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Many people have their own life stories and I am one of them. My life story is very interesting and there are a lot of adventures in my life story a lot of Memories are present in my life story.

My life started when I was a kid my parents took me in high school and I was starting studies in that school I was always working hard in my school days. I always tried to learn positive thing in my life always enjoyed in my life I always motivate myself got good grade in my school life.

My collage life was very beautiful enjoyed it a lot. There are many memories that I left in my college. My college life was very beautiful because of my teachers, friends etc. always keep struggling hard in my college days’ am full confidence always don’t lose my compare and just keep hardworking always hungry for learning something got good marks in College level.

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There was no tention In college life because I always working hard and got good marks in every exam. I always try to do everything possible. Soon I got admission in University. It is honor for me to get admission in university have a lot of memories in University life. This life is totally different from school life and college life.

Today I am a student of BBA. But I always try to learn some Business skills from marketing field. Whenever I had a dream then I struggle hard to fulfill my dream.

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This is my believe your dream is depend upon your hard work that how much is your hard work. Hard work is always paid off. Just keep hard work in your whole life for your success and dreams.

I always participate in curricular activities in life am very interested sports like Cricket, hockey football etc. am a Gold medal list in Cricket in School life I was the Captain of School team. My life story is all about just believe in myself and keep struggle hard to achieve my main goals. This is my life story all about and I have enjoyed it a lot I cannot forget these moments in my entire life always get full marks in my exams. In my University level when I was in first semester I was failed in one subject due to some personal issues. But later on I clear that subject and got full marks in that subject. The second semester of my tenth grade year I put myself back into school and got a part-time job.

I began to do well still a little on the edge but I knew it wouldn’t be perfect in a day. It took me awhile to get back in the swing of things and live a normal high school life. I give myself credit for doing it on my own. I turned myself around because I knew my lifestyle was wrong and what I was doing was dangerous. I needed time to find myself more than anything, and here I am now a senior awaiting graduation.


I have my own personality. Many people whose I know them are respect me a lot because of my good characters. They know me very well and about my family. They respect me and I respect them. The way they behaving with me I always enjoyed with them. This is very famous quotation give respect take respect always try to do something special for others and for myself. In my relatives many people appreciates me because of good habits and of my confidence.

They always motivate me in my every situation and in every field always try to lead others in every condition always try to control on my weakness. My best friends always keeps good behavior with me they know my habits very well got lot of success today only because of my hardwork.many people got jealous with me because of my success but I always ignore them and just keep my struggle hard always try to do myself in minimum limits. These types of habits always provide me motivational things.

Strengths and Weakness


  • Creativity: I always try to create new things with my skills which I have learned from different people always create those things which people can use them easily.
  • Math: My math is very strong many people claim that math is difficult but it is not it is depend on your practice that how much you do.
  • Reading: My reading is superb. I always enjoy whenever I read a article so it is also my strength.


  • Impulsive: it is true that I am very impulsive In every situation always got impulsive in every problem which is not good for me in my it is my weakness.
  • Lazy: I am very lazy because always do my homework in laziness but I do it very well and I always try to do myself active in every field. Because this life is full of competition
  • Aggressive: I am very aggressive in my every field I cannot tolerate with someone who comment on my personal life.

I always spent a lot of time on my work and after on my fitness and on other things. But mostly I spent my time on studies because I want to secure my future. But now I am thinking that I should spent some time on other activities like sports exercise etc. think I should give some time to my family members and friends. I have a lot of skills of IPhone Mobiles and I am always trying to improve my skills because it is very important for a person in his life. So we should learn some good skills of most scope field. Other than that, I am equally focusing on my listening and speaking skills to improve.

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Short Story About My Life
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