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Multiple-Victim School Shootings in America
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General Description of the Study “Never Again!” These words are often heard across the nation and reflect the increased anger and frustration over the continued gun violence and school shootings that plague the country. From Columbine to Sandy Hook, hundreds of young children and adolescents have lost their lives in school shootings in places once considered safe havens. Nearly every parent across America sends their child to school with the expectation that they are in a safe learning environment and…...
ResearchSchool Shootings
Gun Violence in the United States
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“The art of war is of vital importance to the State. It is a matter of life and death, a road either to safety or to ruin. Hence it is a subject of inquiry which no account be neglected”(Sun Tzu)”. The earliest known United States shooting to happen on school property was the Pontiac’s Rebellion school massacre on July 26, 1764, where four Lenape American Indian entered the schoolhouse near present-day Greencastle, Pennsylvania, shot and killed school master Enoch Brown,…...
Gun ControlGun Control In AmericaGun ViolenceGun Violence In AmericaSchool ShootingsSocial Issues
Understanding School Shootings: Solutions
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Nowadays, mass school shootings have more fatal consequences than past attacks and thus have generated great public concern. Understanding why they occur is a major part to prevent and ending school shooting attacks. Criminologists along the years are trying to understand what would make one commit a crime in those proportions and what are the steps to eliminate shooting attacks in schools and increase the safety of students, faculty, and the population. Those steps include implementing a national public health…...
EducationPsychologySchool Shootings
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School Safety
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Abstract School’s safety and security have been taken into consideration. After the past few historical events, that have changed the way that citizens look at school’s security and safety has changed dramatically. School districts and the government are taking action in fixing this problem that is continuing to become worse. Their goals are to make these schools a safe environment for students and staff to attend to. The ideas and bills that have been made and are taking place are…...
Safety Measures In SchoolSchool Shootings
Ways to Prevent School Shootings
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The very first recognized school shooting was at the Texas Tower at the University of Texas in 1966 where Charles Whitman shot and killed 16 people while injuring 31 others. Who would have understood because that date that we would have more then 200 deaths on school campuses? The most storied shooting in the 90's was most likely the Columbine massacre where on April 20, 1999 Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris eliminated 32 students and professors before turning the guns…...
BullyingSchool EventSchool ShootingsViolence
High School Shooting
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Kip Kinkel was a high school student at Thurston High who was jailed for killing his parents, 5 students, and hurting over 20 other kids at school. Kip had a great deal of psychological issues due to the biological and social elements of his life, that maybe if had actually been treated properly, would not have made him feel the requirement to commit the criminal activities that he did. To start, Kip Kinkel had lots of biological problems that may…...
High schoolPsychologySchizophreniaSchool Shootings
Violent Video Games and Children
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Parents definitely worry about their children playing too many video games especially violent video games. This is because violent video games usually include many acts of violence, such as shooting, fighting, and killing. Indeed, many parents some may worry about violent video games will affect children’s behavior. However, playing violent video games is not bad for children because it will not negatively affect their behavior. Video games do not only adhere to violence, but also include many other educational and…...
AggressionChildChildrenSchool ShootingsVideo GameViolence
Lotus Flower
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The Virginia Tech massacre was a school shooting that took place on Monday, April 16, 2007 on the campus of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia, United States. In two separate attacks, approximately two hours apart, the perpetrator, Seung-Hui Cho, killed 32 people and wounded many others[1] before committing suicide. The massacre is the deadliest peacetime shooting incident by a single gunman in United States history, on or off a school campus.[2] Cho, a senior English major at Virginia Tech, had…...
School Shootings
Columbine High School Shooting
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Tuesday, April 20, 1999, was a turning point in the lives of many Columbine students and families. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, two former students at Columbine High School, went to school on that day for one purpose, to annihilate the school building as well as the student body. Although Eric and Dylan’s bombs did not detonate, they still succeeded in destroying the lives and families of the twelve students and the one teacher that died. The Columbine High School…...
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