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Scientific method Essay Examples

Essay on Scientific method

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Challenges in Conducting a Good Research

Dealing with collected data. When the study is completed, the researcher is faced with the challenge of having a large volume of data, which he or she has to link it with the present research. He or she has to show how his or her research contributes to the body of knowledge. Large data are hard to analyze. But, it can be solved by referring to the methodology used in the study. He or she can also...

Quantitative research

The very first step to start this research is to decide the research topic first. Then, the following things that need to decide after the research topic is research problem and objectives. After determining all of these, all the questionnaires will be drafted out according to the information that decided and gathered during the previous steps. After created the questionnaires, the questionnaires ...

Flipkart case study

The research that I would like to conduct is exploratory research as I will collect the data from the sample size as defined by me. I will be examining a data set and will look out for potential relations between variables defining the factors responsible for the effectiveness of E commerce in current business scenario. I will be focusing on the quantitative aspect of the research and will start m...

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Zero Hours Contracts

Alakeson, V., Cory, G., Pennycook, M. (2013) Resolution Foundation. A matter of time: The rise of zero-hours contracts [Online]. Available from: http://www.resolutionfoundation.org/media/media/downloads/A_Matter_of_Time_-_The_rise_of_zero-hours_contracts_final_1.pdf Accessed 23 August 2013. [Accessed 3th March 2014]. Barratt, H., Kirwan, M. (2009) Design, Application, Strengths & Weaknesses of...

Exploring Qualitative and Quantitative Research

with obsessive-compulsive disorder: A case study of a woman’s construction of self. Counselling Psychology Quarterly 12(1) 73-86. doi: 10.1080/09515079908254079 Ponterotto, J. G. (2002). Qualitative research methods: The fifth force in psychology. The Counseling Psychologist, 30(3) 394-406. doi: 10.1177/0011000002303002 Ponterotto, J. G. (2005). Qualitative research in counseling psychology: A p...

Examine the view that theoretical issues are the most important factor influencing sociologist’s choice of research methods

There has been a guideline put in place by The British Sociological Association for the conduct of research. Vulnerable groups which special care should be taken where research participants are particularly vulnerable because of their ethnic background, age, physical or mental health. For example when a researcher is studying children at school, they should regard an issue of child protection and ...

Compare Different Research Methodologies for Health and Social Care

However, the information may not be accurate and could be false. Another weaknesses form getting information books is that it is also quite time consuming looking for the answers and information when reading a book. WEBSITES: This method is another way to get data from. Websites are also very good because they can find you reliable information about any topic you want to gain knowledge from. Howev...

Evidence Based Practice

In conclusion health professionals seek information from patients/clients but they also turn a blind eye to the information that they can gain form research unintentionally. They do this by using the 5-step mechanism of evidence-based practice to overcome barriers and to find the most valid and reliable information. Examples of this consist of use of professional protective equipment and safety c...

Dr. Heidegger's Experiment: Character Analysis

Colenal Killigrew, Mr. Gascoin, and Widow Wycherly all see this as an experience while Dr. Heidegger’s excitement lies in the fact that he created a completely original experiment and has the honor to execute it using people he is close to. It is true that from this process Dr. Heidegger learned a very valuable lesson, however, his friends were more than just guinea pigs to him. In his eyes, a l...

Guava Leaves and Carrot Extract as an Anti-Acne Soap

Lozoya is telling us that up until recently, the same three “tracks” of studies have been repeated again and again. So, scientific studies have proven beyond doubt that guava leaf has powerful anti-microbial properties, anti-diarrhea properties and it also has a calming (or sedative) effect on the nervous system. In a review of the scientific literature until 2008, guava leaf extract has also ...

Comparing the Major Theoretical Perspectives in Social Psychology

3.Learning or Humanistic perspective is based on the idea that human being has the potential to self-actualized or in other words to self-develop and move forward in reaction of their social and environmental conditions. Psychologists like Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow developed this form of psychological perspective to try to solve human problems and emphasized on their ability and potential to ...

Evidence Based Practice

Overall, the people preferred the mattress over the overlay presuming for comfortable reasons. The point of the trial was to find out whether there was a difference in result, and it ended with no difference between two interventions. The trial and results all seemed too narrow for confidence intervals. This end result gives readers of the study confidence in using either devise. This is because t...

