The Progression of Technology

With the progression of technology there come vast opportunities, but along with those opportunities come also vulnerabilities. Cybersecurity is not only needed but, is going to be a necessity in the future and a present day necessity. People are often subject to these vulnerabilities at any point in time, from your online banking, to your online shopping, or even military information.

People have put their sensitive information in the vast open cloud for the many out there to grab. This is where Cybersecurity plays an important part, protecting the privacy of many Americans.

This is all a part of the task given to Cyber Security Officers (CSO). When it comes to protecting sensitive information it becomes a war, a silent war, risks are as high as any other and the information that is gained could be dangerous.

CSOs have a very vital responsibility of testing, improving, and identifying any flaws of the security system, in order to stay ahead of the those who are trying to steal the information.

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There are also many protocols that need to be taken that the Airmen are responsible for; they manage the overall “Information Assurance Program,”(The Balance 2). to include communications security, emissions security and computer security programs.

Airmen, in this field of work and have a long list of highly technical duties and responsibilities all for the assurance of information and defense. These Airmen go through intensive training and education in order to attain the skills and requirements to become a CSO. Aside from the boot camp training, these Airmen go 50 days of technical school and learn the basics of their job soon after they are given their permanent duty assignment enter into level five upgrade training.

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These CSOs are taught what it takes and what is needed, in order to protect the vital information and they are able to make sure their protection is able to withstand any offense.

The integrity of Cyber Security is of the utmost importance to manage and maintain today and for the future. All of the tasks given to CSOs help protect all of your information, they manage the crucial data that holds your informations and maintain security protocols, in order to secure it thoroughly. It becomes a necessity everyday, because we become more reliant on technology and have the ability to have everything on our phones and computers making people easier targets.

CSOs are able to make it harder for hackers, and anyone trying to breach for your information. “ When hackers infiltrate credit card firms, for example, millions of dollars can be lost in a matter of minutes. Sensitive military information could be extremely dangerous in the wrong hand. Even small businesses must keep their customers data secure to protect their brands,” (The 1).

CyberSecurity isn’t meant to just protect military information, it’s everywhere and anywhere you are and without the protection of cyber security you can be affected at anytime.With the protection of the Cyber Security your personal information is protected and secure from hackers and scammers. Having the potential to have your information is enough for any hacker to steal it, that is why for these Airmen who are training in the field of Cyber Security.

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The Progression of Technology

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