronicsTechnologyTraffic Light
LNA INA Direct Conversion Receiver Architecture Computer Science Essay
Words • 4728
Pages • 18
In these modern yearss where radio applications have become of import communicating devices have caused the current market to necessitate more and more wireless devices to be available for clients. Different wireless devices operate at different frequence band.For illustration the common footing for 3G webs will be CDMA ( 1.9 GHz ) and Bluetooth Technology that is runing at set ( 2.4 GHz ) . These applications are required in the latest cellular phones in the market [ 1 ]…...
ArchitectureComputer Science For ProgressElectricityElectronic EngineeringElectronicsTechnology
Investigating the Capacitance of a Parallel-Plate Capacitor Using a Reed Switch
Words • 1798
Pages • 7
Date: 25th March, 2010 Title: Investigating the capacitance of a parallel-plate capacitor using a reed switch Objective: To investigate the factors which affect the capacitance of a parallel-plate capacitor using a reed switch. Apparatus: - reed switch - signal generator - capacitor plates of area about 0. 24m X 0. 24 m 1 pair - polythene spacers ( 10 X 10 X 1 mm ) - polythene sheet, same area as capacitor plate 1 mm thick - battery box with…...
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Ies Exam,
Words • 283
Pages • 2
S. No| Subject| BookName| AuthorName| 1| Optical Fiber Communication| ? Optical Fiber Communication| Senior| 2| Measurement and Instrumentation| ? Electrical & Electronic Measurement and Instrumentation| A. K. Sawhney| | | ? Electronic Instrumentation| H. S. Kalsi| 3| Electrical Engineering Material| ? Electrical Engineering Material| S. P. Seth| 4| Network Theory| ? Network & Systems| D. Roy Chaudhury| | | ? Engineering Circuit Analysis| Hayt| 5| Microwave Engg. | ? Microwave Devices & Circuits| Liao| | | ? Microwave Engineering| Sanjeev…...
ElectricityElectronic EngineeringElectronicsSatelliteTechnology
High Peak To Mean Envelope Power Ratio Computer Science Essay
Words • 5481
Pages • 20
This undertaking study with regard to Techniques to undertake high extremum to intend envelope power ratio is the consequence of the elaborate work carried out as a portion of BEng in Electronics and digital communicating at university of Hertfordshire Faculty of Science, Technology and Creative Arts, at School of Engineering and Technology.In the design of big and complex digital systems, it is frequently necessary to hold one device communicate digital information faster as possible. Hence the technique of multi-carrier systems…...
Computer Science For ProgressElectronic EngineeringElectronicsPowerTechnology
Effects Of Noise In A Data Communication Computer Science Essay
Words • 2457
Pages • 9
This study will look into different types of noise that are associated with Unshielded Twisted Pair and Radio Waves. The noise that affects these transmittal mediums such as thermic noise, XT, multipath intervention, intermodulation noise and impulse noise will be explored and the amendss that it can do to data being transmitted will be explained. I will besides discourse the different transition techniques and engineerings that can be used to seek and cut down the consequence of the noise and…...
CommunicationComputersDataElectronic EngineeringElectronicsInformation
Design Of Two Stage High Gain Opamp Computer Science Essay
Words • 1555
Pages • 6
A High Swinging Ultra-Low-Power Two Stage CMOS OP-AMP in 0.18 um Technology with 1.2v supply, is presented. Cascode technique has been used to increase the dc addition. The unity-gain bandwidth is besides enhanced utilizing a gain-stage in the Miller capacitance feedback way. The proposed opamp provides 236MHz unity-gain bandwidth, 109.7 degree stage border. The circuit has 94.34dB addition. The power dissipation of the designed merely is about 50uw. The intentional system demonstrates comparatively suited response in different temperature.( 1 )…...
Computer Science For ProgressDesignElectricityElectronic EngineeringElectronicsTechnology
Charge Pump Conventional Architectures Computer Science Essay
Words • 4539
Pages • 17
Most of the current portable devices are powered by rechargeable batteries. But the battery based systems have many jobs such as the demand to reload or replace these batteries with the clip. Besides the batteries have a important weight and size of the whole system and this size increases as the engineering scales down. Another option for batteries is to use environmental beginnings energy.Geting the environmental beginnings energy and change overing it into a useable electrical energy is called Energy…...
ArchitectureComputer Science For ProgressElectricityElectronic EngineeringElectronicsPhysics
Binary Amplitude Shift Keying Computer Science Essay
Words • 1090
Pages • 4
Pseudo Random Binary Sequence consists of set restricting a digital signal before conveying it over a set limited channel. Digital transmittal refers to the transmittal of square moving ridges. However this is a job since existent channels are ever band limited yet square moving ridges have unlimited frequence content. So, what is done is that the signal is filtered on the transmittal side and so sampled on the receiver side. In this manner, the square moving ridge becomes band limited…...
