Security Essay Topics

Security Systems

System securities are a vital requirement in computers where a great problem in network security is experienced. There are more complexities in the distribution and array of computer network interconnections. This is usually experienced in different environments. Hence there is the need for having methods of solving the problem of system security. This is done… View Article

The Role Of Security Management

ABSTRACT Personal information security is usually considered a technical discipline with much attention being focused on topics such as encryption, hacking, break-ins, and credit card theft. Security products such as anti-virus programs and personal firewall software, are now available for end-users to install on their computers to protect against threats endemic to networked computers. The… View Article

Lack of Security

The Net has a very little security of information embedded and the companies using the Net are subjected to the risk of disclosing large proprietary information without their knowledge. Since the Net was originally designed for a free flow of communication there was no provision for any regulation or security at the time the idea… View Article

Improving homeland security: challenges and improvement

The United States of America had its share of enemies since it was considered as the new military superpower. But with regards to intelligence work and the ability to thwart an attack by an external army nothing was as dramatic as the Pearl Harbor attack in 1941. It was a painful lesson in intelligence failure… View Article

Honey Pots and Network Security

Abstract Honey pots are specially designed to attract hackers for gathering data and hence alert the observers, and offer them an insight about what the intruder is attempting. Honey pots decoy attackers to apparently exposed but well observed computer system to learn about the strategy and tools used by the hackers and to improve the… View Article

Internet Security

The key techniques to the most affordable website security would be the casual features of the website for the purpose of safeguarding the website content and the transactions that are to be made for fulfilling the ecommerce objectives of the website. The following can be credited to the diverse ways to secure the website and… View Article

The Issues Concerning Identity Theft

Abstract “Identity theft has been around since the Internet became more than just the stuff of science fiction. The benefits of being in the Network has been undisputed but it has its drawbacks especially recently”. The increasing sophistication of hacking technology and the ever-widening use of web-based communication have made the danger of identity theft… View Article


The NASDAQ which stands for the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations is the largest electronic exchange in the world. It also holds its position for being the largest digital screen based stock market in America. Over 3300 companies have listed themselves in NASDAQ and the average trading per day that is carried on… View Article

The Reluctant Security Guard

Summary of the Facts:             David Tuff is a security guard of Blue Mountain. As a security guard, he is required by law to report to the police all serious accidents and crimes, including felonies, occurring within the premises wherein which he is detailed. However, Blue Mountain created a new company policy ordering the security… View Article

The US Securities Exchange Commission (SEC)

The US Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) is a Federal law-enforcing agency that ensures certain statues and regulations are followed in the US Securities markets. It protects the investors in the market, and at the same time maintains the integrity and the strength of the market. This would benefit not only the investors, but also other… View Article

How to Fix Social Security Number

The social security numbers (SSN) are used to identify participants in the federal government’s social security program, which uses public funds to provide retirement and disability benefits for those who those who are currently eligible, same benefits goes to the worker himself and his family. It is the Social Security Agency (SSA) that provides the… View Article

USA National Security Policy

The threat of weak and failing states to the USA National Security Policy.. Introduction. According to John Robb the author of the book “Brave New War”, any existing system of governance is measured by its ability to deliver. Delivery of political goods is viewed in the form of proper existence of the social structure, the… View Article

Physical Security Principles

Safety in numbers has always been a deterrent method when leaving or traveling through places that are not safe. But without proper physical security measures set in place when leaving any facility or building the need for a crowd will be of no use. Proper physical security requires accessing the risk that may cause threats,… View Article

Analysis on the function of Total Domain Awareness

Thesis Statement The raging mount of terrorism and other sort of violence has been considered as a major plague in the country (Scott-Donelan).  Consequently, the dilemma caused by the aforementioned perspectives has caught the attention of the government, mandating those who were perceivably obliged for the eradication of such predicament lead to an echelon of… View Article

Transportation Security after 9/11

Ever since the U.S. was attacked on its own turf by the terrorists on September 11, 2001, the federal government has beefed up the transportation security. The monitoring and auditing of the evaluation and thorough investigation have been done by the Congress with the General Accounting Office. If today we witness an improvement in the… View Article

