Security Essay Topics

Prevention of Terrorist Acts by Private Security

Introduction The local public law enforcement agencies are aware and have recognized the fact that singly, they cannot cover the vast geographical area of their respective jurisdictions and enforce effective policing duties. They are limited in numbers, expertise and resources. For this reason, they have employed the services of the private sector specifically the members… View Article

War & Peace (International Security)

For almost half a century humans have sought principles for the maintenance of their security and the peaceful settlement of their disputes. Each historic period has witnessed the emergence of new concepts – or an instance of re-emergence of old – with trust that the mistakes of the past would not be done again. After… View Article

Privatizing of Social Security

In “Privatizing Social Security,” the author discusses the importance of privatizing social security. The author gave a brief overview of the history of social security and explained what he thinks is wrong with the system. Although the author explained the benefits of privatization, his views come off as a bit simplistic because he oversimplifies the… View Article

Private Equity Deals

Private equity can be described as investing in a company through a negotiated process. Investment entails transformational, value-added and active management strategy. Private Equity investments can be undertaken following three categories. These are venture capital, Buy-out and special situation investment. Venture capital can be described as an investment to create a new company or expand… View Article

Private Security

It seems that the criteria to be eligible for a private security officer post seems to be extensive that need several details of the applicant. Though the basic application requirements appear to be similar in both the book ‘Principles of Security and Crime Prevention’ and the Florida state instruction manual, the amount of information differs… View Article

Privacy And Security Concerns Regarding Health Information

Case 4.8 – E-mail Goes Astray Primarily, the technician is the one responsible for the breach in confidentiality because he was the one who sent out the e-mails. Moreover, he did not seek instructions from Kaiser Permanente regarding the backlogged e-mails. Kaiser Permanente hired the technician to upgrade their system. Therefore, tasks other than doing… View Article

Physical Security

INTRODUCTION. Physical security starts with a rather simple basic premise; those who do not belong on your institution’s property should be excluded from your institution. This may happen in three often interrelated ways: when those who do not belong are identified, stopped and denied admission, when those who do not belong are denied admission by… View Article

Prada Case

From the financial point of view, the Italian luxury brand- Prada, which was known for its design innovation, can’t claim itself successful. Although it has the ability to keep its revenue over 1.5 billion euros for three consecutive years, it also contains more than 1 billion euros of debt maturing within 12 months sitting on… View Article

Physical Security

A six foot fence secures the outer perimeter. Video surveillance is active on the north fence and inactive on the south. A manned guard station permits entrance into the outer perimeter from the west; an unmanned and unlocked gate permits entrance from the east. No Trespassing signs are posted at intervals upon the perimeter fence;… View Article

The Effect of Leadership Style on Security Guards’ Performance

The following are the specific objectives of the study: 1. To determine the job performance level among security guard in Riyadh military hospital. 2. To examine the influence of leadership style on security guard’ performance in Riyadh military hospital. 3. To investigate the security guard mean differences in job performance based on level of education… View Article

Security Dilemmas in Eurasia

The bipolarity in the Cold War proves advantageous to the United States because it has gain strategic control of its interests and possesses a strong alliance both in the East and West where it has a strong presence in. The Soviet Union is no longer a force to reckon with, while the United States continues… View Article

Cyber Security Research Paper

1. Preface This security profile of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is based on two documents of public record. The first is the published VA Handbook 6500 (VAH 6500) which defined policy and procedures for systems within the purview of the VA (Department of Veterans Affairs, 2007). The second document is the Federal Information… View Article

Social Security Program (SSP)

Summary As Social Security Program (SSP) is projected to be in deficit in the near future, there is a proposal to privatized SSP and giving workers the chance to invest their payroll taxes to investment opportunities with higher return.  However, it is barred by four major alternatives; namely, current system, tax increase, benefit cuts, and… View Article

Terrorism and Homeland Security

Left-wing extremists are highly idealistic. Their primary objective is to reform or destroy an existing system and replace it with a new and just society. Left-wing extremists possess a belief system that is often interpreted as a fanatical devotion to Marxist ideology. As a result, they use the doctrines of class warfare or national liberation… View Article

Proprietary vs Contract Security

Security Many types of security are in existents today, site or mobile patrol; loss prevention functions; special events security; in-house security functions and private investigations are some of the tasks. Choosing the right one for the needs of any establishment should be one of the ultimate goals of the business. This paper will focus on… View Article