Computer Science For ProgressElectronic EngineeringElectronicsTechnology
Antenna Technology And Uses Computer Science Essay
Words • 2890
Pages • 11
OverviewLooking back to the history of nomadic communicating, aerial engineering has made advancement along with advancement in nomadic communicating systems, and many assortments of antenna systems have been developed and used for nomadic systems. Inside rapid addition telephone systems originated on early 1990, where digital engineering was introduced [ 1 ] . In the nomadic communicating for the past few decennaries, the size of the aerial is altering. In the yesteryear, the aerial was build outside the nomadic phone. Now,…...
Computer Science For ProgressElectronic EngineeringElectronicsMobile PhoneScience And TechnologyTechnology
Gas Leakage Detection And Information Display System
Words • 1813
Pages • 7
INTRODUCTION In this project we demonstrate the idea of gas leakage detection and information display system by using a MQ-6 sensor that used for gas leakage detection and in case of gas leakage system automatically check the status of gas leakage. in case of gas leakage system warn the condition and display all condition in LCD and system weep the buzzer and indicate red led and calling feature using gsm technology and system confirm the call on respective no. COMPONENTS…...
ElectricityElectronic EngineeringElectronicsInformation SystemsTechnology
Words • 1360
Pages • 5
Abstract: LiFi is a high speed and wireless communication system that allows us to utilize the light we use for a different purpose connectivity. LiFi enabled LED lights modify illumination levels so that when we turn on our bulbs, not only is light transferred throughout the room, but so is data. This modulation happens so fast that the eye cannot perceive it. Visible light spotlight is a very current technology that creates focused beam of light similar to sound beams…...
ComputersElectricityElectronic EngineeringElectronicsLightTechnology
Solar Energy in USA
Words • 709
Pages • 3
This paper contain the solar energy aspect in USA. Solar electric generation have been commercialized for about 25 years. But the utilization of solar electric grids is very poor. The reason behind this failure is that the total cost per kilowatt-hour from the solar generators substantially exceed the cost per kilowatt-hour for electric generated at central generating Stations powered by burning coal, oil, gas or by nuclear power plants [18].In this project, we are designing a series controller. The most…...
ElectricityElectronic EngineeringElectronicsTechnologyUsa
Microstrip Patch Antenna
Words • 1581
Pages • 6
Abstract In this project, the efficient design of circular-shaped microstrip patch array antenna for Ultra Wide Band applications is been proposed. In the recent era, microstrip patch antenna plays a vital role as they are found to be immensely useful due to its compact nature, easy integration and its lightweight. UWB systems are popular because of their larger bandwidth and power management efficiencies but the design of UWB based applications requires low profile antennas. It has been found that circular…...
Advanced TechnologyCertificationElectricityElectronic EngineeringElectronicsTechnology
Scaling Of Feature Size Of Devices
Words • 383
Pages • 2
Continues scaling of feature size of devices has improved the VLSI technology. Integrated circuit has large number of devices and components like transistor which are electrically interconnected. Technology scaling has improved the transistor performance however interconnect performance has been degraded. In mid-1980's solely gate delay was take into account for timing characteristics, however as technology scales down gate delay has been diminished but interconnect delay has been multiplied. Accordingly interconnect delay dominate the gate delay. Along these lines, resistance and…...
DeviceElectricityElectronic EngineeringElectronicsMaterialsTechnology
elsevier paper_final submit_plagscan
Words • 1816
Pages • 7
Elsevier Science 1AbstractQuantum dot Ce llular Automata (QCA) is one of the developing patterns in the field of nanotechnology, which beats theconstraints of CMOS innovation. QCA can be utilized to structure m emory circuits. Static Random Access Memory (SRAM)is one of the appealing utilization of QCA Innovati on. The proposed plan and simula tion of memor y cell dependent on QCAwith minimum area and complexity. This paper presents the design and simul ation of multiport SRAM in QC A with…...
ComputersDesignElectronic EngineeringElectronicsOtherTechnology
American University of the Middle EastCEEE201PROJECT
Words • 955
Pages • 4
Abstract: Our project relies upon tow thoughts the first one it's an electrical circuit dependent on sunlight solar energy and the second one is an electrical charger circuit and on the off chance that you order them together you will have sun based power charger . We picked the sunlight based power since it's a sustainable power source, accessible anyplace, ecofriendly, and cost sparing). According to (Glenn T.Drilek) & (Merl E.converse) "The present invention provides for a fully flexible and…...
AmericaElectricityElectronic EngineeringElectronicsMiddle EastUniversity
The Lighting Visual Equipment
Words • 1768
Pages • 7
Introduction In this assignment I will be discussing the lighting visual equipment. They include different projectors, projector lens, projector globes, power supply and projection. A projector is a device used to project onto the screen, when the light strikes the screen, it enlarges the original images than the film. Projector that I will be explaining is LCD (liquid-crystal display) projector and DLP (Digital Light Processing) projector. An LCD projector is a type of video projector for displaying video, images or…...