Type of Qulitative Research

guide research. US-China Education Review, 8(2), 1548-1566. Burck, C. (2005). Comparing qualitative research methodologies for systemic research: the use of grounded theory, discourse analysis and narrative analysis. Journal Of Family Therapy, 27(3), 237-262. doi: 10.1111/j.1467-6427.2005.00314.x Christensen, L. B., Johnson, R. B., & Turner, L. A. (2011). Research methods, design, and analysis...

Evidence based practice

Haynes, R. Richardson, W. (1996). Evidencebased medicine: what it is and what it isn't. British Medical Journal, 312, 71-72. http://cebm.jr2.ox.ac.uk/ebmisisnt.html Sackett, D., Richardson, W., Rosenberg, W., & Haynes, R. (1997). Evidence-based medicine: How to practice and teach EBM. New York: Churchill Livingstone. Simpson, G., Segall, A., & Williams, J. (2007). Social work education and...

Science vs arts

On the other hand, it can be said that Science is an Art too, as the biggest discoveries were made by passionate scientist that wanted to prove the world that the things known so far were wrong. This means that they were put into a situation in which they, through imagination, reasoning and emotion, realized they were given false or erroneous information. Probably, their frustration and their ambi...

Management History

Our example based around this theory being major fast food franchise McDonalds. ‘The efficient production of their fast food is crucial towards customer satisfaction and organisation success.’ McDonalds is one of the largest franchises in the world today and will continue to be for years to come, and it is worthy proof showing the administrative principals involvement within such a successful ...

Bus 642 Week 2 Assignment

4 Why not use more control variables rather than depend on randomization as the means of controlling extraneous variables? Randomization allows the influence of the extraneous variables to equalize and control variables confound a casual relationship. Source? (.5/.5) 5 Researchers seek causal relationships by either experimental or ex post facto research designs. (.5/1) a In what ways are these tw...

Ethnographic Research

The ethnographic research enables setting the meanings hidden behind the social and organizational nature of modern societies. The ethnographic method is indispensable in studying unique situations. It can be an effective tool for the study of groups, organizations and subcultures, making available those aspects of life that cannot be studied using quantitative methodology. The distinctive feature...

Adolescent Interview

My interviewees’ didn’t have any signs of a cognitive distortion, there wasn’t signs of any self-focus in her answers. Imaginary audience is when the adolescent believes that they are the focus of everyone’s attention. (Berk. 2012, p. 572.) She stated in the interview that she and her friends were part of a group that nobody knew about; she showed little concern about it. Her social devel...

Historical Perspective Essay

The role of the nurse is to alter the environment to place the individual in the best condition for nature or the environment to act upon them. The environment was defined as all external and internal factors that can affect the health and wellness of the individual and health was defined as the process of getting well In conclusion research and nursing science has greatly evolved through the year...

Financial Accounting Theory & the Reporting Environment

Criticisms of neutrality or freedom from bias take two forms. First, some argue it is a state of mind that is not attainable, because all of us are affected by personal values that have been shaped by our particular beliefs, traditions, environment, background and personality. Granted that this is true, it is still meaningful to speak of neutrality or freedom from bias. We recognise the existence ...

Research Problem

| | | |10 |Is the research free of any ethical problems and limitations? | | | |11 |Will it have any value? | | | |12 |Do you have the necessary knowledge and skills to do the research? Are you qualified to undertake the | | | | |research? | | | |13 |Is the problem important to you and are you motivated to undertake the research? | | | |14 |Is the research viable in your situation? Do you have eno...

Social Studies Sba Outline

The School Based Assessment (SBA) will help you to understand how geographers build the knowledge that they present to us in textbooks and other publications. In this part of the course you must rely on the information, concepts and understandings that you have collected during your study of Geography. You are expected to design a simple study, collect and present information that is relevant and ...

Scientific Methods and Theories Through the Years

The influence of medieval science on the scientific revolution was extraordinary. Even though thoughts and ideas of medieval thinkers as opposed to revolutionary thinkers completely contradicted each other, the medieval era set the stage for the scientific revolution. If it were not for philosophers like Aristotle and Ptolemy, other great thinkers would not have been influenced to search for more ...

Psychology and common sense

The above mentioned studies and psychological theories such as constructive processing, hypnosis, misinformation effect, memory construction and schemas, have proven the common sense belief to be wrong. It is possible for an individual to take pseudomemories as their true and accurate memories. In conclusion, common sense beliefs are knowledge that everybody are exposed to whereas psychology compr...

Essay on “Analyze, Don’t Summarize” by Michael Berube

The significance of his point that “an observation is not a thesis means” because a thesis is usually an arguable piece of writing and in most cases factual and an observation is what is perceived by one at the moment meaning only you can base an opinion of what you just saw. In this paragraph Berube emphasizes his point on analyzing, summarizing, and sports talks. The above paragraph shows th...