Market Force Description and Analysis of Impact on Product Services

Communications-Security System Services-These devices and systems have a wide range, specifically, home and car. The demand is driven partly by home sales, new home construction and office construction. Most security systems like Brink Security have warning decals on the windows or in the yard to advertise. Commercial marketing usually consist of a direct sales force… View Article

Security Requirements & Possible Risks

Huffman Trucking, an established trucking company since 1936, has recently requested the implementation of a new Benefits Elections System to assist management in tracking and reporting the benefits of both union and non-union employees. A database system will be utilized to store critical data such as employee information, along with the benefit package of their… View Article

Information Systems Security

In today’s IT world every organization has a responsibility to protect the information and sensitive data they have. Protecting data is not only responsibility of security and IT staff but every individual is involved in protecting the information. The risks to information security are not digital only, but it involves technology, people and process that… View Article

Trade in Energy and Energy Security

Energy is the important source for all kinds of business domain which covers energy providers, transport industries, energy related industry and energy service suppliers . Energy security denotes self-assurance and conviction in its constant capability to retrieve reliable and economical energy . Energy security is considered to be essential for both daily operations as well… View Article

Three Dreams, One Future

Closing my eyes, a quaint structure amongst a vast green field and a clear blue sky paints itself in my mind. On the wooden porch, it is the serenity of an elderly couple, gently rocking amongst a calm breeze, silently content in each other’s company that depicts the final years of my journey. Looking back… View Article

Airport Security, Past and Post 9/11

Only from incidences of air piracy, terrorism, and changes in the social and political climate worldwide has airport security slowly morphed through the rulings of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). However the attacks of September 11th 2001 had changed airport security vastly in the matter of days. Michael Chertoff, the assistant attorney general in charge… View Article

Choicepoint Data Breach

Abstract The ChoicePoint data breach occurred in 2005. This insider data breach brought to light how a company can still be vulnerable to having data stolen from its databases even without any type of hacking of their system. By not properly vetting request for new accounts and request for information led to the theft of… View Article

Crime Prevention

Introduction Throughout my project I will be referring a retail shopping centre in tralee, kerry.The shopping centre trades between 8.00 am and 07.00 pm, six days a week and 10.00am to 5.00pm on Sundays I ahave decided to do this project on this centre as it is the only shopping centre located near my home… View Article

Human Security

The article aims at bringing the important issue of Human Security to the forefront. It focuses on the urgent need to understand the concept of human security, and to develop the proposals for translating these ideas into policy practice. An attempt has been made to clarify and correlate the terms ‘human development’ and ‘human security’…. View Article

Overview of the Social Security Scheme in India: ESIC Scheme

Social Security is both a concept as well as a system. It represents basically a system of protection of individuals who are in need of such protection by the State as an agent of the society. Such protection is relevant in contingencies such as retirement, resignation, retrenchment, death, disablement which are beyond the control of… View Article

Electronic security

Electronic security is defined as any tool or technique that is used purposely to protect system’s information assets. E-security is very valuable element in e-commerce since it adds value to the computer network as it composed of both soft and hard infrastructure E-security has been a matter of debate and it has been scientifically argued… View Article

Homeland Security

The challenge to traditional policing issued in the 1970s has created a new concept of policing and that is the role of policing in homeland security. In the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks in 2001, the federal government has shifted to a policy of homeland security, and part of that has incorporated local… View Article

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is a fast growing information technology trend that many companies including Google, Microsoft, and IBM are currently looking to get a stake in as demand for the service grows. Cloud computing is the concept of allowing both individuals and businesses to store data and applications on remote servers (owned and operated by a… View Article

Proprietary Versus Contract Security

As an organization grows so must the security, and it has to be on the top of the list. When considering what type of security to choose, either proprietary or contact, they need to look at the value of the organization? This value within the organization will need some sort of protection to deter theft,… View Article

Heart Healthy Information Security Policy

Due to personnel, policy and system changes, and audits, Heart Healthy has voluntarily updated their information security policy to be in-line with the current information security laws and regulations. Currently Heart-Healthy Insurance, a large insurance company, plans to review and provide recommendations for an updated information security policy in the area ‘s of: 1. Current… View Article