The Transportation Security Administration

The Transportation Security Administration, or TSA, is an government agency which protects the United States transportation systems by setting the standard of transportation security. They set this standard through their employees, the technology, and the processes of different types of screening they use. The attacks of September 11th lead to the need of increased security… View Article

Types Of Probation And Parole

Probation and parole are two different types of community amendment originally developed to tone down severe punishment for those who committed crimes or disobeyed the state’s rules and norms, though not visible in some countries or states. Probation is a procedure wherein the offender remains under the court’s supervision for certain period of time with… View Article

Prevention of Terrorist Acts by Private Security

Introduction The local public law enforcement agencies are aware and have recognized the fact that singly, they cannot cover the vast geographical area of their respective jurisdictions and enforce effective policing duties. They are limited in numbers, expertise and resources. For this reason, they have employed the services of the private sector specifically the members… View Article

War & Peace (International Security)

For almost half a century humans have sought principles for the maintenance of their security and the peaceful settlement of their disputes. Each historic period has witnessed the emergence of new concepts – or an instance of re-emergence of old – with trust that the mistakes of the past would not be done again. After… View Article

Privatizing of Social Security

In “Privatizing Social Security,” the author discusses the importance of privatizing social security. The author gave a brief overview of the history of social security and explained what he thinks is wrong with the system. Although the author explained the benefits of privatization, his views come off as a bit simplistic because he oversimplifies the… View Article

Private Equity Deals

Private equity can be described as investing in a company through a negotiated process. Investment entails transformational, value-added and active management strategy. Private Equity investments can be undertaken following three categories. These are venture capital, Buy-out and special situation investment. Venture capital can be described as an investment to create a new company or expand… View Article

Private Security

It seems that the criteria to be eligible for a private security officer post seems to be extensive that need several details of the applicant. Though the basic application requirements appear to be similar in both the book ‘Principles of Security and Crime Prevention’ and the Florida state instruction manual, the amount of information differs… View Article

Privacy And Security Concerns Regarding Health Information

Case 4.8 – E-mail Goes Astray Primarily, the technician is the one responsible for the breach in confidentiality because he was the one who sent out the e-mails. Moreover, he did not seek instructions from Kaiser Permanente regarding the backlogged e-mails. Kaiser Permanente hired the technician to upgrade their system. Therefore, tasks other than doing… View Article

Physical Security

INTRODUCTION. Physical security starts with a rather simple basic premise; those who do not belong on your institution’s property should be excluded from your institution. This may happen in three often interrelated ways: when those who do not belong are identified, stopped and denied admission, when those who do not belong are denied admission by… View Article

Prada Case

From the financial point of view, the Italian luxury brand- Prada, which was known for its design innovation, can’t claim itself successful. Although it has the ability to keep its revenue over 1.5 billion euros for three consecutive years, it also contains more than 1 billion euros of debt maturing within 12 months sitting on… View Article

Physical Security

A six foot fence secures the outer perimeter. Video surveillance is active on the north fence and inactive on the south. A manned guard station permits entrance into the outer perimeter from the west; an unmanned and unlocked gate permits entrance from the east. No Trespassing signs are posted at intervals upon the perimeter fence;… View Article

The Effect of Leadership Style on Security Guards’ Performance

The following are the specific objectives of the study: 1. To determine the job performance level among security guard in Riyadh military hospital. 2. To examine the influence of leadership style on security guard’ performance in Riyadh military hospital. 3. To investigate the security guard mean differences in job performance based on level of education… View Article

Security Dilemmas in Eurasia

The bipolarity in the Cold War proves advantageous to the United States because it has gain strategic control of its interests and possesses a strong alliance both in the East and West where it has a strong presence in. The Soviet Union is no longer a force to reckon with, while the United States continues… View Article

Cyber Security Research Paper

1. Preface This security profile of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is based on two documents of public record. The first is the published VA Handbook 6500 (VAH 6500) which defined policy and procedures for systems within the purview of the VA (Department of Veterans Affairs, 2007). The second document is the Federal Information… View Article

Social Security Program (SSP)

Summary As Social Security Program (SSP) is projected to be in deficit in the near future, there is a proposal to privatized SSP and giving workers the chance to invest their payroll taxes to investment opportunities with higher return.  However, it is barred by four major alternatives; namely, current system, tax increase, benefit cuts, and… View Article