Bending of Beam Lab Report

As mentioned before, with this experiment we concluded that the deflection of a beam is different depending on its position. We also concluded that when the beam is positioned with its thin side on the supports it is able to carry more load than when it is positioned with its flat side on the supports. This is due to the fact the beam’s inertia change as the position changes. When the beam is pl...

Understanding the Research Process

The studies conducted by Medvec and colleagues concluded that the athletes who were objectively better off by winning the silver medal appeared more dejected than those who won the bronze medal. 6.If you were to design a follow-up experiment on this subject, what might it be? If I was to do a follow-up experiment on this subject, I would use crowd members instead of judges and college students bec...

Now and Nine Years Ago Essays

• Three key research developments have led to the increased importance of systems biology. 1. High-throughput technology. Systems biology depends on methods that can analyze biological materials very quickly and produce enormous amounts of data. An example is the automatic DNA-sequencing machines used by the Human Genome Project. 2. Bioinformatics. The huge databases from high-throughput methods...

Child Development Basics

19. The biosocial development includes all the growth and change that occur in a person’s body and the genetic, nutritional, and health factors that affect that growth and change. The cognitive development includes all the mental processes that a person uses to obtain knowledge or to think about the environment. The psychosocial development includes development of emotions, temperament, and soc...

Scientific Methodology & Enzyme Activity

These results shown from this experiment led us to conclude that enzymes work best at certain pH rates. For this particular enzyme, pH 7 worked best. When compared to high levels of pH, the lower levels worked better. The wrong level of pH can denature enzymes; therefore finding the right level is essential. The independent variable was the amount of pH, and the dependent being the rate of oxygen....

Scientific Investigation

Discuss how you would determine whether the experiment proved the hypothesis to be correct or incorrect, based on the possible results of the experiment. Then explain what you would do next if your hypothesis were incorrect. The hypothesis that I chose was incorrect because jumping the car's battery did not get the car to start. At this point I would check my gas level and develop a new hypothesis...

Evidence based practice

1. Anne M Barker. Advanced Practice Nursing-Essentials of knowledge for the profession. United States of America: Jons and Batlett publishers; 2009. P.337-338 . 2. Suresh k Sharma. Nursing research and statistics. Haryana: Elsevier; 2011. P. 22-27. 3. Dennise F Polit ,Cheryl Tatano Beck. Essentials of nursing research-Appraising evidence for nursing practice. 7th ed. Noida: Lippincot Willaims and ...

A Guide to Classical Management Theory

The autocratic leadership approach is the central part of classical management theory. It states that an organization should have a single leader to make decisions, to organize and direct the employees. All decisions are made at the top level and communicated down. The autocratic leadership approach is beneficial in instances when small-business decisions need to be made quickly by a leader, witho...

Negative Commercial Influences on Scientific Research

Admittedly, the cooperation between the commerce and the scientific research has bring some positive effects. First of all, with more financial investments, researchers can have enough money to purchase some advanced equipments so that they can do the experiments they're willing to trying. Second, the cooperation can help scientists put their researching results in the labs into the real world. If...

Scientific method

This is considered to be analyzing the data. If group A has produced more fruit that Group B and C, than I can say that my hypothesis is supported. That is, if the yield was twice that of the other groups. Otherwise, my original hypothesis will be unsupported. In either case, my end result will be my conclusion. There is no right or wrong answer. If the result is not what I had expected, it still ...

Importance of science

The World Wide Web has proved being an enormous information base, from which information can be retrieved by the means of search engines. Information from all around the world is housed on the web. Thanks to the development of the web technology, the information can be stored in an organized manner and relevant information can be retrieved on supplying search strings to the web search engines....

Evidence Based Practice

By raising awareness of the benefits of Evidence Based Research of public and private pivotal decision makers, these individuals could prove instrumental in helping to identify and acquire the resources needed to implement Evidence Based Research within their sphere of influence. By opening avenues to Evidence Based Research findings through local libraries, engaging students as researchers and ra...

Comparing tajfel's social identity theory and scapegoating theory in explaining prejudice

In summation ,It does not need a rocket scientist to discover that competition to prestige, social recognition ,water, land ,jobs and some other resources may precipitates aggression which will eventually turn into prejudice in both theories scapegoating and social individual theory .However , it is an abortion of factual evidence to sidestep the differences such as displaced aggression , feelings...

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