ElectricityElectronic EngineeringElectronicsLightPhysicsScience
Utilizing Hydro-Energy to Supply Power in Remote Areas
Words • 2054
Pages • 8
Abstract This paper features the performance analysis of an improvised electronic load controller (ELC) for a three-phase Self- Excited Induction Generator (SEIG). A SEIG lags the inherent property of voltage and frequency regulation with varying load demands, thereby controllers are used for the purpose. Levenberg-Marquardt and Scaled Conjugate Gradient are two algorithmic variants of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) which have been used here as load controllers. A comparison of the controlling capability of the two techniques is also featured. Simulation…...
ElectricityElectronic EngineeringElectronicsPowerTechnology
FM Transmitter Project Report
Words • 797
Pages • 3
Abstract An FM transmitter is a circuit that developed frequency modulated signal using a transistor. This circuit is basically a radio system which aids with antenna and increases the electromagnetic signal. In FM transmission they based on the frequency range of 88MHz to 108MHz.When the input audio signal is applied to the transistor and the output signal is modulate and set the resonant frequency. When we set the resonant frequency we change the capacitance value. After setting the resonant value…...
ElectricityElectronic EngineeringElectronicsPhysicsProjectTechnology
Gundayao,Ryan Christian_PRELIMS ECE001
Words • 1808
Pages • 7
ECE001 - ECE Orientation and Outcomes Based EducationPreliminary Course Assessment1T/ 2019 - 20left8128000Name: Ryan Christian C. Gundayao Date Submitted: September12, 2019Section: A21 Instructor: Ronel V. Vidal, PECEHistory of EngineeringThe career we understand as engineering nowadays emerged in the course of the 1500's when professionals started out using arithmetic to layout army fortifications. Those unique military architects would normally permit craftsmen do the real construction, as a result becoming the first real engineers in the modern experience of the phrase.The exact foundation of the word 'engineering' comes from the technology when human beings implemented themselves to skilful inventions. Man evolving similarly within the global invented devices along with the pulley, the wheel and levers. The word engineer has its root within the phrase engine, which comes from the Latin word ingenium, this means that "innate first-rate specifically of intellectual electricity". And therefore the word engineer emerged as someone who creates nifty and realistic inventions.The earliest recorded civil engineer was an Egyptian known…...
ChristianElectricityElectronic EngineeringElectronicsEngineeringTechnology
I AbstractThe increasing demand in cloud has increased the need
Words • 1972
Pages • 8
Abstract The increasing demand in cloud has increased the need for high power efficiency, and to keep the power budget low, optical interconnects are a solution to meet current requirements. A brief analysis of different optical technologies is discussed in this paper. Further, this paper has discussed different approaches to enhance the existing data center interconnects. The application of rolled-up semiconductor tube optical cavity has been entailed to support the emerging demands. Introduction Data center Interconnect is the internetworking of…...
Cloud ComputingCloudsDemandElectricityElectronic EngineeringElectronics
Approval Letters
Words • 583
Pages • 3
SAE-UMP Chapter Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2013 Team. 1) Nik Fadhil B Nik Mohammed 24-Jul-1990 23 Year Old EC09051 - (Yr. 4) Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Power System) Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering 2) Muhammad Hisyamuddin b Jaafar 11-Jan-1990 23 Year Old MH09014 - (Yr. 4) Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering with Automotive Engineering Faculty of Mechanical Engineering 3) Wan Nurul Syahirah Binti Wan Lanang 15-May-1992 21 Year Old FB11041 - (Yr. 2) Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering…...
Electronic EngineeringElectronicsEngineeringMechanical EngineeringScienceTechnology
Fram Based Tmr Triple Modular Redundancy For Fault Tolerance Implementation Computer Science Essay
Words • 1915
Pages • 7
The chief aim of this paper is to plan a Triple modular redundancy trial bench utilizing FRAM based memory faculty for OBDH ( On Board Data Handling ) system of LEO Satellite that enables the fast sensing of mistake when implied with FPGA and provides more realistic and tolerant manner of mistake happening for Single Event Upset ( SEU ) in extremely radiated infinite environment. The range of paper embraces an execution of trial bench, package algorithms, functional simulation, clocking…...
ComputersElectronic EngineeringElectronicsTechnologyTolerance
Electronic engineering
Words • 375
Pages • 2
There has been an increasing investment in information systems from various films. The information systems play an important role in changing the business operation as well as their products and services. For the change in business operation, people use laptops, cell phones or any other emerging mobile digital devices and online conference over the Internet to operate, coordinate and measure the business. Much software, social network tools like e-mail, online database and wireless communication equipment related to information technology are…...
Electronic EngineeringElectronicsInformationInternetTechnology
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Why TCXO is preferable over standard crystal oscillator?
...The basic importance of TCXO is that it can deliver tremendous temperature stability within a compact, light-weight and low power device. There are several applications for which TCXO is an ideal design such as telecommunication equipment including m...
What Is A System Unit Computer Science Essay?
...Flash memory ( or merely brassy ) is a modern type of EEPROM invented in 1984. Flash memory can be erased and rewritten faster than ordinary EEPROM, and newer designs feature really high endurance ( transcending 1,000,000 rhythms ) . Modern NAND flas...

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